Dig Your Roots Deep


This tree sits rooted for 300 years in the Missouri river bottoms. My son drives to this tree often just to admire its history and beauty. It has weathered floods and tornadoes and still stands tall.  He took this picture, and it inspired this writing.

It speaks to me of the strength it takes to make it through life. All of you have had terrible times. Some of you have had it rougher. But no matter how hard it has been it is you in your life with your problems.

I have been this tree and have dug my roots deep just to be able to stand tall. I have stood firm when times have been way too difficult. There were times I did not think I could face another day.

I know I am writing for many of you who have also faced times like these. The times in life when you feel weak and faint. I am writing this as an inspiration for you. It says you will stand. You will dig your heels in deep and never fall because you have what it takes to do what you need to do.

When the wind and tornadoes come to tear you down, you will continue to stand. The rain will wash away the extra baggage you don’t need. Your feet will stay planted just exactly where you need them to be. All of the years and heavy storms will leave scars to remember for the rest of your life. But the scars will remind you of just how strong you were and how strong you are.

There will be people who will give in and fall. They will fail because they do not believe in themselves. These people think they don’t have the strength of this tree. They will believe it is easier to let someone else take care of them.

You are not that person. You will remember the tree, see its strong roots, see how it reaches to the sun and knows what you have inside of you. The toughest storm I have ever faced now has eternal sunshine upon it.

It has taken 300 years for this tree to become what it is today. It will take you time to go through your dark nights.  Why? You know that no matter how much time it takes to get through this storm you will make it. But when the day comes the sunshine will help you grow. At first, it will be small rays of light until one day the sun’s warmth upon your face. That is when you will know deep inside of your heart that you have what it takes to face the world ahead.

I felt like this when the hard times came. I know you too can make it through because I am living proof of strength that stands just like this tree. I have many scars and have been through many storms to wash away the old. The toughest storm I have ever faced has moved on, and I feel the light upon me every day.



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