Over the years nursing has changed. Much of it has changed for the good with modern technology. Many years ago we did not have all of the current equipment to keep patients alive.  But also many years ago a nurse spent time with patients and got to know them. Patients were the priority in a hospital. People were admitted to the hospital to rest and did not require a diagnosis for insurance to pay for their stay.

Modern technology has helped our ability to better care for people, but it has also contributed to a non-caring attitude.

One night as I left work I was so sad to see what had happened with the evolution of health care. I went home and wrote this piece. The medical field has grown into a corporate world. In this corporate world, it is all about making money, and so little about caring for the patient with compassion.

Is this really what is important? Or is the act of unconditional love the most important part of our focus?

I do understand it is important to make money to keep up with the modern technology to help others.  It is more important to care for and love others. No one can heal without love and to know someone else values their life.

I have given compassion and love to many people over the years. Today a nurse is expected to provide this love and compassion in a split second through the operation of equipment. Some days are easier than others. But on this night I was full of fear.  Patients gave me their trust, but I did not have the time to care for them. There was no love or care given. Only an eye for the monitors and machines.  I came home and put my sadness into words.

It is important to love others unconditionally. People are not robots. A divine creator intricately makes people.

Each shift I work I continue to strive to love and care. I will continue to fight for the life of others. Even on nights so dark I still know what is right and good and kind. And I will make it through my days in prayer for the lives of all involved.


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