Inner Child Quotes To Find The Real You And Heal The Past

Who is the child within all of us? What is that child trying to tell us? Inner child quotes can help us listen and find who we are.

Heal the past and pave the way for the future. We can change the world once healing takes place or just find peace within ourselves.

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With these quotes from so many famous people, none of us need to feel alone. We can all stick together and find a better way to heal that child within.

Inner Child Quotes

Inner Child Quotes play

“So much of the healing of our world begins in healing the inner child who rarely, if ever, got to come out and play.”

Vince Gowmon
Inner Child Quotes PROMISED

 “I’ve promised my inner child that never again will I ever abandon myself for anything or anyone else again.”

Wynonna Judd
Inner Child Quotes imagination

 “Imagination is our inner-child and creativity, its playground.”

Jaeda DeWalt
Inner Child Quotes loved

“Your inner child still needs to be loved in order to heal the complete self.”

Karen A. Baquiran
Inner Child Quotes internal

“By connecting your inner child to your internal being, you bring out the hero in you that is inside all of us.”

 Kim Ha Campbell
Inner Child Quotes inside

“The most sophisticated people I know – inside they are all children.”

Jim Henson
Inner Child Quotes aged

“After a while, the middle-aged person who lives in her head begins to talk to her soul, the kid.”

Anne Lamott
Inner Child Quotes still

“The child is in me still and sometimes not so still.”

Fred Rogers
Inner Child Quotes essential

“Inner child work is essential. It’s the essence of growth as a whole person”

Cheryl Richardson
Inner Child Quotes your

 “Acknowledge your inner child.”

Karen A. Baquiran
I believe that this neglected

“I believe that this neglected, wounded, inner child of the past is the major source of human misery.”

John Bradshaw
when we honor our inner

“When we honor our inner child’s feelings, we release the emotional hurts that we’re still subconsciously carrying around.”

Patricia Hope
caring for your inner child has

“Caring for your inner child has a powerful and surprisingly quick result: Do it and the child heals.”

Martha Beck
I do't listen to anyone

“No. No. I don’t listen to anyone except my … inner child anyway.”

Amy Winehouse
the ever curious inner

“The ever-curious inner child asks the vital questions, like, ‘Why is this important’ and, ‘Will this make me happy?”

Beau Taplin
like a forgotten fire

“So, like a forgotten fire, a childhood can always flare up again within us.”

Gaston Bachelard
by losing yourself

 “Honor your inner child by losing yourself in simple pleasures.”

Kim del Valle Walker
she held herself until

“She held herself until the sobs of the child inside subsided entirely. I love you, she told herself. It will all be okay.”

H. Raven Rose, Shadow Selves
after a while the middle

“After a while the middle-aged person who lives in her head begins to talk to her soul, the kid.”

 Anne Lamott, Joe Jones
springing to life that's

“When you feel a child inside of you springing to life, that’s how you know you’re where you should be.”

C. JoyBell C
Inner Child Quotes pin

It is incredible how the words of others can give us the power to look at ourselves. Spoken words through the ages that will resonate with so many can heal one person at a time.

Words from quotes can trigger a process of inner strength and help free our inner child.
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