Deceiving Mind

Have you ever been in a situation like the one in this poem? Everything seems so dark, and your heart is heavy. But every day you keep getting out of bed and telling yourself it isn’t so bad. You have a deceiving mind and you believe it.

Life is bogging you down

Life is bogging you down, but when the light of day comes, you can’t see it with your eyes or your heart.

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Clouds of murky water surround you. The floods keep getting deeper and darker, but you will not admit that your situation is terrible. You even wake up some mornings with the thought that you can’t put one foot in front of the other. You start wondering if you have a physical problem because things aren’t what they used to be.

Everything is Fine

The only way you can make it through your day or the week ahead is to tell yourself everything will be fine. Do you feel like you are in a dream and can’t wake up?

You have worked on convincing yourself all if fine for so long that you begin to believe it. Your sadness affects your physical well-being and your relationship with your friends.

Some even say you are depressed. But that isn’t it. You know you have to make it, and you have trained your mind to keep going. You believe you are happy even though others can see that you aren’t.

My Story

Once upon a time, I was in a situation like this one. I worked at a hospital in the ER. I only had three years before I would retire and I didn’t want to start a new job. The people I worked with were great, but the administration was uncaring and lacked understanding of anything other than their budget.
In spite of the situation, I had planned to stay there for three more years. I could do this I knew if I applied myself I would make it. I convinced myself I was OK and my life was good.

My home life was, and my work was only a small portion of my time so why couldn’t I do what I had planned? I immersed myself in the murky water of my mind. I couldn’t even get to the top to take a breath.

My story is a prime example of how the mind can control your body and your life. Positive or negative the brain will take over when necessary.

Now my husband and I had planned a vacation to Alaska a year earlier. I had requested the time off. We paid for the entire vacation months ago. All we had to do was pack and board a plane.


So imagine how surprised I was when my boss told me they didn’t have adequate staff to let me off. How could something like this happen? I had to have time off.

I didn’t want to start a new job, and I didn’t want to go through orientation again. The only thing to do was to quit my job, but my deceiving mind convinced me that I didn’t want to. I only had three years left.

So I turned in my resignation and took another job that would allow me to take my vacation time off. I had offers for a couple of other jobs, but I didn’t want to go through the change.

Change can improve everything

I was required to give a four-week notice. During those four weeks, I realized how unhappy I was in this job. As soon as a week passed, I began to feel lighter, and I felt the sunshine again. I felt as if I had floated to the top of that murky water and taken a deep breath of fresh air.

The Lord stepped in for me. He forced me to go through a change that made my life better. Never once did God let go of me and let me drown. He held me up above the waters until I could breathe on my own. God gave me life again.

Forced change

If I had faced reality and made the necessary change when I knew things were bad, I would not have gone through the forced issue. But when I did not follow my heart, then God decided to make me change because it was in my best interest.a brain on blue background

Are you in a situation like this one or does this situation sound familiar to you?

Your situation may be a relationship or school or marriage. Any life situation can produce these same feelings.

You set your deceiving mind to deal with the problem at hand so you wouldn’t have to begin something new. Or you didn’t want to change because it would be too much work. I am sure you can identify with my story.

You wake up one day your dark and infinite situation is taken care of for you. You and your mind are forced to deal with the position you were ignoring for years.


You are in shock. How could your perfect plans be so disrupted when you have worked so hard? You walk around in a fog not sure how you will cope with all of the changes.

When you move past the shock and see that your situation has improved even though you were not willing to let go then you will see the sunshine every morning when you wake up. Every flower will appear brighter. Every moment will help you grow your heart to build a better life for yourself. You will have peace again in your life, and you can wake up each morning to the heavenly blue world.

Deceiving mind

During these times the murky depths below have not taken you deeper. It was your mind trying to convince you that you had to face another day and you can only do this if you continued in your old situation.

Our minds are so powerful they can control and distort a picture. Our thought process can block our future and plans for a better life.

Do not believe your deceiving mind and pretend things are beautiful when they are not. If they are not suitable, then change it, or you will find the problem changed for you. Then you have to face the shock of an abrupt change.

And most of all God will always give you the strength to do what he has planned for you. He will never forsake you or set plans that will harm you. He is your saving grace and the strength that sets you apart from everyone else who faces the same type of situation.

I am here to answer any questions you may have. I love to hear from you. Please share your experiences and thoughts. Every comment you make adds to the beauty of a written word.


10 thoughts on “Deceiving Mind”

  1. Hello Laura, I was almost in same situation like yours. At the time I worked at the hospital ( hospital again!) and our supervisor went for retirement so, we got other supervisor from other hospital. And started…. Everything was done bad, we were bad employes, we didn’t follow rules…. and many more things. She made us feel we were nothing worth, she was putting us down every time she came on the floor. That time I deceived my mind saying I really became a bad employee, but in deep of my heart I didn’t believe this. God help me from all this situation: found other job! Later on , I heard gossip she did to us because she wanted her people ( from previous job) take in our places so, she did this situation… Oh well, it is all done, I live full life and enjoy what I’m doing…great post…you inspired me again

    • Your situation sounds close to what mine was and it is happening all too often. We do have to trust in God if we want to lead a happy and full life. I am so happy you now have a job that is much better for you.

  2. I must say that this article is very helpful and informative Laura. AS I was reading the text it was as I was reading my life. I often pretend to be good when actually I feel awful and with a bad mood. Unfortunately, I still have that problem and it is not easy to change that as I don’t want to hurt people around me. I will still try to follow your tips and hope to make some progress.

    • Daniel, I do understand this because I too hate to hurt others and will often sacrifice myself in the process. Change is very hard and it is a piece by piece process throughout our entire life. All the best to you. 

  3. Hello Laura, very nice post here with a lot of inspiration.

    Right from college days, I had known that the 9-5job was not meant for me but when I got out of school,  everything became really difficult and I couldn’t help than to apply for a job that I so much despise. Now, all I find myself doing is just to convince myself that all is well and I should keep on doing the work. I really desire for a change but I cannot make the move because of the fear of unknown.

    • Hello. Thank you for reading this article. It is hard to face the fear but to grow and to be happy we have to face it and change ourselves inside to evolve. I pray that you will find happiness in a job. 

  4. Laura, what an inspiring post. It is true the mind is deceiving. So many times we try and run away from the truth by trying to focus on what we want to believe rather than the reality of things. You are right, the reason a lot of us try to run away from the truth is fear of change. By acknowledging the reality of the situation which is not acceptable most of the times, we will be forced to make a change. A lot of people choose the status quo not because they are happy with their current situation but it might be an easy way out for them  or the only way to keep peace. This comes at a cost  for the individual. What might seem like the easy way out now can become a lifetime of misery for the individual.  Change has never been easy but yes, there is always hope of divine intervention in very difficult situations.  

    • You summed this post up beautifully. I for one am now very happy I trusted God to force the issue of my work. What he has planned is far greater than my plans. Isiah 55: 8-9, For my plans, are not your plans and my thoughts are not your thoughts. He knows so much more than we do. 

  5. What an inspirational post as always Laura
    Many times as a young person I had to pretend to be ok when really I was broken to my soul.
    As I grew older I met a really special woman and she helped me pack up the clown and bring out the real me, scars and all and today at 60 I am proud to say
    What you see and meet is who I am. Not hiding away Just the rawness of human life and its lessons

    • Vicki, That is wonderful. So many never learn this. You are blessed. Thank you once again for stopping by. Your comments always add so much value to each post.


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