Fairytales And Stars

Last night I sat down to watch Beauty and The Beast. The new version with the real people and animated teacups. Bell, the beauty is a dreamer. She was so happy and confident. She had peace in her heart no matter what the people of the village said about her.

My mind started thinking. What if life were really like the movie and we were all so secure in ourselves that peace and love just radiated out of us? The whole world could be a fairytale of grace.

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I realized that I couldn’t change the world all at once, but I can live a life of fairytales. I know what you are thinking. Life is reality and fairytales are fantasy. But I believe we can keep these fictitious things in our hearts. I can radiate peace and love from inside me to the world.

Let me explain this just a bit. I dream of bright fairytales. Everyone dreams in different ways. We imagine when asleep and when awake. We think of things in our head and wish they were real. Like winning the lottery. We know it is not realistic to win millions of dollars. But we still dream of what can be done with the money if we win it.

These types of dreams are harmless if we couple them with the reality that our chances of winning are close to nothing. But for a brief moment in time, we can let go of troubles and think about brighter things.

Are their stars beyond the sky? Maybe not if you consider the entire universe a part of the sky. But in my mind, I can see the stars and believe there is a whole world just waiting for me. This thinking gives me the strength to move forward and never give up on my dreams.

What about where night is never dark? Even in Alaska in the summer there are a few hours of dark. Inside of me, I can see all the nights as sunny. I can picture the light illuminating the darkness.

This type of thinking is a positive way of looking at problems. It helps me see that there is an end to the hard times. The difficult times are fleeting when I have the patience to let them pass.

The next line and angels light my eyes, to me is a given. I know there are angels all around. I know there are angels here on earth sent by God to look after me. When I think of these angelic beings I can feel the light they radiate to open my eyes to new paths.

We all know this world is not aglow with beauty. Times are tough, and unrest is all around us. But we don’t have to look to the world for radiance. This beauty is within each one of us. It is how we view ourselves that sends the glow out to touch other lives.

Hearts entwined with peace is also within each of us. We can’t change the masses without first taking a look at ourselves. And peace begins in our hearts and will infect others.

I believe in fairytales because it all begins with each person on the inside. I want to live a life of dreams where I reach for the stars and know I can do anything. I want to drive out the darkness from my own heart and see only light. I want to have peace in my heart knowing that the light of angels is all around me to protect me. And I want to look at the world through eyes that see beauty because it is radiating from my heart.


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