I Dream Of A Daddy

On this day when the world is celebrating a special day, Father’s Day, I just have something on my heart that I would like to say to you.  It won’t be long, but it is my heart poured out to you.

Dads come in many types and categories. The good, kind and loving ones, the mediocre ones who don’t do much but they love you and the terrible ones who hurt their children for their pleasure.  I know this does not encompass all dads, but most can fit into these three categories.

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The good, kind and loving dads are there for you. They discipline you because they love you. They do what is right for you and your future. They even love you unconditionally when you are angry with them.

The mediocre dads love you, but they just don’t feel it is necessary to participate in your life. They work to pay the bills and believe this is what dads are supposed to do. They may not love unconditionally, and they may not show you how much they love you, but they do love you with all of their heart.

The evil ones have children for their pleasure or to use them for their benefit. Some of those dads believe they are doing what is right for their child, but it is not what real unconditional love is. I know this is surprising to you, but about one-third of the dads in this world are like this third group.

Please allow me to focus on the good, kind and loving dads. There are many dads like this in the world. So many children young and old do not acknowledge their good dads because they were raised to be independent. Sometimes these children believe they have the right to be mad at their dads because they are not getting what they want.

I want you to just try for one day to live in the shoes that I and so many others have. I dreamed of a good daddy who I could look up to, who loved me and wanted to be with me. And even today in my adult life I sometimes grieve that I did not have a dad who loved me.

So today if you are one of the children who has a giving dad, please set aside your selfish desires and go see him or talk to him on the phone. Let him know what an amazing person he is and how much you appreciate the great things he did for you. Don’t just text him and think you have done what is right. Talk to him if it is possible. He will not always be here on this earth. One day you will miss him and it will be too late.

I have forgiven my dad for the horrible things he did. If I can do this surely you can forgive your dad for doing what he felt is the right thing to allow you to grow.

To some of you this may sound harsh, but to those who have dreamed of a good, kind and loving dad this will be the truth.

To those of you who have done this, may God bless you richly for putting another person first in love and goodness.



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