How To Find A Lasting Love

You’ve been here before. You thought you found your true lasting love only to be disappointed. Now it has come again like a hurricane. Love has whipped you around and left you breathless.

There is no guarantee that you have found true lasting love. Life is full of disappointments, but there are a few signs you can look for to know if this is the one for life.

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When you meet and date, someone life is all excitement and glory. But when you marry a person and the years move through it takes some work on both partners to make it work. Establishing a foundation for the future is good.

Communication forms a connection between people. It is a way to share information or feelings. Do you talk to and listen to each other. Or do you speak to each other without hearing the other person talk? Do you address each other in kindness or attack each other with accusations? There is a big difference in how your communication will form a true lasting relationship.

When two different people live together, there will always be a few things that you cannot tolerate about the other person. Unconditional acceptance for the majority of your partner’s habits is necessary. It is impossible to go into a marriage trying to make the other person into someone they are not. Unacceptance of your partner will lead to discontentment and strife.

Two people have to work together and come to an agreement on many life issues. You will be making decisions on children, housing, work and many more things.  You will not agree on everything. It is essential to agree to disagree and compromise. If one of you or both need to have everything your way and fight for this continually, it will lead to unhappiness. There will always be a struggle that leads to unforgiveness.

Within your relationship are you allowed to be independent?  Working together is imperative.  To be allowed to be a separate person with your likes and dislikes is essential. No partner in good marriage will tell the other what they do or do not like. They will respect each other as individuals.

If you are a trustworthy person, then your relationship will build trust. If your partner does not trust you to do activities without them, it is a problem. No one should attempt to control the other person. You cannot change someone else. If you feel a need to do this or someone else is trying to control you, then it will only get worse as the years pass. If your partner is slowly separating you from your friends and family, this is a control issue. Your partner wants to have you under their full control without the support of other people close to you.

Take your time and look for the signs of true lasting love. You will have a lifetime together and a couple of years is not going to be much time for the long haul. Get to know the person. Learn their habits and if they are trustworthy. Learn if you are compatible. Do things together and apart. Allow your love to grow before marriage. Notice if you can compromise and work out your differences.

When you take the time to find the right person, you will have a partner and best friend for life. You will find your true lasting love.


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