2018 It’s Your New Year

The new year brings about a whole array of feelings. For some it is anticipation. For others, it is dread and fear. Your feelings all depend on what you have been through this past year.

You don’t have to dread the new year. Don’t let fear keep you from a new beginning. Look at the past year as a learning experience. I have had terrible years and could still have one again if I choose to let the lousy control my future.

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I am sure many have hurt you or just been mean. Start this new year forgiving those who you believed have sinned against you. Unconditional forgiveness will set you free and give you inner peace.

God is the author of your life. He wrote it and knew what will happen before you do. When you don’t think you can do things on your own, just pray, and he will guide you.

A resolution is to resolve something. You set resolutions for the new year to solve a problem. If you want to lose weight, you set a New Year resolution. But people rarely have a plan to reach the end target. A goal is putting effort into finding a solution to the reach a desire. This year set a goal with a plan and put effort into reaching the final destination.

When you hope you want something to be true. Positive thinking is the same as hope. Show kindness to others, and it will return unto you. No matter what you have been through, put forth genuine kindness, love and forgive all.

It’s New Years Eve. The old year and what has happened is about to pass away never to come again. This past year you have learned and grown from the good and the bad. Tomorrow is a bright new day. Grasp this thought and hold it tight throughout the new year, 2018.

Welcome to the first day of 2018. You have everything it takes to make this the best year of your life. Hold tight to the goodness of life. Embrace this precious gift. You have strength, love and a soul that will touch the skies.


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