Laura Fuller is a registered nurse. She first developed a love for writing at the age of 16. Laura had a desire to write a book based on her experiences. She wanted to help inspire others to grow and become strong. Laura realized her calling to help others was in her gift to write prose and poetry rather than a self-help book.

With this new understanding of her writing, she wanted to find a way to reach more individuals with her words of inspiration and personal growth. Laura knows that all people learned differently and decided to put her words to pictures to help the visual learner and bring home the emotion of each writing.

Laura's greatest desire is to write to inspire you to heal and grow so you may be secure and happy. You too can lead a life that is bright and has a future because you are incredible.

Laura thrives on inner peace and external quiet. She loves her husband,  family, friends, and her puppies. Her hobbies include gardening, reading, travel, and exercise. But her greatest love of all is Christ Jesus her lord and savior.