Be Kind To Yourself

Why is it we treat ourselves so bad? We have heard so often “Be Kind To Yourself,” yet we don’t follow through.

We put undue stress on ourselves trying to be perfect, and we have to pay the price later in life but if I were kind to myself life would be easier.

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Do It All Right Now

In my first nursing job at age 18, I wanted to know it all. I tried to be good at everything I did. I wanted to do it all without going through life.

I worked with a lady who I admired from the first day we met. I don’t think she ever knew how important she was to me. I was 18, and she was 58. Everything she did was with patience and grace.

I wanted to be just like her, but I wanted to learn it all right now. I didn’t want to wait until I was 58. That would be too old. It would be too late for me to be good at everything. I was not kind to myself.

When I was 30, A physician I worked with who was in his 50’s taught the Sunday school class I attended. He was a humble man, knew so much about God, and prepared his lessons with ease. He was my mentor, but he never knew it.

I was so shy I couldn’t even speak up in class. I wanted to be just like the one I looked up to, but I wanted it all right now. I felt like such a failure when I couldn’t even come close to the humility this man radiated.

Be Kind To Yourself

I was not kind to myself. I never gave myself time to learn. I just wanted it now. As I grew, I was forced to slow down just a bit. It took many years for me to catch up to the concept of growing and learning. Learn from my experience and be kind to yourself.

How We Grow

As a baby, we are not born walking. We first had to learn to roll over, then we learned to crawl, and next, we could walk. But even when we learned to walk, we were unsteady and fell on our bottom.

During all of these stages, we learned to eat solid food without sticking our tongues out, learn the word NO, and learn the boundaries our parents set for us. It is here where most learn to be kind to themselves.

These learning steps took place over time. As a child, I would take a step back only to move forward before I could grasp the rules. Then I would run fast to the next level and fall again. As children, we have very little patience. Learning to be kind to yourself comes with the fall and forgiving yourself to start again.

It is no different as we reach adulthood and continue to grow in this world. We all have to learn how to do new things, like driving and starting a new job or even raising children. These things do not come naturally.

Be Kind To Yourself  It Takes Baby Steps To Learn And Grow pin

All learning and growing experiences improve over time. As I age, I become more experienced with life—the mistakes I have made in the past help shape my future. My blunders shape who I am and help me take baby steps as an adult. We all learn to be kind to ourselves.


No one can change overnight. It takes years of setbacks to improve. It takes numerous mistakes to show us that we need or want to change.

People can’t become an expert at anything without first doing the task over and over. It takes practice and knowledge to be good at anything. Don’t kick yourself; instead, give yourself time to learn.

You can’t reach new heights and soar without first growing out of a dead place. Sometimes this takes years and is a continual process. Give yourself time to develop. Be kind to yourself as you travel the road of growth.

I urge you to give yourself time to become what you want to be. Be kind to yourself.

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