Breast Cancer Awareness Poem, My Hair And I

October is NBCAM National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast cancer is the most common kind of cancer in women, excluding some types of skin cancer, and affects all nationalities equally.

Among Hispanic women, breast cancer is the most common cause of death.

I wrote this poem today to honor those strong women who are overcomers of the trials of this earth. I have not had breast cancer nor any other diagnosis of like this. I can not say I know how it feels or what a woman must go through when faced with this diagnosis. I do know that more women today are living with a diagnosis of breast cancer than ever before.

girl without hair breast cancer

I have sat beside girls who have survived it and those who have not. Each person I have been with has a resilience that surpasses all other strengths. It is something in their eyes that says, “You can’t beat me.” This is in the eyes of those who beat it and those who pass on.

Every woman with breast cancer is a survivor whether she stays on this earth or pass on to heaven. They keep going past the point of knowledge and lived with their heart. It is what I felt and saw within each one.

To the world, may perceive behavior like this as denial. But what I saw and felt was beyond the realm of this earth. It is a might, a force, a hope that is powered by something beyond what we who have not gone through this can comprehend.

I think it changes the way a girl looks at life. Their purpose is no longer to survive each day of work or make it to the weekend. I think their new objective is to live each day to the fullest and that is different for each one. As a nonbreast cancer survivor, I can not say what this is for each one.

I have faced death but not from cancer. I had to make a decision to live or die. I could continue to live knowing that I may die, but live each day with hope, love, and kindness.  Or I could give up and die while I was still alive.

I made the choice to live. It was not easy and I did not have to go through extensive treatment.  What I went through makes me wonder if this is some of what a breast cancer survivor goes through?breast cancer pink ribbon

I have speculated on a lot of emotions and feelings here but only one who has gone through this can know the truth. None of us will ever know how we will react to a diagnosis of breast cancer unless it happens to us.

In honor of all breast cancer survivors, I dedicate this poem to you.

Please see A Poem About An Angel who came to take my friend home.


This is a cohesive relationship

my hair

and I have

She sits on top my head

she just hangs around

she takes care of me

In ways different than

I care for her

When I cry

she hides my eyes

When I’m cold

she warms my head

One time the doctor

game me a med

The one that kills and saves

all at one time

My hair she left me

but not for long

When the drug was gone

she came home

My hair had changed

a renewed life she lived

she was curly and soft and fuzzy

She doesn’t hang like she use to

but she still cares for me


As I grow old

my hair she does too

My strength wains

she lightens the load

on top my head

My hair she makes me younger

wrinkles may show

but not for me

My hair turned silver

to hide the lines

I trust my hair

She’s never gone long

We will be friends forever

and ever

and ever

Till death do us part

Laura Fuller




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