20-Motivational Gifts For A Blogger


Do you live with a blogger or have a friend who blogs? If so you know that their world is a bit different. It only makes sense that you want gifts for a blogger that are unique and support their work.
Most days you will find the blogger in your life on the computer, iPad or phone. Their long list of needs is endless, but most bloggers are working hard to grow their presence online and have not hit it big in the financial department. Give the perfect gift that will motivate and inspire. The one item they may not have the finances to purchase yet but will help ease their lives and grow their business.
To make your life easier I have 20-motivational gifts for a blogger ideas that will delight the blogger in your life.

Planners, Fun And Books


Badass Blog Planner

The Badass Blog Planner is a perfect book with over 60 worksheets packed into a one-year planner. Growing their presence online is a must, and this multitasking planner will work like a pro.

Blog well planner: A Quarterly Blog Planner for Serious Entrepreneurs

This planner has 31 daily organizer sheets with space for emails, social media, campaigns, affiliate, blog post planning, and projects. There is space for tracking mileage, income/expenses, personal and professional development, customer touches, visual planning, and reviews.


I’m a Blogger Anything You Say Or Do May End Up on Social Media

It is just perfect for the fun-loving blogger in your life. 108 pages of lined paper for those moments they have an idea and need to jot it down or to keep a journal. And it is a soft cover small enough to fit into a purse or bag.


Faith It Does Not Make Things Easier, It Makes Them Possible.

The perfect motivational gift for a blogger. A canvas wall art with scripture form the Lord. You can choose  from blue, red or black in sizes ranging from 7″ x 9″  to  29″ x 37″


Coffee mug

This mug is a cute and fun mug with this saying on it “I am a blogger, not a miracle worker but I can understand why you might be confused.”


Yetti tumbler

What better way to help the blogger in your life get enough fluids in a day. 30 oz tumbler keeps beverages cold forever.


Yetti mug

Every blogger needs their coffee. With this 14 oz mug there will be no more picking up a coffee cup to take a big gulp of cold coffee.


#Amwriting mug

Another fun gift for the blogger in you life. Every time the blogger in you life looks at this mug they will think of you. With this motivational gift for a blogger they will constantly feel your support. 


Uni-ball Vision Elite pens

The perfect gliding pen every blogger needs. Please read my review.

Techy Fun


Magnetic phone holder

This flexible magnet mounts on your phone and attaches anywhere a magnet does for hands-free video production.


Phone Tripod, UBeesize Portable

Self-hosted videos are a must in the blogging world today. This tripod is lightweight and flexible for any video need.

Bluetooth Earbuds, KAHE True Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds come in handy for listening to music or training videos when you don’t want to bother your family, or you want the motivation of music while you work.

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones

Every blogger gets distracted by the noise around them. They lose their thought process and focus. The headphones will cancel out outside noise and allow for clear motivational music or videos.

Sofia + Sam laptop computer desk

Every blogger is on their computer many hours a day and night. It affects their posture and wrists. This laptop computer desk raises the laptop to a healthier height when sitting. Perfect for typing in the dark with the side light. Please read my review on this suggested gift. I love mine and wouldn’t want to go a day without it.

One Year Subscription Options


WP Rocket plugin one year-$39

The internet moves fast, and bloggers need their website to load even more quickly. Sites can get bogged down and need a boost. WP Rocket is a premium WordPress plugin that  makes websites load fast easily, in a few clicks

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin


Picmonkey editor one year- $71.88

PicMonkey is an online photo editing and design service. I am constantly sizing, resizing, editing and designing my own photos with Picmonkey. Picmonkey offers the ability to design with templates, build business or greeting cards, invitations, announcements and editing of any photo you have in mind.

Get your pics groovin' in no time at all with PicMonkey


Grammarly one year-$139.95 

Grammarly is an online grammar checker to check spelling and grammar to help make your writing mistake free, useful and clear. Grammarly will make a bloggers life much more comfortable and more efficient. Download the free version and try it out before upgrading to pro.


Storyblocks photos one year- $99.00 year

Every blogger wants to find the perfect photo without copyright.  There are two outstanding free photo sites, unsplsh.com and pexels.com. These 2 sites offer 1000;s of amazing pictures but there are many times a blogger needs a business photo or a vector background. Storyblocks offer thousand and thousands of images for every need.

Jaaxy one year- $199  

Jaaxy is a keyword search platform built by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. Every blogger knows they need to put certain items in their posts for big daddy Google to recognize their work and show it to the world. One of those items is known as keywords. Jaxxy is designed to help find the perfect keyword that will rank a post as number one on the search engines.  

Jaaxy is the world’s most advanced keyword search tool.

One year of WA one year-$359

Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect platform for the blogger in your life who has a passion but does not know how to make money with it or get a high ranking on google.

Extensive time-tested world-class training and support are unparalleled to any other. Wealthy Affiliate is the ultimate gift that will grow and grow. Read my review for more information, please.

20-Motivational Gifts for a blogger in you life. Ranging in price and desire.  I know any one of these will put a smile on the face of the blogger in your life. 

I do love to hear from my readers with questions and comments. If you need assistance to choose a gift I am happy to help. Leave a comment and I will be back with you very shortly. 


4 thoughts on “20-Motivational Gifts For A Blogger”

  1. Motivational presents for Bloggers! I like, really love the items displayed. This is such a wonderful list. 

    The planner is intriguing and the mug divine.  I want all of them, LOL! But I really need the planner as I am a blogger too. 

    I am going to buy  myself something from here. I am so excited.  

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Stella, you should absolutely treat yourself to a gift. You deserve any one or all of these. Thank you for stopping by. 


  2. I love planner, that’s how I got through college. I am getting this for myself since I am the blogger lol. That Yetti Rambler is the best, Not only good for just in front of your computer, it’s good for activities outdoors. My husband got me one last Christmas since he needs a partner in crime when he goes fishing. Great selections, I will give myself a treat this Christmas.


    • Thank you so happy you enjoyed this post. I know what you mean about the planner. I am going to treat myself to a new one for the new year. I love the organization of my old one. I have the Bad Ass planner. 

      those coffee yettis are the absolute best. They keep my coffee hot for hours. That is the 4th cup. The others don’t last that long. LOL


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