Adult Confession-Are They Acting Like A Teenage Drama Queen?

Drama, drama, drama, and then again, more drama. You usually think of drama as a part of the high school crowd. But NO, it is a part of all ages. Today we will talk about adult confession, are they acting like a teenage drama queen?.I will do all the confessing for all of the adults acting like teenage drama queens. This simply means we will talk about drama, what it is, how to spot it, and how to put a stop to it.

Within the past 2 years I moved to a gated community in southern Florida. I am originally from Missouri. We do have drama in Missouri but it is tempered. Hard to recognize and identify as drama.

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I did live in a college town where half of the population is college age. I now live in a place where so many are closer to my age. Maybe this is why it is more noticeable now.

What Is Drama?

It took me a bit to find the definition of Drama because drama is usually a theme in a book, movie, or play. There is such a thing as drama in real life. It is a more melodramatic attention-seeking way of life.

According to the Urban dictionary the definition of drama is:

“A way of relating to the world in which a person consistently overreacts to or greatly exaggerates the importance of benign events.”

So the definition of teenage drama is teenagers who overreacts or exaggerates something. And the definition of adult confession of teenage drama according to Laura is:

Grown adults who have not grown up or worked through the problems of their younger years. People who are seeking the attention they never got or do not now get at home.

I do not intend to offend anyone. I want to help you find a way to deal with these types of situations. A dramatic situation will pull everyone in and wear even the most steadfast -person out for an entire day or longer.

When I was a teenager in high school, there was drama all around. A girl who dumped a guy or a guy who dumped a girl. Why did they get a higher grade on the English test than say Sally did. And then hearing her cry loudly in the hallway for everyone to hear and feel sorry for her.

I thought when I left high school the drama world was over. Boy was I wrong!

Why Are People Dramatic

Teenage drama is not the only age group to have an issue with exaggerating situations. Adult confession of drama is me telling you stories of adult drama queens because a drama queen will not admit they have an issue. We all want to avoid adult drama.

  1. Everything evolves around the dramatic person
  2. Often worrying about what people think
  3. They are lonely
mad 57 year old Adult Confession Are They Acting Like A Teenage Drama Queen

evolves Around You

First story:

This adult confession belongs to Sallie, a 57 years old grown woman. She is still working as an accountant at a large corporate office and plans to retire in 8 years. Sallie has been at this job for 10 years, so everyone in her office knows how she reacts.

Sallie comes to work each day, and the very first thing she does after sticking her purse in her desk drawer is head for the coffee. It’s a Kruig, so a cup of coffee is quick and easy. Oh, but today the Kruig water container is empty. And the drama begins.

Sallie fills the carafe with water, gets her coffee, and takes the first sip, but it doesn’t end there because the whole world evolves around Sallie. Just like a true drama queen, Sallie heads back to her desk and sends out a company-wide email about the empty carafe. Then throughout the day, she adds to that email and accuses each person she encounters of not filling the carafe.

Soon everyone is taking a detour around her desk and avoiding any contact with Sallie.

The adult confession of this drams is a new situation each day with the same old scenario.

40 yr old man Adult Confession, Teenage Drama

Worrying About What People Think

Second story:

This adult confession belongs to a fella who is in his late 40s. We will call him Jim, who works at a UPS distribution warehouse. Every single day he comes into work, and something is wrong. Now Jim has very low self-esteem and worries constantly about what others think of him.

So when other people don’t do their work, he always thinks everyone will blame him. And today is no different. The night guy didn’t put all of the boxes into mail bens. The other guy left the work for Jim, and it put him behind on his daily tasks.

What did Jim do? He blew up the story and told everyone he saw that it was not his fault if he was behind. He yelled and ranted and threw a fit just like a child. Everyone tried to console him and tell him not to worry. Then he uses the kind ones and draws them into the story. “Well, Andy thinks I should not worry, but I have to if I want to keep my job.

The adult confession of this drama is and all day accurance until the next day when the new drama begins again. Jim doesn’t want anyone to think badly of him.

Adult Confession, Teenage Drama lonely old woman


Third story:

This adult confession belongs to Mrs. Mulberry who is 82 years old. Her husband passed away 2 years ago. She is home all alone. Mrs. Mulberry has children, but they all work and don’t make time to see her often.

She is so lonely and needs attention, so she gets it with adult drama. At least weekly, Mrs. Mulberry has a new illness. Sometimes it is chest pain, and other times it is nausea with diarrhea.

Today she eats breakfast, and the chest pain begins. She calls her daughter at work and tells her all about it. But her daughter is busy and use to her mom’s complaints, so she cuts her short on the phone.

Mrs. Mulberry didn’t get the attention she desired, so she calls an ambulance, writhing in pain. The medic arrives, and Mrs. Mulberry insists on going to the hospital. The medic tries to reason with her. But Mrs. Mulberry, you had chest pain 5 days ago, and all of your tests were negative. It indicated that your heart is fine. Did you see the stomach doctor?

Mrs. Mulberry did not go because she didn’t want to, or was it because she would not get to use the problem for attention. Mrs. Mulberry is not aware she is needing attention but overreacts out of loneliness.

She starts crying, clutching her chest and screaming that no one cares if she dies today. The medic took her to the hospital as requested. Mrs Mulberry’s daughter came and a whole room of medical personel.

Adult confession of this drama is repeated over and over. Family and friends know how dramatic she is but it doesn’t change the need.

listen to me

Signs Of An Adult Drama Queen?

Each person in these three stories has a different reason for their type of teenage drama. It’s not an easy task to recognize an adult drama queen who is acting way below their age because they draw you into the scenario.

The drama has an underlying cause and can not be fixed by anyone but the drama queen themselves. But the things you can do to recognize a situation will take you out of the middle of it.

Each story has the same common thread throughout. Each person:

  • They exaggerated a situation
  • They told many people about the issue
  • They drew others into their problem-validation
  • They couldn’t move past the situation
  • They seek constant attention
  • Everyone and everything evolves around them
  • They each have self-destructive behavior
  • They take everything personally
  • They are loud and boisterous in social gatherings
  • They believe the louder they are, the better

You already knew the adult drama queen had a problem, but you now know what the signs of a drama queen are. But what will you do to take care of yourself and find peace?

How To Deal With A Drama Queen?

There are two ways you can deal with a drama queen.

  • Passive-defuse the situation
  • Aggressive-not aggressive as in anger or but with self-care action


You can attempt to defuse a dramatic situation. This may not be the best choice because the drama queen may see you as weak or that you are supporting their behavior. It may work one or 2 times, but the situation will need to be addressed so you can care for yourself in a stressful, dramatic situation.

  • Change the subject-this may work, but it will take effort. You will need to continually talk about another subject until the drama queen loses sight of the situation.
  • Turn everything into a joke-make sure it is not joking directed at the drama queen—instead, you might try using a play on words that make the situation funny.
  • Run and hide when you see them coming-also not a great idea and only a temporary fix.
  • Ignore their outbursts-this is a short-term-you can not ignore a drama queen forever.

Aggressive self-care

Adult Confession Are They Acting Like A Teenage Drama Queen pin
  • Set Boundaries-boundaries are an invisible fence telling yourself how much you can tolerate. Such as decide how long you will listen to the drama queen or set a boundary not to get pulled in.
  • Don’t console the drama queen-when you sympathize with a drama queen; they think you agree and will pull deeper into their problem.
  • Don’t ask how they are-questions like this will give the drama queen room to exaggerate a situation.
  • Set a time limit on your interaction with the drama queen-it maybe 3 min or 15 min. The longer the time span, the greater chance they will drag you into the middle of the situation.
  • Don’t feed into their judgment of others-Do not agree with them so you can get out of their presence sooner. When you agree, they will draw you in.
  • Be gentle-the drama queen, although annoying, are people just like you and me.
  • Stay calm-the drama queen is always in a high state of emotions. Don’t let their anxiety transfer to you.

Remember above all that the drama queen is good at what they do. Exaggerating and turning a situation into something bigger than life is what they have learned to protect themselves. You can not fix them. However, you can protect yourself and protect your stress level. Hang in there. This will take practice and patience, but you will succeed in achieving your goals to protect yourself.


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