Empty, Barren Rose Of Sharon

At times you look at something, and it feels just like the emptiness inside of you. You have been through a lot. Your spirit has been broken. Your heart has ceased to beat.

Can you relate to this? Maybe you are going through this right now. Or perhaps it was long ago. No matter when it happened, you will always recognize the feeling when the memories come.

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Did you cause this dark moment or did someone else make it happen in your life? The cause of it does not matter. The emotion is still the same.

Sally was lost in the moment as she walked along that dark street. She never heard the shuffling of feet behind her until she was abducted by three guys into a dark alley. How could she have been so stupid? How could she not have been paying attention to her surroundings?

Now 17 years later she still blames herself and feels the fear when the memory comes up. She has moved on with her life, but the despair follows her every moment.

Charlie wanted to be a part of a group. He just wanted to be accepted. He was 16 years old. He didn’t have any friends.

Three seniors had been eyeing him. He was the perfect person to drive for them. He had a car and was allowed to go where ever he liked. His parents trusted him.

When these three fellas approached him with the invitation to go to a party, Charlie was elated. So, he agreed to drive.

On the way to the party, they wanted to stop at a convenience store to pick up some snacks. Charlie didn’t know what was happening until all three guys came out of the store with guns in their hands and ski masks on. They told him to drive; he did what he was told.

He often wonders, was he an idiot? How could these guys have done this to him?

Ten years later he still can’t believe this happened. He has paid for his mistake and moved on, but after all of this time, he doesn’t  trust anyone. The memory haunts him day and night.

Sally and Charlie both hang onto the emptiness and allow their soul to be beaten down with the memories. Every day they feel like their whole world is falling around them. Inside each of them is a bright and blooming rose and a soul that yearns to be set free.

To move on, they will need to forgive themselves for the blame they carry. Guilt against themselves and blame against the ones who transgressed them.

Forgiveness releases the soul to heal. It allows light to shine for the rose to grow and mature. Forgiveness is a continual process, but until it sets root inside, you cannot grow.

You will always remember the moment and the feelings associated with that time, but forgiveness allows you to see yourself in a different light. That light will radiate out to the world and return to you in the form of peace.

You have strength because you have made it this far. You have the power in you by the grace of God to mend your broken heart and release your spirit to rebuild.



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