Bubble Of Judgment

Do you know what it is to be in a bubble? None of us know how it feels unless we have experienced it. I will try to explain the suffocating sensation that takes place in the bubble of judgment.

A person who is claustrophobic will understand this the best. Just imagine finding yourself trapped in an elevator all alone.

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An elevator stopped to pick you up, but it had ten people on it. You knew you could not be in that enclosed space with ten people because of claustrophobia. So you decided to take the next one.

Strong motions of relief swept over you when you walked onto the second elevator all by yourself. Awww, you felt all alone and peaceful on this elevator all by yourself.

You begin to hear a clunking noise and think the elevator took off and then came to a lurching stop. You feel your breath catch in your chest. The doors don’t open. Your thoughts race all over the place. A moment ago being alone was good but now you are not so sure.

The walls are closing in, and the spinning begins. You are spiraling out of control. Your breathing becomes raspy and rapid even though the fresh air is still coming from the vent in the ceiling.  You are sweating profusely.

Will you pass out or just die from lack of air. You desperately try to calm yourself to no avail when the doors open and you are on the ground floor. The elevator never did go up. You were on the bottom level the whole time.

Your fear took over and placed you in a bubble of judgment—your very own self-judgment.

Bubble Of Judgment

When we place ourselves in a bubble away from the world, it feels just like this. We try to rationalize the situation. We know our thinking is defensive and irrational. We know there is no reason for the fear or the excuses we are making for ourselves.

None of this matters when we are inside the bubble looking out. We keep everything that has happened to us and everything we have done held tight to our chest. Hopefully, no one will see it. We believe people can see right through you like a transparent glass window.


Not a single soul knows what anyone else has been through in your life. But we think they can see in our minds, and we believe they are judging us for all of it. The reality of the situation is, most people are not judging us. We are judging ourselves.

The world revolves around us in our minds, but it is not all about us most of the time. Others may also be having a rough life and thinking along the same lines as we are.

Fear will isolate us and keep us in a bubble of judgment. We use our fear and think everyone will know what has happened to us. We don’t accept ourselves, so we don’t think anyone else will either. We hide away, feeling like the world is watching.

We All Have Secrets

It does matter what has happened to each of us, but to the world, it doesn’t matter. Most of us have a secret we want to hide, and we believe our secret is so dark that it’s not going to be OK.

When we learn to release that secret and step out of our bubble, we can forgive ourselves. We are the only ones who are judging and placing a life sentence on our world.

We judge ourselves so harshly that we believe the world is doing the same thing. I think the only way to stop this is to let go of the agonizing worry we placed on ourselves and take a deep breath. When we do this, the world becomes more accepting.


There will be a few who want to keep us in that bubble of judgment. Those people are not important in our lives. Focus on those who are supportive and want to treat others with respect. Concentrate on the positive and push through the negative to reach the freedom waiting on the other side.


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