How To Break Down Walls-Push On Be Strong

Do you have an insurmountable brick wall in your life? We all have barriers that stop us from our accomplishments at different times in life. Do you know how to break down walls that are blocking you from moving forward?how to break down walls

I was sitting on my deck just the other day with a friend. I made a statement, and she said well if you hit a brick wall you will have to climb over it. At that moment it hit me that if I climb the brick wall, it will still be there when I look back. Climbing that wall did nothing to change my ability to progress forward.

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Have you ever felt like you worked hard to climb a wall only to find out that it didn’t solve your problem? It’s like overcoming a bad relationship only to find out you fell right back into another one. You didn’t learn from your mistake because you never worked through it.

What does “I hit the wall” mean?

The term “I hit the wall” has many different meanings.

When talking about athletes you hit the wall when you have exercised or played so hard you physically have nothing left to continue.

But for everyday life, you hit the wall when you can no longer mentally or physically progress forward.

About creative work, you hit the wall when you run out of ideas or have a block such as writers’ block.

And the literal term you hit a wall when there is an obstacle in your way.

All of these different meanings say that each one of you can hit the wall in your life for a much different reason. The real issue here is how to break down walls. In a moment we will cover different ways of how to break down walls that are stopping your progress.

Why you came up against a wall?

A list of why reasons you may have hit a wall.

1. In your job that you have worked at for 10 or 20 years you hit a wall. You get burned out, and your work ethic begins to drop. Your stamina and drive decrease and you hate going to work every day.

2. Your relationship is holding you back. You hit a wall. Maybe you are in an abusive relationship or an unsupportive one. You don’t feel like getting out of bed each morning because there is no happiness in your life.

3. Maybe you are a person with an artistic ability like writing, painting, decorating, advertising or working with your hands. You have a creative block and can’t get motivated. You hit a wall but you don’t know how to break down walls.

How to break down walls

These are some ideas as to why, but there are many reasons a person will hit the wall. The real issue here is when you have hit the wall what are you going to do to move forward.

You could climb the wall and hope what you are looking for is on the other side. That’s always a possibility but will it help you?

I suggest a different way. First, you will need to,

1. Step back and take a look at the brick wall that is stopping you. Why is that wall there? What are you trying to deny or ignore that may have caused you to come up against a wall?girl with her head against a wall

2. Evaluate the situation objectively which is a hard step. When you are having issues, it is tough to look at something objectively. You will need to remove yourself from the problem. Look at the obstacle as your brother, sister, mother, father or friend would see it. Doing this will take the emotion out of the insurmountable wall.

3. Decide if you want to work through the wall. Is the block bigger than you want to tackle right now? Are you using the brick wall as an excuse not to move forward? Is fear the real reason you have hit the wall or is it your thinking process. Do you think you can’t do it or maybe you don’t have a desire to move on in the direction you were going?

If you decide not to work through the wall, then walk away or climb over the wall. One day you will come up against that wall again. You can work through it at another time.

Over, under or go through the wall

If you decided to work through the wall how will you do that? Your choices are to go over, dig under or go through it?

1. Go over the wall. As I said earlier to go over it means it will be there later. So if you decide not to tackle the issue then go over.

2. You can dig under the wall. By digging under you have no control because you don’t know how deep the wall is. man chipping at a wallHas this wall been burrowing into the ground for many years? Since you haven’t worked through the problem yet, then you can’t accurately answer this question. I could take much longer to dig through the mud and slime.

3. Or you can chip through the wall. As I see it the only way to proceed is to hack through the wall. One tiny piece at a time you can chip the bricks away to reach the other side. Is it time to learn how to break down walls and move forward?

Each chip of brick that you take away is is a problem or issue that has stopped you and the resolution will take you closer to the solution.

With each chip you make it is essential to think about why you are on this side of your wall. As I mentioned earlier, is it fear of failure or fear of success. Is the obstacle burnout or a bad relationship.

Is it a person holding you back or a place you no longer want to be? When you chisel away at the wall, you can put each issue aside and continue to move forward. Remember this “wall is so thick and tall,” and it may take time to work through it.

Patience, peace, and perseverance

Whatever reason you hit a brick wall it is possible for you to know how to break down walls. You have a choice of how you will accomplish this task, or you can walk away and choose not to tackle it at this time.

Be patient with yourself. You built this wall over a long period of time, and it will take more than a day to tear it down. As you do face the insurmountable object and move on you will find increased peace with each small piece of the brick wall that you lay aside. But above all persevere and continue because if you stop now, you will never know what blessing is on the other side of your brick wall.

Push on, Be strong!

You may have questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. I will be back with you very shortly. Thank you for stopping by.


12 thoughts on “How To Break Down Walls-Push On Be Strong”

  1. Hi Laura
    what a profound statement in your poem
    I loved it and think back to a time when my wall was from my lack of trust after being hurt
    It took time for to understand how a person can do this to another person without thought of feelings or pain that can be caused and thrn I realised it was her own pain that kept her from being open and loving and supportive and honest. not mine. it was her lesson, not mine and my heart felt love again and the safeness of knowing my inner me so well
    You are an inspiration Laura thank you

    • Thank you so much, Vicki. When we get hurt is when we put up walls to protect ourselves. Growing is what you did when you sat back and realized it was not you who caused the pain and forgiving her so you can move forward. You broke down your wall but you didn’t allow her to harm you again. This is a fine line and you have overcome it with this situation. Thank you for sharing this with us. I want to be an inspiration to the world so thank you very much for your compliment.

  2. Hello Laura how are you ?, I tell you a little about my history, I was in a relationship for 5 years, everything was amazing, we were friends more than anything, and after 2 years we decided to live together. Everything was fine, the coexistence was good, in one of those I got pregnant (it was not planned but if it was well received, we were very happy with the news). From there everything began to change, the relationship deteriorated to the point where a year later we could no longer bear it, we treated each other badly, we did not talk and we were practically together for our son. It was there when I felt that I was facing a wall and I did not know what to do. After thinking a lot, and talking with my friends and family, I decided to end that relationship and break that wall that only hurt me. I did it, it was hard but I did it, now everything is moving in my life. It hurt, it was hard, it still hurts but I think it was the best decision I could make. Regards!

    • Paola, Your story brought tears to my eyes. I have been there and you are so right, it is very hard. But you have to face the wall and break it down just like you did. I am proud of you for your strength. It makes you stronger in the end. 


  3. This article comes to my life in the perfect moment. I have just started my journey in the online business and I’m feeling like I’m loving it! However, at my current career (teacher), I’m starting to predict that I will “hit the wall” before my 30 years of service. When you describe “patience, peace, and perseverance”, I can read word by word and it applies to where I am right now. One thing I need to learn is to “be patient with myself” because I’m too intense and perfectionist that patience is my worst enemy.

    Thank you for the great post!

    • Victor, I am so happy I could offer some insight for you. Do not be too hard on yourself. We are our own worst enemy so to speak. If you do hit the wall before your 30 year just face it down and work through it. As a teacher to leave your job before your time is up would affect your future. You can do this. Patience and peace are your friend. 

  4. I think that everyone hits a wall at some point in thier lives.  The question of course is what are you going to do about it?

    Like you said in your article, you can climb over, try to go through or dig under.

    There is a song by Bon Jovi called “Walls”and the chorus is :

    Now we can’t climb overAnd you can’t go ’roundBuild them upWe’ll tear them downBrick by brickGonna watch them fallBuild more bridgesAnd tear down walls

    • Thank you for this. I am going to look for this song and listen to it. I think I will enjoy it. Thank you for your comment and putting a smile on my face.  

  5. You have hit the nail on the head!

    Walls appear in front of us on a regular basis, some smaller than others, even so small that we just step over. However, there will always be one wall that appears insurmountable, that takes so much effort that you cannot see your way forward.

    Stepping over, climbing or scrambling over them will take effort. You have outlined really positive ways to address your lack of ability to climb the next BIG wall, combining all of these ideas will make the difference.

    I encourage everyone to put together a range of ideas as provided here to help tackle the next wall, and then the next one until you are back to drivinh forward forcefully!

    • Steve, thanks for your input. I always appreciate everyone’s perspective. Yes there will always be a wall of some type. Walls and how we tackle them teach us and help us grow. 

  6. Hi Laura, this is a very interesting article!

    Walls are there to be broken when the enemy is standing before you criticising your every move. I have a few walls of misunderstanding and misconceptions to break.  So I have been saying to myself that I shall not win with words, but with power. 

    The armour of the brazen will be loosed and men of stature shall come to me and after me…Deep down I know this and gently but firmly say this each morning.  I must be doing something right  as I feel stronger and more joyful whereas before I was at the mercy of my own fear.

    Keep on writing articles that make us think!

    • Thanks Stella, You have a very positive way of looking at things. It also helps me see everything from different angles. You take care and face your fear head on just as you have. 


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