From Heartbreak To Healing

Have you made a mistake choosing a partner? Did you fall in love and believe this was the perfect union?

Most of you who are reading this can agree that you have been in a situation like this one. You dated and possibly married that perfect person. The one real soul mate in your life. When it all ended your heart was ripped out, and you felt like your life was coming to a close.

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It could be male or female. I do not discriminate that this horrible heartbreak can happen to either gender.

I wrote this poem many years back and had put it on the back burner. I have read it numerous times but did not feel the time was right to post it. Now I believe I can convey to the world how you can heal from a heart-wrenching time like this.

When you met this perfect man, you knew he would be with you forever. You knew it was a match made just for the two of you. Your heart soared as you danced through each day.

After just a few short months he asked you to marry him. You quickly replied “yes” because you are meant to go through life together. If there was a perfect union, it was this one.

Before you got married, you would argue about different things. The man you trusted would stay out late with the guys and not tell you. You would sit at home worried he had been in a wreck. When you went out with the girls, he was so jealous that you decided it wasn’t worth it.

But even the fighting didn’t dampen your love for this man. He always apologized, and you made up. When you were getting along it was perfect. Everything would be fine once you are married.

You weren’t dating or married very long before you began to fight more often. You did the budget, and he spent the money. You wanted to buy a new outfit or go on vacation, but the money was never there. You wanted to go out on a date, and he wanted you to stay home to watch TV.

Once again you reminded yourself he was the perfect man. You could talk about almost anything. You would take long walks in the park and hold hands. You would have breakfast in the mornings to spend time together.

Your marriage was perfect! Or maybe it wasn’t! You love him so much. But one day he came home to tell you he wants a divorce. He is just not in love with you anymore.

Your heart stopped beating that very moment. You never suspected this.

You look up at the stars at night and feel so all alone. Your eyes are bleeding tears. Your body and mind are in turmoil. You have gone so far, and now you have to start over. The nights pierce your heart, and you feel so empty.

You feel that there is nothing left for you and your life has just ended. You have to hang onto every tiny morsel of hope and strength in you. You do have what it takes to heal.

Time doesn’t heal you. You improve yourself by moving forward and allowing time to soften the pain. One day when the heartache has passed, you will realize that you are stronger. You will see a new person inside of you that is ready to face the world. And yes, you will find love again if you open your heart and mind to the possibilities.

The day when you know you are better the stars shine brightly in your sky. The moon will light your night, and your life will feel full again. The long road is behind you, and your heart will soar. You are strong enough to handle whatever life brings to you.

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  1. You gave tremendous positive points there. I did a search on the topic and found most peoples will agree with your blog.

    • Thank You so very much for your input. Your words are a perfect start to the new year for me. I do like your post, “What Is The Meaning Of Life” I especially like your conclusion, “Perhaps we have to locate the meaning of life for ourselves.”


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