Desolate Unchained Hatred

The word hatred is in every walk of life today. We see it in racism, gender preferences, bullying, terrorism, and wars. I have only named a few of the numerous ways desolate unchained hatred can infect our lives.a poem desolate unchained hatred on black background

Closer to home there is hatred among co-workers, family and life relationships. If a person has hatred in their heart, it will come out as hatred.

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How do we fix hatred

Just exactly how are we going to fix this way of thinking? How will we repair the rotten heart and desolate loathing of hatred?

Many people today think it is best to repay evil with evil. If someone hates you, then you feel you have to hate them in return.

Some people believe that denial is the answer to fix hatred. Pretend you don’t have hatred inside of you and it will go away. Instead of facing their hatred and hard heart they remain bitter and hold contempt for another. After all, that person pissed you off, and you have a right to be bitter. Or maybe you are choosing to hold a grudge, so it is best for you to ignore that person and treat them with hostility.

Desolate unchained hatred

Denial allows hatred to fester and grow because you are ignoring the problem and the pain. The pain will intensify and turn into loathing. Then both of you transfer the anger to one another. The feeling escalates and deepens until you both feel justified with your actions.  The disgust between the two of you becomes blown out of proportion.

The hatred will grow and infect the people around you. They will choose sides while you are in denial with bitter contempt. It becomes a vicious circle of ill feelings. You begin to speak evil against one another. Everyone else around you starts to think about the words and wonder if they are correct.

You have allies in your cause, and the hatred grows. It moves outside of your circle of friends to infect the whole workplace. The split in teamwork has begun, and you are guilty.

But you ask, “how am I guilty when the other person started it?” Yes, someone else may have loathed you first, but you are also to blame for feeding into it and carrying on the emotional infection.

How to combat hatred toward you?

How do you combat an act of desolate unchained hatred toward you? It will be hard, but you can turn the feelings around. No, you won’t be able to change the other person or what they say. But you can change how you deal with the situation.

You can combat antagonism with love. This choice is the most challenging one to make. It is so much easier to flow with the emotions the other person is projecting onto you. Our instincts are to defend ourselves. But when you turn the other cheek and do what is right, you will feel peace.


How do you find love in a situation of anger? You can find Love in forgiveness. When you make a conscious decision to forgive the other person the hatred dissipates from your heart. Forgiveness is for your heart not to change the other person. You do this to heal your heart.

You want your heart to remain clean and free of rotten loathing. Forgiveness is like taking an antibiotic to get rid of an infection in your body. You wouldn’t dream of letting pneumonia take over your whole body and cause death. You would take medication to heal it. It is the same principle if you choose to use forgiveness to treat the desolation that will infect your heart.

A choice such as this is not natural. It takes work to release the words another speaks against you. It is a continual process to forgive.  But when you repeatedly give up your right to punish another for what they have done, you are cleansing your heart.

The higher road

Take the higher road and free yourself of pain. Infect one person at a time with love, kindness, and forgiveness. It takes steps like these toward one person at a time to change the desolate unchained hatred of the world.

I have talked about a small piece of hatred that infects the workplace. But this same scenario can apply to the world around us. Hate leads to more hatred. Justification of actions leads to acting out such as war. Everyone believes they are right and refuse to give in to solve the problem.

It will take love throughout the world to turn this hatred for fellow humankind around. Only true love can knock the prejudice out of our souls. And it has to start with each person changing their heart.

I love comments and questions. Please leave your opinion and ideas on this subject. I will help in any way I can and will be back with you very shortly.


5 thoughts on “Desolate Unchained Hatred”

  1. Hi Laura,

    I wish everyone can just think like you. There are many hatred out there and when it is inside us we do not know how to handle it or express it properly. What I usually do is just telling myself thag I am not going to let this hateful person ruin my day just because his/her day was ruined. I take a deep breath and focus on my day. If that particular person is ready to handle what is going on inside them like an adult and may or may not apologize to me, I usually forgive that person. I am always that way, I don’t hold grudges.  Life is too short to be unhappy. Good read

    • Thank you very much. I do try to think outside the box. It is very good not to hold a grudge. So many do which means you are way ahead of many people. 

  2. While I feel there will always be those who disagree or dislike us, we can only control what we can control, right? This means not allowing other people’s actions to affect us. If someone, for whatever reason, doesn’t like us, maybe they’re having the worst day ever… maybe there is a misunderstanding at the root of it all… or maybe something we’re doing just drives them crazy, lol. Whatever the case, it’s all about being in control of our own emotions and not letting others affect how we feel. Sometimes easier said than done 🙂

    • Eric, oh so true. We are responsible for how we act and react. I am so happy you brought this up. And yes it is harder to do than we like sometimes. 

      Tanks for stopping by. 

  3. I have found the best way to treat a person who bad mouths you or puts you down is to just agree with them and, as you said, forgive them in your heart. Letting the problem fester will just cause more ill will.

    You are so wise.

    • Thank you, Ray. Yes to agree usually leaves them speechless. Letting the problem fester will cause more harm to ourselves. Thank you for your support and comments. You are the best.


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