Dig Your Roots Deep To Stand Through The Floodwaters Of Life

Down in the Missouri River bottoms sits a tree that is 300 years old. Just imagine what this tree has been through over the past years. It has to be so strong to withstand the winds, floods, and snowstorms for 300 years. It is rooted deep into the earth in this same spot for all of these years. As the years evolved, man built a dirt road beside it, but no one took it down. How incredible is that? I want to use the strength of this tree to encourage you to dig your roots deep to stand through the floodwaters of life.

What do you think this tree has endured over the past years? I do know it has seen some deep floods. Floodwaters that rose to the top and hung on for weeks. Yet through it all, it still stands.

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dig your roots deep poem redone

This Old Tree

My son took this photo and let me use it for this poem. He often drives down that dirt road to look at the beauty of this ancient tree. He says it gives him strength and peace. When he has things on his mind, it gives him an excellent place to think and work through problems. He said he often stops to imagine what this tree has seen in its lifetime.

I drove by the old tree a few times years ago. When my son showed me this photo, it inspired me to use it as an analogy to how strong you and I can be.

These roots have to be as deep as the tree is tall, digging deep into the earth to siphon water and nutrients for life. And the wood must be rock solid hard, and tough to keep it standing tall and not lean. But the one incredible thing is this tree is still alive.

How much strength do you think it takes to stand in the middle of nowhere for 300 years? How much force do you think it takes for us to stand strong all of our life?

What does this tree speak to you? To me, it boasts of the strength it takes to make it through life. Life can be rough. I am sure you have had some times in life when you felt too weak to keep going. You couldn’t face another problem or heartache. I do know some have felt this more than others.

Dig Your Roots Deep

I have been where you are, and I have felt like this tree. The raging tornadoes and floods were overtaking my world. I ‘didn’t think my roots were deep enough to keep me standing, but I knew I had to stand tall and strong.

I dug my roots deep to keep standing. I have stood firm when times have been way too difficult. There were times I did not think I could face another day. And I had no idea where I would get my strength. But I stood and moved forward.

You, too, are strong and can stand tall. You may feel like you will crumble at any moment. Then you turn around and find strength in some small word or morsel of wisdom. You can not tumble. Too many people are counting on you.

But wait, just because I was strong even when I felt like falling apart does not mean you will stand. To move forward and do what you need, it takes a mindset and a belief. Who do you put your belief in?

foot prints in the sand-Dig Your Roots Deep

Will God take you through the storm?

I am a firm believer in the word of God as spoken through Jesus and his disciples. But in these times when the tunnel looks so dark, I did not lean on God. I forgot that he was there for me, and my strength did not come from him. Or wait, maybe it did, and I was hurting so bad that I didn’t feel it.

You may know the poem “Footprints,” where God carries you when you can not see your footprints in the sand any longer. You may be in tremendous pain and need to be carried for a bit. God will never leave you. He will hold you in his arms until you are strong enough to stand on your own. God is my root, and he can be yours also if you choose.

I Am Here To Encourage You

The good times in your life were when your roots and your strength grew. The strength you gained during those times will carry you through the hard times.

But when you feel weak and tired, it is tough to remember that there were times that were not so hard. I encourage you and give you words of strength. The storm always comes before the calm.

You may feel all alone and believe that there is no answer. At times it appears that way, but the solution to the problems you are going through will come with the sun. That 300-year-old tree just stood there during the floods and tornados. It kept standing no matter what came its way.

You, too, will stand and dig your roots deep into the earth. Dig your heels into the earth and never fall because you have what it takes to stand. Remember that when the sky of your life is bleak, and you can’t see a way out, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. It is the cycle of life.

old tree with many scars-Dig Your Roots Deep

Tough Times Leave Scars

What you are going through will leave scars. These markings in your life are useful as a reminder of how you stood steadfast when you ‘couldn’t see clear to take another step. God will not remove the scars, but he will heal them. They will no longer be open and painful. He will mend your broken heart.

When the wind and tornadoes come to tear you down, you will continue to stand. The rain will wash away the extra baggage you ‘don’t need. Your feet will stay planted where you need them to be. All of the years and heavy storms will leave scars to remember for the rest of your life. But the scars will remind you of just how strong you were and how strong you are.

You Will Not Fail

You may feel like giving up and falling and think you have failed. Do not let self-doubt cause you to lose faith. You may think you don’t have the strength of this tree. But I assure you when you look back at the hard times; you will see where the hand of God was on your shoulder holding you up.

So for now, when you feel weak, I want you to remember this tree, its strong roots, and how it reaches to the son for strength.

300 years

Stand Tall For 300 Years

It has taken 300 years for this tree to become what it is today. It will take you time to go through your dark times. I want you to know that no matter how much time it takes to get through this storm, you will make it.

When you make it across the floodwaters, do stand tall to reach the sunshine that will help you grow. At first, it will be small rays of light until one day you will see the sun shining bright in front of your eyes. Deep inside of your heart, you do have what it takes to face the world ahead.

I felt like this when the hard times came. I know you, too, can make it through because I am living proof of the strength that stands just like this tree. I have many scars and have been through many storms to wash away the old. The harshest storm I have ever faced has moved on. When I look back, I can see the hand of God and his angel’s presence in my life.


10 thoughts on “Dig Your Roots Deep To Stand Through The Floodwaters Of Life”

  1. Very deep blog, thank you for sharing. I’m 38 years old, and I’ve never faced a major storm in my life. I thank God every night to protect my family and keep them safe. The only thing I’ll never forgive myself for is not getting my associate degree. I thought that I would be fine without a diploma, but nowadays you need a diploma for everything. I need it so I can help my husband and so I can support my family. 

    • Sam, To be 38 and never have faced a major storm in your life is a miracle. As for the associates degree, you still have time to do this. But there are many ways to earn a good living without one. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate where I house this blog. You can make a very good income doing Affiliate Marketing. Here is the link for you to check it out. 


  2. Hi again Laura

    I just wanted to add this amazing info

    A friend of mine is a wood turner and he gave me a piece of wood to use for a chopping board in my kitchen. Awesome. Ok, so I thought It was so beautiful, that I didn’t use it and one day I picked it up to oil it and it felt warm and a little damp.

     I rang my friend and explained this to him and he said the wood was still breathing because of the age and the moisture deep inside and even though it was dry, it still let go of moisture

    Incredible- Mother Nature is prhomenal

    Thanks my friend

    • Vicki, You can add as much as you like. I love to see you here. 

      Thank you for this addition. It is so true that plants and trees of all types do breath but to continue to breathe after they are out to the ground is incredible. They are God’s creation. 

      I hope we never have to see this 300-year-old tree taken down. That would be a sad day indeed. 

  3. Hey Laura- I am blown away by this post my friend.
    I love old trees for the same reasons and I always feel them loving me back.
    So powerful, strong and filled with wisdom.
    I too have had some incredibly hard times in life and faith has always kept me strong and helped me know 100% that we are not in charge. We are merely coats on a spiritual journey and our job is to give love and kindness and a helping hand and that’s it.
    Oh and of course to be the best we can be as this is how God made us\
    You are so amazing – Thanks so much my friend

    • Vicki, thank you so so much. this old tree moved me. My son says he goes there just to sit and look at that old tree. It gives him peace. I believe this.
      There are very few who have not had hard times in life. I hope that this post will reach those who need strength. Please feel free to share with anyone who may need strength.

  4. This is a very thought provoking and inspiring post.  From what I read in the post, were you a single mom raising your children alone?  I can only imagine how difficult that can be, especially when you are facing challenges that seem impossible.  I have had my hare of “dark” experiences, and many time it was because I didn’t listen to “that Still Small Voice.”  Yet God has always pulled me out of deep waters before I drowned.   Thank You for taking time to write such an inspirational post and giving of your time to try to give helpful and hopeful words to others.


    • Robert, I thank you for stopping by to read this post. Yes, I was a single mom. The hard times I spoke of related to some horrible things all 3 of us went through. But as you say God brought us through the storms. I use these experiences to help others. 

  5. Very thought provoking blog. I am 87 and have been through many storms. Most of them I started myself. God has seen me through a lot and many times without God’s help I would not have made it. As you said I have scars that remind me of the times I brought hardship and pain on myself and my loved ones. The trouble with the scars is that now I don’t seem to be able to forgive myself for creating the problems or for not making the right decision .

    I ask God’s forgiveness’ daily and feel he has done so, but I still cannot forgive myself. I still find myself asking why did this or that – and dwell on the fact that things could have been different had I not been so selfishness and stupid.

    Sorry about the rant, but you just pushed my button. Love you site.

    • Ray, Most of my storms are from some bad choices I made, and the repercussions caused the hard times. But I also know that I made the best choice at the time even though in hindsight I could have done better. I am in a continual process of self-forgiveness. When it comes back up in my mind, I have to forgive myself again and let it go. I can’t go back and change the past.

      I have heard you say before that you can’t forgive yourself. What do you think about this? I guess you won’t forgive yourself because it is easier to continue to punish yourself for what happened a long time ago. Why you want to continue to punish yourself is something you will have to figure out.

      Life can be so very hard sometimes, and knowing what the right thing to do is not always the proper decision until after the fact.

      I believe you are a wonderful person. Even if I know what the mistakes were, I would still think highly of you because you are a Child of God, and it is no one’s job to judge you but God himself.


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