No Scars, No Blemishes?

Life is about change and growth. In the past, I have been desperate for a difference in my life. There have been many moments in my life when I knew that change was the only way for me to survive.

Have you made some tough decisions in life? I am sure you have because life is hard. When God creates us and brings us into this world, we are as perfect babes. But we don’t have a choice of who raises us. Maybe your parents, biological or adopted were an ideal set of people in your life. Or perhaps they had more problems than you care to disclose.

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The point is whoever your parents are is not who you are. I know you may have their traits such as mom’s nose and dad’s mouth, but that does not make you who you are. Your parent may have been overindulgent to you. Or you may have been hungry without food on the table. You may have had every opportunity handed to you, or possibly abuse was a way of life.

No matter what type of environment you grew up in you still have to change and grow the same as your peers. You may have had a perfect life to sail through, or you may have more scars than anyone else.

An excellent example of this is my husband and me. I was born a perfect babe. My husband was born a perfect babe. My dad was highly dysfunctional, and my father in law was a dream father for every girl. I walked on eggshells every day of my life in fear. My husband was allowed to make mistakes and learn from them.

When I was 18 and moved out on my own, I made mistakes. When my husband was 18 and went to college, he made mistakes. Were my mistakes made because I had a more difficult life as a child? Were his mistakes made because he had a wonderful childhood? That sounds kind of silly, doesn’t it?

In this piece, I wrote about the rock wanting to be made smooth. He doesn’t want to have any scars to remind him of his past. The rock just wants the water to do the work to change him.

The water is wiser and says he can’t purge the creases from the rock’s soul. The water knows that even if he runs over the rock for a thousand years, the blemishes and scars will still be there but not as visible.

It is like this in our lives. We have scars and blemishes put there by experience. No one else can fix these for us. We have to move forward and learn as we go. We have to learn to change. The scars have to remain in us to remind us of the good that we made in our life because of that mark.

The blemishes are what give us our character. It is not the appearance on the outside that makes us who we are. It is what we have made of the creases that mold our personality.

But most of all no one can purge the creases from your soul. It takes an effort to change and become the person you want to be. You have to want to heal. No matter what type of life you have had, you have a choice. You can always look on the positive side and improve.

You can do whatever you need to do to improve your life. You have what it takes. You have the power of prayer and the strength within you to make yourself into a moral and upright person. You can become a person with kindness, integrity, and grit.

Don’t let someone else do the work of change for you. Do it yourself so you can be proud of your scars while you forgive yourself for the mistakes. In this state of healing, you will find peace.


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