Awake You Sleeping Beast!

We all have a beast inside of us. When we think of a beast, we usually think of a four-legged animal like a tiger or a two-legged contemptable person. But the beast inside of us is not like this. It is something that is longing to get out and experience life. It is your job to awake you sleeping beast inside of you.awake you sleeping beast poem

Awake You Sleeping Beast!

Often people suppress this beast in many different ways: denial, laziness, depression, and low self-worth to name four.

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You might be suppressing a beast in you and not letting it out. You lay around and watch TV, or you are so discouraged you can’t get the energy to do anything. God created us to work and be productive. It doesn’t resonate well with your mind and body.

Tiger Beast

Did you know that tigers sleep 18-20 hours a day? They do this to conserve their energy. When they hunt their food, they require tremendous strength.

Tigers are sleek and beautiful animals. I am sure you have seen numerous photos of tigers relaxing or sleeping. Or you have visited the zoo, where they lounge around in the shade only to rise, stretch and move to a different spot to sleep again.

At times you may be like a tiger. You have a sleeping beast inside of you. I don’t mean that you sleep all the time. Instead, you allow your imagination and excitement for life and learning to lay dormant.

Unlike the sleeping tiger, you don’t rest up so you can move forward. You allow yourself to wallow in your misfortune.

No Job

Maybe you don’t have a job. You put in 3 applications but no one called so you know there isn’t a place for you in the workforce.

Instead, you feel sorry for yourself and watch TV. You get into video games, and the desire to better yourself flies out the window.


Or maybe it is depression that has you tied up. You can’t get out of it, but you refuse to get help. You have taken medssad girl sitting on a bench before, and you don’t like the way they make you feel, so you are not doing that again.

Instead, you lay around and become more engrossed with the dark side of life. You will not allow anyone into your world because no one understands how you feel.

You trudge through each day with your face set in stone. You don’t even see what is in front of you because you don’t have anything to make you feel alive.


O maybe you have been in a bad relationship. You are out of it now, but it is too hard to face the world. Your self-esteem has dwindled to nothing, and you know no one will understand.

So you go to work, and as soon as you get home, you lock the doors and push the outside world out of your home.

When times are dreary, it is a challenge to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and keep going, but there is a way.


Or maybe you are lazy, and you don’t believe you need to grow. You think it is the job of someone else to take care of you: mom and dad or a spouse or sibling. You don’t even try to cover up the thought that you are not meant to work. Someone else is supposed to take care of you, but it is not you.

So all you do is sit around, go out with your friends and get yourself into trouble. Yes I know to call someone lazy is harsh but it is time for you to stand up and let your productive sleeping beast out.

Time to awaken your heart

Awaken your heart and mind to the excitement of life. Why sit through life in a slumber? Why not wake up, open your eyes, and be alive? If your struggle is depression, then seek help.

Depression is real, and it will destroy you if you do not allow others into your life to help.

If it is abuse, you also need to get help to change the mindset of an abused person. There are free church groups and abuse recovery groups. It is time to put one foot in front of the other and seek healing.

As for not having a job, t is better to work at a low paying job than it is to sit at home feeling sorry for yourself. If you don’t get into the workforce, you will fall deeper and deeper into self-pity.

Yes I Know

You may be thinking as you read this that I am good at telling you what to do, but I have no idea how you feel. Oh, yes, I do. I have been through tough times. I know what it is to be abused and be depressed. I know what it is like to not have a job. But I have never been lazy. So what do you do to awaken your sleeping beast?

You have to force the beast out into the open. Your beast may be excitement, a desire to learn, helping others, and so many more. But what I do know is there is something inside of you that wants to help you overcome. It is a God-given strength yearning to break out.

How Do You release the beast?

The first step is to acknowledge your need to improve. The second step is to do something about it.

Find groups to join or friends who are positive and hang with them. Positive actions are contagious.

Keep your mind focused on positive thoughts. Visualize and write down all of the positive things that are taking place in your life. Stand up and smell the roses.

Example of dormant vs. alivebutterflies, green leaves and sunshine

Here is an example of how life can be when you open up and let the sleeping beast within you see a better world.

Just imagine you are walking in a park full of varied colors of fragrant climbing roses. Trees are tall and strong to reach the sky. The tree leaves form an intertwined roof above your head. The sun is rising to meet you and warms your face.

WOW, this sounds amazing and alive. The picture I painted here can be your life with an effort to break out the beast in you.

But instead, you are dragging your feet as you walk, looking at the ground with your shades on to block the sun. You do look up occasionally when you hear a sound, but you never see the vivid colors or feel the sunshine on your face.

The park is glorious, but you have this horrible feeling inside of you. Moving forward is a struggle. Life is tough, but you can do this if you seek help and or focus on the positive until your beast inside of you resonates with their purpose in this world.

Forced Change

Find something new to occupy your time. Start learning, take up a new hobby, find new friends. If you are a homebody, then start woodworking or knitting or sewing. Start anything that stimulates your mind to wake up out of your slumber. If you don’t like knitting do it anyway until your mind steps up to the plate and decides what else you may like.

What I am asking you to do does take effort and sometimes hard work, but what is your other choice? Do you want to stay stuck in a place that you have created or would you like to see the sun and roses and that incredible roof of green leaves?

So, move out of your way and let your sleeping beast out of the slumber and awaken your mind to a new dawn.

When you keep your eyes wide open to see the sun rise and enjoy the beauty that surrounds your life has no choice but to improve.

Every day commit yourself to look at what can be and not was in the past.

What is your sleeping beast? How will you force change in your life when you don’t feel like it?

I am here to assist you and answer questions. Please feel free to share with us your experiences and questions in the comment section below. I will be back with you shortly.

10 thoughts on “Awake You Sleeping Beast!”

  1. After hearing you on the ‘Elevated Network’ how could I not pay a visit. You write so beautifully but with purpose that draws the reader in. I thought the picture of the butterflies really had me thinking about change and growing into something quite outstanding.
    I think I may well spend some more time here, thank you for providing such a wonderful space.

  2. Laura, this is a very inspirational and thought provoking post.   After thinking this over for a few moments, I almost feel that someone is trying to tranquilize the tiger within me.   It’s been a slow and gradual wearing down.  

     Your post reminds me of the need to allow the tiger to be a tiger.   I really need to take some time to think over your tips.   Simply reading them once won’t do the job because I’m a bit more focused on trying to figure out why the tiger has fallen asleep in the first place.   


    • This is exactly how to work through the sleeping tiger in you. When you come up with the why then you can begin to change. 

      There many things that can tranquilize the tiger within. Busy life, abuse, unhappiness. These are only 3 possibilities. You will figure it out and when you awake you sleeping tiger your life will open back up again. 

  3. Awaking the sleeping beast is like awaking your inner self, like your spirit animal itself guiding you. Too many times we go through the same routine only to find ourselves at the end of the tunnel wishing we had done something different. To be different I feel is the essence of our humanity and what sets us apart from others. What do you think?

    • Adam, I think you interpreted this very well. It means different things to each person. You have the ability to see your inner feelings and change when necessary. 


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