Abstract Acrylic Painting-The Colors Of Life

painting by vicki crawford poem by laura fullerA friend of mine, Vicki Crawford, did this abstract acrylic painting I am using as the backdrop today. When she paints, she lets me see each of her paintings when they are finished, and I usually tell her what I see in them. I don’t think she notes the same things, but I have an overactive imagination.

When I looked at this painting, I was mesmerized by the colors of life. Each color represents how we live our lives. All of our lives mesh together like this painting. It demonstrates how we have happy moments, sad moments, rough moments, and quiet moments. Everyone has these moments in differing degrees. But we all have them.

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I could see the black interspersed among the red and knew that was the tough times. Times like these could be abuse or divorce or lack of money to pay the bills, or the death of a loved one. Anything in your life that requires you to work through a situation that changed who you were forever.

The red and orange that overrode the black and brown were the times in your life when you overcame and became stronger. You rose above your circumstances and became bold in caring for yourself.

The yellow and purple were the moments when you found happiness and realized you were healing from the bad times.

And the blue which overtakes most of the painting is when you found peace and could relax. You were no longer afraid. You knew you were safe.

But exactly how do you do this. When you move forward, and the colors run together as they do in this abstract acrylic painting, you can look back, but you will not always know how you arrived at your place of peace. You can’t tell anyone else how to make it through because you didn’t take notes or remember each moment of change.

I will do my best to separate these so those of you who are still in the rough times of black and brown can see your way to the dawn and the blue, which represents peace.

Tough times black to brown

For whatever reason, you have landed on hard times, and it looks dark all around, you have the strength to rise above it. That does not mean it will all be OK or that you won’t remember how bad it was. But it does say that you are strong and courageous.

painting by vicki crawford

I have been where you are. I remember the day when I could not see my way out of the black tunnel. I couldn’t see the light at the end. It was dark for a very long time. But every morning, I continued to get out of bed and do what I needed.

I continued to live. I had no one to tell me it would all improve. I was alone except for God. God always carried me through.

While he carried me, I still had to hold my head up and look into the darkness until I could see a tiny bit of light shining at the end of the tunnel. I can’t say that light was there because things were improving. It was because I kept my head up and kept my eyes straight ahead.

You are strong, just as I was. You may not feel strong, but I didn’t either. And coming from one who rose out of the dark, I can look back and tell you that you will make it to the light.

In the times when you feel withered, worn, and broken, you still have an inner strength that will keep you going. Please don’t give up, and don’t give in no matter what it appears.

Renewed strength red to orange

When I began to see that tiny light shining at the end of the tunnel, I gained momentum and became more courageous. I moved more quickly with a renewed purpose because I knew I was coming into a new day.

You are red to orange; you are the lioness that gains inner strength from the rough times. Now, this does not mean those times are over. However, it does say that you are ready to fight your way back to happiness and peace.

You are no longer dragging your feet in defeat. You are picking each one up and putting it back down with a purpose. You no longer feel smothered by the blackness. You can take a deep breath and fill your lungs with fresh air.

You are ready to move on and find happiness again. You are aware of your surroundings and will make it to the end.

Happiness purple to yellow

painting by vicki crawford

Now you have emerged from the tunnel, and light is all around. You can see clearly to make decisions again. But this

does not mean the problem is behind you. It does say that you have overcome the issue and found a way to be happy in the midst of the storm.

You can find happiness in the midst of dark times. Happiness will come when you realize you can empower yourself. You are no longer a victim to your problem. You are not your problem, but the problem is separate from who you are.

You are strong, courageous, empowered, and willing to let go to find a solution. Or maybe the issue has lifted, and you can feel all of these attributes within yourself.

Vicki has done an excellent work of art in her abstract acrylic painting. We can easily see the colors of life as they represent our lives.

Peace green to blue

Your peace will come either when you resolve the problem or when you realize that God has given you peace. He is the one who carried you through, and he bestows strength in you. He says in his word; My peace I give to you, My peace I leave with you.

His peace is yours for the taking if you choose to accept. You will then have peace in the midst of the storm.

I was in the storm for 12 years. I didn’t wait to find peace for 12 years. God gave me strength long before the end of 12 years. I had to accept the peace he gave me.

How it all works together

The most incredible part of Vicki’s abstract acrylic painting is how the colors depict the cycle of our lives. If you look close, the black is there, but it is not dominant.

The part that you see when you first look at the painting is red and orange. The strength you will need to make it through the tough times. Use your courage to dominate your core being so you can stand tall. Give up the victim role to stand strong.

The purple and yellow slide in like a rainbow does after the rain. It sneaks upon you, and you don’t notice it until it is in front of you.

And blue is the dominant color that flows toward the front. It is the place when you will know you will be fine. When you know that you can relax because you never did go through this by yourself.

And your radiance of gold will tie all the colors together to form who you are because everything we go through in life defines who we are.

I am here to assist in any way I can. Please leave a comment below, and I will be back with you shortly.

14 thoughts on “Abstract Acrylic Painting-The Colors Of Life”

  1. Hi, Laura,
    I love the painting from Vicki it is truly something beautiful.
    You have put your feelings to it. That has made the painting even more poignant. 🙂

    Laura, there is so much more to you than I ever knew. How you reached out to my daughter to help her in her challenging times. Really is something special.

    My daughter is now looking through your website. You helped her immensley not to mention some guidance you have givem me too.
    As you know been Mums we often wonder if we do enough.

    You sharing your truly heartbreaking story with both my daughter and I gave us both time to reflect and not only realise that we are not alone.

    Letting my daughter know she will get through this troublesome time of hers. Toni really needed that confirmation that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You are amazing Laura!

    Not to mention how you have probaly helped my daughter to get her writing Mojo back. She was a little shy but she really did read what you wrote to her.

    We are both thankful for your support. You have been a blessing to both us and we both love you for that.

    Thank you Laura. You really are a treasure and an absolute inspiration.
    This is from my daughter Toni and I. We both love this website. You have helped us both immensley. xx

    Thank you God Bless you.
    Debs 🙂

    • Debs and Toni, Thank you so so much. When I started Inspiration For Life, I said to myself: if I can help just one person, then I have helped the world.

      Both of you have made my dreams come true.

      With tears, hugs, and love, I thank you again.

  2. Thank you for sharing ¨Abstract Acrylic Painting – The Colors of Life¨. It´s interesting how you interpret colors for emotions. Black and brown meaning rough times. Red and orange meaning renewed strength. I´d like to ask your opinion regarding pray and meditation to help you reach inner peace (red and orange).I find one of the greatest rewards of meditation and prayer is the sense of belonging that comes to us. We no longer live in completely hostile world. We are no longer lost and freighted and purposeless. The moment we catch even a glimpse of God’s will, the moment we begin to see truth, justice and love as the real and eternal things in life, we are no longer deeply disturbed by all the seeming evidence to the contrary that surrounds us in purely human affairs . We know that God lovingly watches over us. We know that when we turn to Him, all will be well with us, here and hereafter.Do you think I can interpret these feeling s in an abstract acrylic painting (red and orange)?

    • These are very interesting questions. I am a very strong believer of the Lord and his word and I mentioned I got strength and peace from him. What is so important to remember is that in the midst of a storm and in the dark tunnel not all people feel the presence of God. It would help them come to an inner peace if they did. But so often we are all-consumed with the pain that we can’t feel God carrying us through to the light. 

      In the dark times in my life, I prayed and waited on the Lord. There were times that I knew he was there only because of my faith but I could not feel him. This is a very human response. 

      I have to say that God is our caretaker and he loves us more than any human can but sometimes just turning to God does not make it all well and better. Sometimes we have trials and tribulations in life. Like Jobe. He went through some extreme pain and cried out to God repeatedly. God was there but his pain did not go away simply because he turned to God. I do not know why only God does. 

      As for you being able to interpret these feelings in this abstract painting? I believe God gives each one of us a gift. He has given me the gift to see this type of thing to help others. I do not know what your gift is and if you can interpret the red and orange in the same manner. 

      Thank you for your input. I believe it will help others to have another avenue to heal. 

  3. Well composed piece of inspiration, it is like you have covered all life moments through your friends color paintings! This deserves to be recited before the public so that they can trust their challenges and obstacles and turn them to  opportunities. Otherwise keep inspiring the world, we will be grateful.

    • Thank you so so much. Please feel free to share this post if you like. I know there are many in this world who need this inspiration and a way to bring them from the dark into the light. 

  4. Hi Laura

    I must confess I have popped in a read quite a few number of your inspiring blogs which I have no idea how to post a response over there, so you won’t mind if I tell you now how awesome you are at describing the stuff you are good at, most especially your analysis of these colors. Plus your inspirational writings. 

    I must admit I find it penetrating to read your blogging. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you. You have given me a compliment of the highest caliber. I am almost speechless and that is a true feat in itself. 

  5. Hi Laura! This is a wonderful piece of art. My younger sister does paintings, and her involvement in the art of painting has made me developed a likeness for it. The colours like you said truly represent our different ways of living. They are interwoven that you can actually notice quiet moments and tough.  moments etc. Thanks for describing the colours and what they represent to us. You have certainly made my day with this wonderful painting and its analysis.

    • Thank you so much. Vicki did do an excellent job with this painting and the colors she chose. I was blessed to have the opportunity to write about it and see how her work can help others. 

  6. I must say I love the way you interpreted these colours,  using them to explain the human feelings and mind, as a source of hope and inspiration, while I was reading this post i felt a strong force of hope, it brought back some memories where I went through difficult times where I kept pushing till I finally came out of the struggle. Thanks for this amazing post 

    • You are welcome. It is my pleasure to help. And I am happy I could give you a feeling of hope with these words. You are very strong to have come through your struggles. Keep growing and healing. 

  7. Hey Laura
    I am sitting here crying tears of incredible gratitude and I feel o humbled by how you have interpreted this painting.
    I have also been through many storms and I have also experienced great joy, love and the darkness that was with me a long time ago has gone into the energy we call life.
    My joy and my gratitude and my happiness I feel deep inside are my daily emotions now and inspiration to keep being creative and share my art.
    Thank you so much for this gift Laura- You are my friend and you know me

    • vicki I feel it is a great honor to have the opportunity to interpret your painting and write a poem and blog to it. Not everyone would trust me to do so. You painting is incredible. You have amazing talent and should continue to use it to express yourself. Thank you my friend.


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