Build The Puzzle Of Life

For most people, daily life is just another day. We look forward to the weekend and dread our Mondays. Then we take a sigh when Wednesday comes and begin to relax again when Friday rolls around. Do we take time to cherish stones stacked on each other with poem build the puzzle of life by lauraeach piece and build the puzzle?

 Build the puzzle of life?

But what is each piece of the puzzle? It is every moment in time that fits together with another moment. It is taking this puzzle and molding it together to make memories and cherished moments. It is forgiving yourself and looking forward not back.

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We go through life in a daily struggle to make it to the end of our day. Your families require your time, and your co-workers depend on you. You make money to pay the bills and anxiously awaiting your next paycheck. Have you lost sight of your path?

The path to happiness and peace lay in each piece that fits with the next section. Not all pieces fit perfectly. If you step off of your path, then your puzzle loses some of its parts. You are going to lose pieces of your puzzle with some of the choices you make.

Repeat of life

Your day is a repeat of the past week or month. It’s just a humdrum life. Nothing changes much from day to day. Especially as we grow older and have done the same thing over and over for years.

Where did you lose sight of the path you started on? How did you forget to cherish each moment and build the puzzle of life?

Losing the whole purpose of life didn’t start with technology or the new generation. It began when you lost sight of your hopes and dreams. They changed through time, and you misplaced them with the usual mix of life.

Some people can hang onto their intent for life, but most get caught up in their struggles. The drudgery of life causes you to narrow your focus and see your time through a tight tunnel.

I hope

As I write this, I wonder how I can help you see your precious life as a building stone. A puzzle that only fits together if you use each piece to build on and keep your eye on the goal?

I hope to give you a small tool to help you build strong memories and cherish the life you have. I want to equip you with the ability to look back on your life one day and see the positive stepping stones you took.

Build your list

Each day when you are rushing around and trying to fit everything into one moment in time try to separate each moment. Every time you start a new chapter of your day, you get off work, take the kids to a function or make dinner take time to and dad teaching their little girl to ride a bike

Stop take a breath and find a positive part of the task that gives you peace or the slightest smile. Make a note of this on paper or your phone. Take a look at your list each time you put another record on your list. Try to keep your list at 5 or less. Hang onto each one of the pieces throughout the day and reflect on them. Just before you go to bed look at it again and go to sleep with your list on your mind.

What were the moments that gave you peace or put a smile on your face? Those are the moments that fit together to form a better tomorrow. The moments of regret are not a part of your puzzle. You may have sadness or pain. But disappointment and unforgiveness do not fit the moments that you use to build on your life.

No regrets or should haves

Each one of these split seconds is a part to build the puzzle that you need to start tomorrow. Tomorrow will create next week. Next week will form next month. Before you know it, you are moving in a frame of mind toward forgiveness and peace.

Looking back and reflecting on the “should haves” and the “I wish I had” will only set you back. We all make mistakes, but we can not change the past. You can move forward, forgive and love yourself and build on what is ahead.

You reached this part of your life by building on moments that fit together in your puzzle of life. You didn’t wish away tomorrow. You cherished each moment and reflected on the positive part of it. You looked forward into a better day.

In the end, you can build the puzzle of life

When you reach the end of your life, the goal is to mentally put that puzzle out on the table and see that each piece fits into another. As you look at it, you can appreciate the moments that made you smile and gave you peace. You can see where you forgave yourself for your mistakes and moved forward to make better choices.

You can dwell on the positive stepping stones that brought you to where you are today. You can wake up each day without regrets that weigh you down. You can cherish each moment as a part of the time you used to build on your puzzle.



8 thoughts on “Build The Puzzle Of Life”

  1. Your post on building the puzzle of life was inspirational and useful. I like to take a 10,000-foot view of things, and that includes life. I have not heard of considering the many moments of life as puzzle pieces, but I like the analogy and think that it fits (no pun intended). 

    When you look back to the past or perhaps look at where you are at now, with the idea of completing the puzzle, you can orient yourself towards creating more pieces of the puzzle that complement the ones created already and adjusting to create ones in the future that will fit.

    Life is what you make of it, no matter the circumstance in most cases. Having a positive outlook and seeking to make the best of what you have to deal with, plus refusing to let outside or internal negative voices creating your puzzle pieces and life will provide you the best opportunity to complete that unique puzzle that is your life, and make it one that people will want to frame and hang on the wall. Thanks for a good post…

    • Dave, Thank you for your comment. I love the way you expanded on what I have written. “Life is what you make it” and “you can orient yourself towards creating more pieces of the puzzle that complement the ones created already”
      I love these statements. 

      Your comments add so much more than what I have written and I thank you for this. 

  2. Hi Laura,

    This is a really great read and indeed our lives are made of each and every moment of each and every day. I am tired of looking back on my life where I was ‘ struggling’  and anxious about getting from here to there. Because in every instance when I look back these times were the most memorable of all and the growth and strength gained are a wonderful bonus.

    To be aware and conscious in the moment is a step by step challenge, but we must take the time to put it into practice, and your idea with listing those moments are indeed taking us closer to a more peaceful and fulfilling life

    Thanks for this great post


    • Thank you so much, Paul. Yes looking back with regrets can be counterproductive to learning and growing. Building our puzzle is all about the growth we make in life. Thank you for stopping by I do appreciate you and your input. 

  3. Hello Laura,

    I can not find my words to thank you. It is my luck to read such a life inspiring post. Trust me, I am motivated by your words. I realized, We should not look back. As a human, we are programmed to do mistakes. So, we shud not keep thinking about those mistakes. Those will just make you sad and pull back. We should always think positive. I got guidelines how to lead my life from your article.

    Thank you so much for such a supercalifragilistic writing!


    • Thank you so much. this is my goal in life, to motivate and inspire others and it gives me a happy heart to know I have done this. 

      You also put a smile on my face with the Mary Poppins supercalifragilistic word. That was the very first movie I saw as a little girl. Now I am dating myself. 

      You are welcome, my pleasure. 

  4. Hi Laura
    What a warm and thought-provoking post.
    Gratitude helps me with my pieces, and during each day my gratitude is so strong because being alive and being able to do what I do is a miracle and even though some days seem a little more challenging, there is always something to make me smile and help the pieces 🙂
    You are an inspiration
    Thank you


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