50 I am Affirmations For Self-Love And A Positive Life

I am affirmations are positive words to show self-love in your life. Abuse and negative thought process will tear you down. Your thoughts become negative and all-consuming.

A positive affirmation stating you are worthy of all things in life can change your outlook. It will help you heal and grow.

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But you have to believe you are worthy. It sounds catchy but oh so true. If you repeat words without belief, you will fall farther into the realm of self-doubt.

The obstacles you have to overcome require you to believe in yourself again. After all, you didn’t tear yourself down until another person did it first.

You can get back to who you were. That wonderful, beautiful person with so much personality. That person who thought the rainbow had a pot of gold at the end. That person who saw the warmth in the rising sun each day.

All of these positive aspects of your life are buried deep under all of that abuse. You can pull them out with positive I am affirmations.

love yourself

50 I Am Affirmations For Self-Love

  1. I’m worthy of love.
  2. My life is happy.
  3. I have peace in my life.
  4. I’m smart and intelligent.
  5. I’m beautiful inside and out.
  6. I love myself.
  7. My strength comes from inside of me.
  8. There is only one me, and no one else in this world is like me.
  9. I’m a special person.
  10. I will accept all compliments as true.
  11. I have the ability to change my life.
  12. I can do anything I set my heart and mind to.
  13. I believe in myself.
  14. The sun shines on my life every day.
  15. I’m strong enough to overcome my past.
  16. I’m enough just as I see myself.
  17. I respect myself.
  18. There is a warrior in me.
  19. I radiate happiness.
  20. I will grow from my past.
  21. I’m a successful person.
  22. My smile lights up my face.
  23. My smile graces those around me.
  24. My beauty shines in my eyes.
  25. My mistakes are a part of me, and I will embrace them.
  26. I have grown from my mistakes.
  27. My life is rich with blessings.
  28. Everything I put my hand to will prosper.
  29. Positive people seek me out.
  30. I’m worthy of life.
  31. I believe I can do all things.
  32. I love myself.
  33. I radiate love to others.
  34. My mind is positive
  35. I love myself unconditionally.
  36. My future defines who me.
  37. I have hope for tomorrow.
  38. Compliments are a part of my life, and I accept them.
  39. I trust myself.
  40. I make good, sound decisions.
  41. I stand tall and strong.
  42. I accept and love my imperfections.
  43. I radiate light in my world.
  44. My life is filled with hope and peace.
  45. I have accomplished great things.
  46. I’m confident.
  47. I love myself more each day.
  48. I listen and trust my intuition.
  49. I’m proud myself.
  50. I’m loveable.
50 I am Affirmations For Self-Love And A Positive Life  pin

I can’t stress enough how vitally important it is for you to believe in yourself. It is possible to re-wire your brain to heal your body, mind, and soul.

I am a living testimony of life after abuse from positive self-affirmations. It does take time, but you have what it takes to change your life. You have what is needed to rearrange your mind to dwell on the positive. You are strong enough to believe that the sun rises in your life every single day.

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