A Poem About An Angel

I wrote this about a friend who has very little time left on this earth. It is a poem about an angel coming to take her home. I originally wrote a blog post about this poem that was informative. It talked about grieving and death and dying.

I wrote it because it was so much easier to write and informative post instead of writing from my heart. Then I realized I am not helping anyone if I don’t pour my heart out.

When someone we love is going through a tough time, it is easier to go around the issue. Facing the death of my friend makesA Poem About An Angel me want to cry.

So many people believe if you are weak if you cry. I know this is not true, but I still do everything I can not shed a tear. Maybe it will mess up my makeup or perhaps if I start I can’t stop. I don’t know the real reason.

This lady I wrote this about has not been a friend of mine very long. I can’t say we are lifelong friends or have known each other since childhood. What I can say is in a short time I have come to know her I have pulled great strength from her.

She is a family girl. She loves her husband with all her heart. He does things to make her mad to keep her fighting, and she is aware of this. But they work together beautifully.

She loves her children beyond measure. She holds each of them in her heart in a different way and is always there when they need her.

But the thing that impressed me about my friend is her fight. She has battled cancer for six years now. She has used every medicine known to walk the battle. She has stood with her head high and her shoulder straight when the time has not been kind to her.

It is this strength that I have grown to love, and I respect her. In this same situation, every person would deal with it differently. Some struggle to live and some fight to die. I believe no one knows how they would indeed handle it until they are faced with it themselves.

I lost my mom five years ago. She too was an incredible lady. It crushed me to let her go. I lost my best friend other than my husband.

We took care of her in my home on hospice before she died. It was a blessing to have those last few weeks with her. We talked about her death all the time. She needed to prepare for it, and I needed to accept it.

She always told me I would be okay after she died because we had talked about it so much. I was NOT okay. I grieved and mourned her for two years before I felt like I was making progress.

My mom is in heaven just as I believe my friend will also be. But does this make it easy? It may make it less painful knowing they are going to a better place. I am not sure if this is true.

Why? When we mourn, we do this for our loss, not for their death. Missing them is natural. We build a relationship and get used to them in our life. When they pass we feel a void that no one else can fill.

The death of another changes each one of us a bit. We have to build a new life without the one we love. Through the changes that take place in our lives, we become stronger. The pain lessens with time, and the memories fade just slightly, but the change is permanent.

I will change with the death of my friend. I will miss her for she is the real picture of beauty, strength, fight, and grace. She is my friend.

Since I wrote this post, my friend has passed. It was hard for her to cross over because she loved life to its fullest. But I sat at her bedside, and we prayed, and she moved on. Life without her has changed for me, my husband and her family.

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