Center Of Life-Heartbeat

Our heart is the lifeblood of our body. It pumps blood to our organs with oxygen to reach our fibers. Our heart allows us to breathe, walk and talk.

But what else does our heart do? We use our heart to convey emotions such as love for another and in phrases like the beating heart of the universe.

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poem by laura the center of life

When you find new love, you voice your emotions in terms of the heart.
My heart beats for you.
Our hearts are entwined.
Your love makes my heart race.

Does love have anything to do with the heart that is an organ in our chest? And if not then why do we all use the heart to describe emotions?

Our heart is a symbol of life which feeds the body and nourishes the soul. Our heart supports our body and gives it life. Because of this life, we have emotions and feelings.

Real thoughts for this post.

A heart is in every part of the universe. Because it is a life-saving organ, it is also a symbol of the type of life we live.
My heart aches for you.
The beating of my heart is lonely.

All positive and negative references to the heart are representative of the emotions we can generate because of a life supported by a pumping organ called the heart.

A community

I am a member of a platform named Wealthy Affiliate. It is where I host this blog and where my lifeblood for writing is stored. Wealthy Affiliate has a whole community of like-minded people within the walls of a structured internet business platform.

Today while I was reading some of the postings of other members, I read one written by a man who calls himself Twack. He was sharing his highs and lows for the week. Twack referred to the community as a beating pulse.

I started thinking about this statement. My mind would not stop with the possibilities of how we see our heart and our life beating all around us.

shinning light in hands

My response to Twack’s post

Wealthy Affiliate is a beating pulse of energy that is fueled by imagination and overwhelming emotions all wrapped up in a world of exposure.

The tone for the energy is set by each one of us. If we tap into that energy and choose to make it a positive force there is nothing we can’t do.

Positive energy is what a super affiliate challenge represents. Each one of us collectively creates a community for learning and growing. We the members are putting our energy into words for the world to see.

The beauty of this is we can lean on each other to lay the foundation for our individual accomplishment.

The world we all live in is no different than what I have said about Wealthy Affiliate. Our universe is not the earth or a planet. It is each human being who forms an alliance in groups or communities. If 100 people walk into a room, an association will not develop unless they have a reason that pulls them together.

a loner guy

A loner

Let’s say you are a person who doesn’t like to communicate with others, so you keep to yourself all the time. The only one you have to rely on is you. You have no one to lean on or share experiences. What is going to happen to you?

I know if you are a person who is a loner you think you are better off by yourself. You are comfortable and don’t have to deal with the emotions of others. You believe it is peaceful. Your heart is still beating and pumping lifeblood through and around your body.

You may think you are fine, but you can’t grow living like this. We develop and improve ourselves by learning from others.

It takes a group of people with one beating heart to move the universe and brainstorm new ideas to improve. OK so maybe you don’t want to move the world, but it still takes that group to lean on each other and form a cohesive union.

New scenario

Let me put this a different way. If a baby is born and then placed in a room away from all stimulation and all other humans that baby will not learn.
He/she will not learn to talk or how to properly eat or how to love another. They may learn the essential body functions like walking and making noise with their voice, but those things will not cultivate unless they are around other people.

You and I can not emotionally survive unless we participate in the world.
It is the contribution of each one of us in a community or group that forms the atmosphere of growth.

the heartbeat of life

We are the heartbeat

Each one of us is a part of the heartbeat that keeps others going. Collectively we are the energy and electricity that fuels forward movement.

We have to come together in love in this vast universe. If we can say, we have a heart for another. Or a heart is pulsating within a group of people then we can all begin to agree to disagree and stop the hatred.

It is the lifeblood of the heart that is the center core pulling everyone to a middle ground. We are the heartbeat that can send love and forgiveness to the world.

Just because there are differences and disagreements does not give any of us the right to hate one another.

Outside the box

So today think outside the box of your heart. We are all individuals, but we were created to interact and work together.

Transforming our minds into a positive love machine is vital. Yes, this does sound a bit like the ’70s. And no that is not what I am referring to nor am I talking about forming communes

I am however talking about love. The kind of love that comes from our hearts that we can use as an example to the world. We need to feel the life-giving, heart pulsating oxygen in every walk of our lives. We need to present an atmosphere conducive to learning and growing.

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Be the example

You are an example for the world. What each one of you puts forth in love and collectively delivers to the world can begin an avalanche of entwined hearts and end the hatred in this world.

I know this is a simplistic view of what we can accomplish. But if I went into depth, this post would be 4000 words long. It would have to speak of wars, hatred, attempts at goodness, blame, and many more subjects.

Showing love and pulling together needs to simplistic. I believe it is because we have complicated the heartbeat of the world which is one of the tiny reasons we have not achieved a united universe.

It all starts with you and me.

Do you think we can strive for world peace? Or maybe a cohesive bond where we can all learn to grow?

I would love to hear your views on this subject. Please leave your comments in the comment section below, and I will be back with you very shortly.


12 thoughts on “Center Of Life-Heartbeat”

  1. God created us with the ability to think. One can have positive thoughts or negative thoughts.

    In my experience I have found that I live a much happier life when I look and everything in a positive manner.

    I have been in sales since I was just a child. Early on I learned to believe in a positive outcome of what ever I was promoting. I Just imagined how good I would feel if I was successful.

    As you said in your blog, I put my heart into everything that I do.

    Keep sending out good thoughts, you are an inspiration.

    • Ray, as usual, it is so good to see you. You are so so right about a positive attitude and thoughts. Our mind can make or break us. thank you so much for your comments and for your participation in my work. thank you for your compliments.

  2. Hi Laura,

    I believe that only in the right state of mind can the heart’s true potential be realized. Are you familiar with Masaru Emoto’s water crystal experiments?

    These experiments are criticized by the scientific community but interesting to think about, nonetheless. Emoto sought out to prove that the energies we emit, whether positive or negative, impacted the universe around us. He sought to prove this via water crystals by exposing glasses of water to positive words, images, and music and negative words, images, and music.

    He found that the water exposed to positive energies would form pleasant ice crystal structures when frozen and the water exposed to negative energies would form unpleasant crystal formation. Pretty interesting stuff; thought it might be relevant to the theme of your article!

    • Apparently, there is a lot of controversy over his experiment because he did not have enough controls to make a determination. But with that said, I do firmly believe that we can determine the outcome of a situation by the positive or negative thoughts of our mine. 

      I would like to see another try to repeat his experiment with better controls. I bet we would see the same or close to the same results. 

      Thank you so much for bringing this to light in this comment. It is interesting indeed. 

  3. Greetings Laura,

    Oh wow! I love your article very much. Very inspirational! You are correct. The heart is everything. Our heart is the leader of our destiny, our world and most of all our manifestation of within. Being honest and truthful is the way to go. Its all about energy and energy matters! Practicing gratitude daily is the key to a fulfilling life. 

    We are going through a massive shift. The shift of awakening to our freedom. We must be open for.

    Thank you so much for your post.  This made my day. Continue to spread the news and your guidance to success.

    Peace and Light

    • Rebecca, Thak you so much. I am so happy I made your day. We are all made of energy as well as the universe. While I am a strong believer in the word of God, I still believe the heart beats in every part of life. for the heart is our lifeblood. 

  4. Thank you for this inspiring post. Living busy lives we almost seem to forget about our emotions and the fact that our heart is the center where all of it is collected. I am also going to check the community you mentioned to see what is all about. You seem to really like it and enjoy your time there. 

    I can’t wait to check it as well. 


    • We often don’t think about our heart until it doesn’t function correctly. Yes, I do love the community of Wealthy Affiliate. I will leave the link here for you so you can take a look. Thank you for stopping by to read and comment. 

  5. Hi, Thank you so much for your emotions you shared here, I could feel your ideas have come from the bottom of your heart. I fully agree with you that we can create great things and overcome difficulties if we are a part of a good community, or family. Everything can be solved together, we just don’t let others fail! That feeling is really fantastic! Thank you again for your honest thoughts and ideas!

    • Agnes, We support each other and help other grow and learn. It is a good feeling to give rather than receive. Just think what it would be like if everyone gave and didn’t worry about receiving. WOW!

  6. I agree that a positive community can represent a heart and tasks and goals that people make can have a heart of it’s own. I think that if you show positivity and show it to others then you will get that back. Do you think that having a positive personality has given you more heart and inspired others to have more heart?

    • Jon, You flatter me by saying I have am positive. The positive aspects I do have did not come easy. I had to train my mind to think positive. But yes it is easier to inspire others when you have a positive mindset. 


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