After Love Has Gone-I Pray

Oh my, where do I start? How can I describe the fear that sets in when a loved one is changing? The only true love of your life is moving into a new realm.

We Can’t Change Life.fear poem by laura

There is nothing to be done and nothing to change. When we have problems, we pray and have faith, but we cannot be sure God will change the circumstances. Instead, he may choose to make us stronger so we can handle what is to come.

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No, where in the book of Life does it say we will live forever, and everything will be perfect. But when Life is young and our bodies move freely, we never believe that day will come when we have to give into reality.

I sit at my computer and put these words to paper. I wonder what it must be like when a couple is married 40 or 50 or even 80 years, and sickness and death separated them. How can they go on?

1 Corinthians 10:13

Then I remember the grace of God. How he never gives us anything that we can not handle. It’s not that we are so kind and perfect but rather because his grace is so sufficient.

As I have mentioned many times in the past, I am an ER nurse, so I see things before most people do. Maybe even a year before others might notice symptoms. Also, I have witnessed the pain that elderly couples go through when their spouse nears the end of Life.

bible and cross

So Many Go Through It

I watched my mom go through the pain of watching the love of her life pass away from pneumonia when he had Parkinson’s. He was not my birth father but more of a dad to me than I had ever known.

I sat with him while she slept because the demands of the care he required were too high. My mom was an incredible person. She loved this man with all of her heart, and in death as in life, she wanted him to have the best.

She is an example to all of us going through the times that we know are inevitable. She cooked for him, cleaned for him, and cared for him. She did what was expected of her even when he had no idea what was happening.

Then I think of my father-in-law, who cared for his wife when she had Parkinson’s disease. It broke his heart when he had to put her in a nursing home. She had no idea who he was and became paranoid about the disease process.

Every day he went to the nursing home to see her and remind her that he loved her.

I also have a young friend in her 50’s who has a sick husband. I have watched him decline, and the workload on her increased. But she doesn’t notice how much work it is because she loves him and it came on slow. Each day seems like the one before.

older couples hands


Is it love that gives us this incredible desire to make sure the ones we have vowed our lives to get the care they deserve? Or is it a sense of duty?

For some, it is love, and for others, it is a duty. Not all couples have an undying love that goes to the grave with their spouse. Everyone handles life differently.

How does one deal with this incredible pain? How do they keep going each day when the one they love forgets what is said or no longer remembers them?

How We See Life

You’re probably wondering why I would even think about something like this. The profession we work in throughout our lives tends to dictate how we see Life.

An accountant thinks in terms of numbers and runs situations through the numbers or finances. An engineer thinks in terms of black and white. There is no grey area. As does a medical professional, will think in terms of sickness and disease.

A pediatric nurse will always have a fear for their children more than others. An ER nurse is faced with death every day and will see Life in the aspect of life and death.

I could go on and on, but I am sure you understand what I am saying about how we think and deal with life situations.

man dealing with grief

How To Deal With All Of This?

Back To How Does One Deal With The Illness Of Their Spouse? I Am Not Sure They Do. I Think It Sneaks Up On The Caregiver.

We never expect to lose the one we love. We enjoy each other all of our lives, and then one day, things seem to be different. You see the thought processes change, and the trips to the hospital increase.

If you stop to think about it, the fear will overwhelm you, so you keep going every day doing what you need to do. When the tasks at hand start to dominate your time, it comes upon you gradually, so you don’t realize that your Life has changed.

Your mind adjusts, and you keep going because quitting is not an option. And if you stop, the fear will take over, and you may dwell on the outcome. The end is too painful, and the circle continues and perpetuates.

Quiet Hours

It is only in the quiet hours of the night when all is calm that you have time to think. But you push it from your mind because tomorrow will start over all too soon.

How many years did I see this cycle in the people who came into the ER? But I was young. I could see the underlying pain, but I could not understand how it felt. We can not know what another is going through until we reach their age or go through it ourselves.

praying cross

I Pray For Your Strength

For those of you who know what I am writing about and feel the words in your life, I pray for you and your family’s strength.

Prayer is the only way to handle a situation such as this.
You can’t change it, and you can’t accept it. So, to continue in strength and love will be the only way to cope.

The Loss Is Real

The real difficulties will come when the care is no longer needed. You will feel the loss to the inner core of your existence.

I leave you with these thoughts. And I urge you to feel these words so you will have a better understanding of what it is like to feel the pain of the one you love. Offer support to those in need. They may not accept, but they will know you care.


6 thoughts on “After Love Has Gone-I Pray”

  1. Thanks Laura, I understand this perfectly. My loved one was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, he passed away 13 years ago,  I was 40 years old. He left me with 4 young children. I had to manage my business four children and a church all by myself. I don’t know how I got through those years. All I could fall back on was prayer 

    • Juliet, Your story brought tears to my eyes. 40 is so young to lose the love of your life. I believe as you do that the only way is prayer. God knows our sorrows and he is faithful to carry us through them. 

  2. This article really hit home for me. Every goes through loss at some point in their life. This reminds me to always make sure to appreciate and cherish the time I have with my loved ones because we never know when the last day with them will be. I can never treat someone too good and this is the perfect reminder to always treat everyone the very best way. When they pass I would never want my last memory with them be a negative one. You seem like a very good person this blog is very well written. Great job.

    • Ruth, Yes always treat everyone as you would want them to treat you.We can lose a loved one at any time. For out time frame is not the same as God’s time frame. We are blessed with our loved ones here on earth for only a period of time. 

  3. Very thoughtful. At 87 and Jeanine at 86 she and I realize time is running out and both of us have fear of the future.

    I am glad that we have a heavenly father who gives us hope of ever lasting life.

    Thank you for all your thoughts.

    • Yes, Ray, I believe that knowing we have a place before the throne of God to worship him eternally will make a big difference. I can’t imagine how it must feel though to lose the one you love. I hope I do not have to face this soon but one never knows what is in the future.


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