Breast Cancer Awareness Poem, My Hair And I

October is the NBCAM National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A time we all come together to celebrate life and to mourn death, to remember the fight and prepare for what’s ahead. It is a time to raise awareness and funds for research.

Did you know that breast cancer is the most common kind of cancer in women, excluding some skin cancer types, and affects all nationalities equally? Breast cancer does not discriminate and is the most common cause of death among Hispanic women.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Poem

I wrote this poem today to honor those strong women who are overcomers of this earth’s trials. I have not had breast cancer nor any other diagnosis like this. I can not say I know how it feels or what a woman must go through when faced with this diagnosis. I do know that more women today are living with a diagnosis of breast cancer than ever before.

I have sat beside girls who have survived it and those who have not. Each person I have been with has a resilience that surpasses all other strengths. It is something in their eyes that says, “You can’t beat me.” This look inhabits the eyes of those who make it and those who do not.

breast cancer girl

Every woman with breast cancer is a survivor, whether she stays on this earth or has passed on to heaven. The emotion I felt in each person was an undeniable strength that surpasses all others.

The world may see this perseverance as a denial of the outcome. But what I saw and felt was beyond the realm of this earth. It is a might, a force, a hope infused in their soul that is powered by something beyond our knowledge—a feeling we who have not experienced these trials cannot comprehend.

I think it changes the way a girl looks at life. Their purpose is no longer to survive each day of work or make it to the weekend. Their new objective is to live each day to the fullest and fight with all their being.

I have speculated on many emotions and feelings here, but only one who has gone through this can know the truth. None of us will ever know how we will react to a breast cancer diagnosis unless it happens to us.

My Hair And I

In honor of all breast cancer survivors, I dedicate this poem to you.

This is a cohesive relationship

my hair

and I have

She sits on top my head

she just hangs around

she takes care of me

In ways different than

I care for her

When I cry

she hides my eyes

When I’m cold

she warms my head

One time the doctor

gave me a med

The one that kills and saves

all at one time

My hair she left me

but not for long

When the drug was gone

she came home

My hair had changed

a renewed life she lived

she was curly and soft and fuzzy

She doesn’t hang like she use to

but she still cares for me


As I grow old

my hair she does too

My strength wains

she lightens the load

on top my head

My hair she makes me younger

wrinkles may show

but not for me

My hair turned silver

to hide the lines

I trust my hair

She’s never gone long

We will be friends forever

and ever

and ever

Till death do us part

Laura Fuller

pink ribbon for cancer
pink breast cancer ribbon
pink ribbon with a head
shinny pink  ribbon

To all of us women and girls, our hair is a part of who we are. It clothes us in warmth and glory. We spend countless hours styling, coloring, and making it just perfect for everyone to see. How would it feel to lose all of it and begin again? It is something we will not know unless we are in the shoes of a breast cancer patient.

So in October and all year long, please give and fund breast cancer research and awareness. Let’s support more survivors every day of our lives.

12 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness Poem, My Hair And I”

  1. This poem is beautiful Laura, absolutely stunning. It’s funny how things we take for granted every day can mean so much to others.

    I’ve been lucky not to have cancer hurt anyone close to me – my wife however has, and knowing what it did to her family, this poem reminds me how lucky I am.

    Thank you for writing and posting this poem!

  2. Really nice poem. Very sad and I can relate to it . I think must people will because we all know someone who has been afflicted with this disease. The poem was well written sad because of the subject the poem was about. But the poem was also uplifting and I hope someone somewere stuggling with this disease get to read it.

    • Joseph, I do appreciate your kindness and compliment. I too wish to reach who ever may need this poem in their day. 

  3. This poem is very well-done, thank you. In mid-page – the word “wain” there is spelled “wane”. Otherwise it’s great.

    I’ve had chemotherapy and have lost my hair too, so I understand exactly what you are talking about here. I remember getting my first treatment, knowing that hair loss was inevitable. And then about a week and a half later, feeling my scalp getting “tight” and feeling strange. I knew that when I stepped into the shower, I’d not be seeing my hair again for a while – and sure enough, out it came in handfuls. Like you, mine grew back much greyer, but hey – I still have it! Yay!

    It’s very personal, including a photograph which is eye-catching and striking. I like the arrangement of the page. Nice work! Very impressed!

    • Don, Thank you I am so happy you enjoyed the poem and it is good and not good that you can relate to it. Good that you made it through and not good that you had to go through chemo. The word wain is correct for the way I want it in a poem. But thank you for pointing that out. Thanks for the compliment on my website. Hope to see you lingering on my site again.

  4. Wow Laura,

    That was very powerful. I’ve never known anyone with breast cancer. It amazes me the amount of strength it must take to pull through such an ailment.

    I really liked the poem especially the lines: “One time the doctor/game me a med/The one that kills and saves”

    Gave me chills. It really shows that even though there’s treatment, it has its effects on the body.

    Thank you for the poem. I look forward to reading more.

    • Branden, Thank you. I do appreciate you. I am so so happy the poem moved you and you were able to pick up on the meaning I was implying. I imagine that to fight cancer takes a deep seated strength.

  5. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for this write up on breast cancer. My sister is currently in this condition. She had an operation last month, it went well but now she has to deal with the chemo. She has not lost her hair and I wish with all my heart that she does not. Up till yesterday she was doing okay. Do you know any foods that can help? Does she have to be on a special diet? Are there any activities she should not do? I really need to know how to help my sister.

    • Juliet, I am so sorry t hear that you and your sister have to go through this. I know that while she is on the chemo there are certain foods she can and can not eat, but the oncologists will give her info on this. She will need to eat a high protein diet to promote healing but often times the nausea and lack of energy will prevent eating at all. Family members always want to do something functional to feel like they are helping but in reality the support and understanding you give is far greater than the functional things. don’t get me wrong, she will need help with transportation and food preparation but your support is the greatest gift you can give her. I only wish the best for you and your family.

  6. Laura,
    Thank you for this incredibly moving poem!
    I have a weird relationship with October. I am a huge fan of fall, but the reminder of breast cancer is inescapable.
    I think it’s amazing that we have become so aware of Breast cancer. I don’t remember being so aware of breast cancer as a kid, but now I feel kids are growing up with more information and resources!
    Thank you once again for the amazing poem and I look forward to reading more.

    • Thank you Timm. Because of NBCAM we are making break throughs in treatment. Breast cancer has always been there but now more women are living to tell about it. 


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