Awake You Sleeping Beast!


Tigers are sleek and beautiful animals. I am sure you have seen numerous photos of tigers relaxing or sleeping. At the zoo, they are lounging around in the shade. Often they rise only to move to a different spot to sleep.

Tigers sleep 18-20 hours a day. They do this to conserve their energy. When they hunt their food, they require tremendous strength.

At times you may be like a tiger. You have a sleeping beast inside of you. I don’t mean that you sleep all the time. Instead, you allow your imagination and excitement for life and learning to lay dormant or asleep. You trudge through each day with your face set in stone. You don’t even see what is in front of you because you don’t have anything to make you feel alive.

Awaken your heart and mind to the excitement of life. Why sit through life in a slumber? Why not wake up, open your eyes and be alive?

When times are dreary, it is a challenge to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and keep going, but there is a way. Keep your mind focused on positive thoughts. Keep company with people who build you up.

Just imagine you are walking in a  park full of red bursting blooms of azaleas. The Trees are tall and strong to reach the sky. They form a haven of green leaves above you. The sun is rising to meet you and warms your face. WOW, this sounds amazing but not to you.  You are dragging your feet as you walk, you put your shades on your face and move forward. You do look up from your feet for a brief moment to see where the path begins, but you never see the vivid colors or feel the sunshine on your face.

This park is a glorious place, but you have this horrific feeling inside of you. Moving forward is a struggle. Life is tough, but you can do this if you keep your eyes wide open to see the sun rise and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Give yourself strength from the life that surrounds you.

You can move out of slumber into a new part of life when you see your surroundings. Sure it takes an effort to pull yourself out of the everyday boring life. It is worth the effort.

Every day make a commitment to yourself, see new life in front of you and strengthen your mind.

Don’t let the hard times in life pull you down. It only takes one small step each day. Train your thoughts to be positive. Each small daily step will lead to strides and to a life-altering way of viewing everything around you.

Start today turning your life around to follow the ideal path.  It will lead you to new dimensions to grow in strength and knowledge.


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