14 Poems On Life-Action Reaction And How To Deal By Laura Fuller

When you are faced with issues, you can handle them with positive action or negative reaction. When confronted with a situation, you can take action and respond positively, which will produce a productive outcome. The opposite to action is a reaction. When you are upset, you may tend to react without thinking. A reaction will produce a negative outcome.

A negative reaction is judgment, gossip, holding a grudge, and taking on the entitlement stance.

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A negative reaction triggered the poems I wrote in this post. Each poem is written to help promote change and bring about a positive action.

14 Poems On Life Action Reaction

These 14 poems deal with how people treat others, perceive themselves, and the types of difficult people they may encounter in life.

7 poems on Gossip, Grudge, And Guilt

Life has a way of humbling us at times. These poems are on gossipping, grudge-holding, and guilt. These 3 G’s are a reaction to situations. Yet when these words are arranged into a poem, it may help us see ourselves and others in a new light. We can set up a positive action or change to improve ourselves and our way of looking at others.

action reaction girl with the truth laura fuller

Find Truth

By Laura Fuller

Have you formed an opinion of another person based on gossip you heard? This would be a form of reaction to a situation. Or have you formed an action of kindness based on the truth?

Find Truth

Your mind formed

around illusions of gossip

words spoken of the world

you seek the answer

to reveal the truth

will you find your way

or follow the wayward opinions

of others?

man with untruthful thoughts

Untruthful Tales

By Laura Fuller

Again are you listening to untruthful tales told by others? Gossip that may or may not be true?

Untruthful Tales

Thoughts you’ve weaved

untruthful tales

times wasted

in negative thoughts

A life spent on

worries and lies

of stories told

by those who harbor

lost minds

formed on tales of deception

it's not me ididn't do it

no Not Me

By Laura Fuller

At times in our lives, we are humbled by our own reaction to a situration. Maybe you have held a grudge against someone else but have been in denial about how you felt. When you realize your reaction, you can change it and positively for an action to forgive.

No Not Me

Hold a grudge?

No way, Not me

I’m kind and loving and help all


I don’t want to talk to you

You were mean


I’ve forgiven

Just don’t want to

see you or hear you!

A misunderstanding

It’ wasn’t done my way

My way is perfect.


give me a break!

I don’t hold a grudge!

a guilty man pointing finges


By Laura Fuller

Sometimes we are guilty because we judge another without knowing what they are going through.


I am guilty!

guilty of seeing

without looking

guilty of hearing

without listening

guilty of speaking

without thinking

guilty of loving

without my heart

I am guilty!

earthworm field with sun

Judgement Of A Slimy Earthworm

By Laura Fuller

This earthworm is used as a comparison of how we as humans often judge others. We set up a belief in our minds and put others into that category or stereotype. Stereotyping is an example of a reaction to our own paradigm.

Judgement Of A Slimy Earthworm

Dig in the garden of life and growth

spring is here, winter has fled

Oh, no what do I see?

But a slimy earth worm!

Yet I know this to be true

earthworms live in rich houses

But my thoughts are slimy

Oh, my did I stereotype an earthworm?

I called him slimy

but the surroundings of his home

so rich and ready to feed

and produce beauty from a sprout.

A lesson learned

Don’t judge another

beauty is from the heart

nourished from the father’s house.

bubbles colored

Bubble Of Judgement

By Laura Fuller

None of us ever knows what another has been through or what they are going through, yet we judge them based on our own beliefs and desires. Judgment is a reaction and shows how uncomfortable we are with ourselves.

Bubble Of Judgement

Stuck in a bubble of judgement

the world against me.

do they know

where I’ve been?

or the trouble

I’ve come from?

do they know what

I’ve been through?

or what I’ve done?

They look at me

they can’t know

oh but oh

I know they judge me.

iceburg below the water

Below The Waters

By Laura Fuller

Once again no one actually knows what another is going through. It is like this iceberg, what you cannot see below the surface may be a dark and lonely life.

Below The Waters

Mighty iceberg

rising above the sea

what a glorious site you are

snow and white and ice blue

you tower and stand so tall

yet deep below the waters

places none will see

secrets are hidden

untold in silence

surrounded by darkness

alone where none can touch


Entitlement is an issue today. It may be due to insecurities or lack of needed love in childhood. Or it may be an overindulgence from parents. Or it may just be a lack of filter or a lack of desire to work. Whatever the reason a person feels they deserve more will cause problems when others have to deal with this type of person. Action vs. reaction. Problem vs. solution.

its a conspiratcy girl in blue


By Laura Fuller

Was COVID 19 a conspiracy, or did our fear of what might happen to us dictate a reaction rather than a calm action plan?


AHOA baby, it’s a conspiracy

All a lie to make us die

What will we do?

Where will we go?

The flu killed more and cancer galore.

But COVID 19

a tiny pea?

a thorn in my side?

Fear raging of death and loss

So many gone, so many sick!

A conspiracy? What part is this?

Now what will we do?

who owes you?

Who Owes You?

By Laura Fuller

For those who think that because life is hard for them, they are all alone. Not everyone goes through trials, and everyone has to work through them to grow. When people feel the world owes them an explanation or a reprieve, they have set up a reaction based on their unwillingness to change. It is more functional to plan an action to pull yourself out of the fall.

Who Owes You?

Tough times have fallen

the world owes you

falling in deep and falling apart

you deserve it all of better times.

Oh but wait!

One sweet second!

My dear!

You deserve what you earn

You will receive what you return

kindness is not your due

respect is forwarded with respect

giving will make you rich

set hatred free

and find love

life lessons are a gift

for you will learn

so put yourself back together

for not a soul owes you

when you burn what you earn.

4 entitled people


By Laura Fuller

Entitlement is a problem in our society today. Some say it is the younger generation, but I believe it is for all ages. Why does anyone believe they are more important and deserve more than another?


Give it to me now!

make it all easy!

I want, I want, I want it now!

yesterday, forever

what is wrong

it’s way to hard!

I didn’t do it!

why the struggle?

It’s not fair!

Too long and too far

Why me?

Why now?

Oh please don’t make me

deal with my life!

Dealing With Difficult People

In the workplace or a family, we often run into difficult people. One who always has a reaction to how they are mistreated. But that does not mean you have to have a reaction. Look at the types of difficult people in these poems and plan a positive action. Don’t stress over difficult people.

Action Reaction, Laura Fuller negative person

Positively Negative

By Laura Fuller

How can you have a positive action to counteract the negative reaction of a person? Now that’s a tough one.

Positively Negative

I tool along

to the beat of my heart

the day is long

it’s sunny it’s strong

my mind a singin’

my feet a dancin’

A flash of time

in my face you are

screaming in my brain

not a word you say

yet the image so clear

for all is wrong

anger and negative linger

on and on and on

If I hang around, you infect my soul

what oh what am I to do?

Action Reaction, Laura Fuller wondering

Wondering Lost

By Laura Fuller

You are wondering lost in a life of self mistaken identity. This person has a reaction to everything. Disfunction prevents them from forming an action plan.

Wondering Lost

Wander lost

you wonder

not like me

no one is

can’t they see

why can’t they be

like me?

Still wandering lost

down wondering lane.

Action Reaction, Laura Fuller nurse bitty

Nurse Bitty

By Laura Fuller

This poem is a great example of action vs. reaction. The patient is provoking the nurse with a reaction. He is entitled to receive the care he wants in the time frame he wants. The nurse is setting in motion an action to stay calm.

Nurse Bitty

Nurse Bitty

he called her name

The room fell silent

for her name was


Nurse Julie

she smiled, spoke softly

met his every request

3 sandwiches on the house

zofran and dilaudid, blood work and CT

Nurse Bitty

You should know

I had a date with friends

to celebrate weeks end

they started 2 hours ago

I need to be fixed!

I need to go!


full of kindness and care

imparted knowledge of findings

all is fair and truth abounds

no illness was found

Nurse Bitty

Such poor care you give

I am not well, I need more drugs

but my friends they wait

I must go!

Action Reaction, Laura Fuller drama queen

Bernie The Drama Queen

By Laura Fuller

The term drama queen is not a gender but a reaction. A person who needs constant attention wants to make you have a reaction and take away your ability to positively form an action.

Bernie The Drama Queen

Worrisome conflict?

The force of issues

spoken without thought

personalities collide on stagnate air

two faces screwed in anger

profanity on wounded ears

boisterous subordinate

give up your angry pride

lay down your insecurities

for harmony and peace

I do hope that at least one poem resonates with you and helps in your desire to change. We can all improve how we react and who we are. If any of these poems set up a reaction of anger or another emotion, it may be time to plan an action to promote a positive outcome. Action and reaction are something that we continually work on throughout our lives.

Life is constantly changing, and we will always learn to form a new positive action to override a negative reaction.

14 Poems On Life-Action Reaction And How To Deal By Laura Fuller pin

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