Find Your Gift

She sits and dreams of a life far away. Over the seas, in a foreign land with lush rolling hills, she can see a family full of love. It’s a large family with a mum and dad and eight kids running in every direction to play. Each one is only one stair step above the other.find your gift poem white paper and pen

She can feel herself running in the meadows. Her toes touch the plush grass as her bare feet glide over the sharp rocks. She is a part of their heart and love that holds them together. She can hear her laughter as it radiates to her soul.

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At that moment she knew she could go to new worlds.  She could travel new lands by sea or air and still go to work the next day.

She picked up her paper and wrote what was in her heart. Tomorrow she would travel to Africa and run with the wild animals. She would feel her hair blow in the wind and have the speed of a cheetah.

I wrote this 40 years ago when personal computers did not exist in the average household. I used my pen to take me far away. I used it to dream of days to come and life so different than the present time.

Today most of you use a computer or phone to put your thoughts down. It is a different way of putting your dreams together, but the process is the same.

Has anyone told you that dreaming is dangerous? Have they said it is better to stay in the present and focus on the life you are meant to do?

I say “bogus”! You can work, focus and make a good living while you are dreaming and planning for what is ahead. I have done this all of my life. I dream and am inspired by what I see. I use this inspiration I touch others through my writing.

What is your gift? Is it to write, draw, paint, lead others, organize, talk to others or altogether something else. I believe every person is born with a gift. You can use your gift to help the world.

Find your gift!  Write your dream on the earth and leave your mark to encourage others long after you are gone.


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