Find The Excitement Of Life

WOW! Such an exciting life! Many things can give the feeling of exhilaration. Do you just need an adrenalin rush in your life every day? Or maybe every hour of every day.

Is this realistic? Can you have the ultimate delight all day long every day? Is this the kind of thrill everyone is trying to find?

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What does excitement mean? According to the dictionary, excitement is; a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness. Synonyms for excitement are; exhilaration, elation, animation, enthusiasm, eagerness, anticipation, thrill, pleasure, delight.

It would be incredible to have all of these feelings every day, all of the time. Life would never be boring. There would never be any downtime in a day, and I would always have a stimulated mind.

But is this really what we all want? And do we have to skydive or spread our wings to fly to feel this way?

You can have an animated life with strong emotional feelings all the time, but your body will be under stress continuously. The burden on your body will wear you out physically and emotionally. This type of activities will release a fight or flight response and increase the cortisol in your body. When too much cortisol is produced you start having increased fatigue, poor focus and possibly depression.

I have some ideas for an exciting life without the added stress to your body and mind.

The opposite of excitement is; calm, peace, happiness, order, stillness, quiet, rest.

Finding calm excitement in your everyday life is possible. You can incorporate the enthusiasm for life with the peace that comes with stillness.

But to find this, it is essential to learn to love yourself just as you are. Then you will be able to sit quietly in a room with just you and your thoughts. When you become comfortable with only you people will begin to accept you and trust you.

Accepting your past mistakes and forgive yourself is a vital part of learning to love yourself. I trust in God to help teach me this. I alone am not able to forgive and let go of my past. But God has already forgiven me, and he shows me how to do so for myself.

When you realize you cannot change the past but can only move forward, then you will have a more calm and peaceful life. Pleasure like this will release the hormone oxytocin into your body that will help to produce a feeling of belonging and bonding with others. Belonging like this will lead to the sense of an exciting life.

You can have the excitement of life just as I have written without continually reaching for the adrenalin rush.

You can feel this the type of excitement I speak of in this prose when you find acceptance and love for yourself. You can touch the velvet of the water in your thoughts. You can reach the stars within your mind. You can feel alive at the break of each new dawn. And you can twirl with extended arms with the delight of happiness. You can have an exciting life when you find contentment in your heart and peace with yourself.

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