Innocence To Cherish And Protect A Mother’s Love Of A Child

Children are innocent, and as parents, we are to cherish and protect them. Children hide in the folds of her mother’s love.

It is hard for most to understand the love you can have for a baby born to you or adopted by you until you have a baby. Babies are precious. They are sent to us to nurture and safeguard.

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I have a friend who recently had a new baby. This child is the center of her whole world. She dotes on her and is patient with her. My friend knows a baby doesn’t give back love when firstborn. She knows that she will first love her baby and give of herself; then, as her baby grows, it begins to return the love. But at first, a baby is 100% cared for by the parent, which can be exhausting.

Love Of A Child

There are all different kinds of moms in this world: young ones, old ones, mature ones, and ones who are still children themselves. But most of these moms love their little ones. Each parent has a different way of showing love.

The baby, however, loves their mom no matter how she has shown love to them. There is a bond that forms when you hold your baby in your arms. A trust that doesn’t go away no matter what that parent does to their child. At least not until the child grows into an adult.

A mom is a mom forever or until the child is old enough to make their own choices. When a mom is not kind to her children, those children will still love and trust her. But when they are older and able to see what has happened, they may choose to step away from the pain.

Often, I have seen a child taken from their home because of abuse, and they will continually cry for mom or ask to go back home. A love like this is an unshakable bond formed at an early age.

What Is A Parents Job?

A parents job never ends and these requirements are not negotiable. You are their caretaker and protector.

  1. Protect your children against abusers. Stand with your children, not against them. Believe them when they tell you something has happened. Love your child and be their advocate for a safe home and life. If your child tells you someone harmed them, you are to give them a safe environment no matter who that person is. No matter how hard that decision may be, it is your job to protect.
  2. If you find yourself frustrated, don’t take it out on your children. It is not the fault of the child that you can not deal with your frustration and anger. Ask for help. Numerous groups are willing to help you cope with the stress of life and raising your children.
  3. Make sure your child has the food they need to grow. I know times get hard, but there are places in our world that will help you put food on the table. It is the job of a parent to meet their child’s needs, such as food, clothing, and education. As a parent, you may need to give up some things to care for your children.
  4. Give your child the medical care they need. There is help to pay for the basic medical needs of a child. You may not qualify for medical assistance, but your children will. Not providing medical care is a form of abuse.

The statistics gathered by KARA state

These statistics are heart-wrenching. It is our children, yours, and mine that fall into statistics such as these.

4 million children received prevention & post-response services.

According to Invisible Children, KARA Group (Kids At Risk Action),

Nationally over 7 million U.S. children come to the attention of Child Protective Services each year according to a Children’s Bureau 2015 report.

Below are some national child abuse statistics reported by KARA.

• 4 million child maltreatment referral reports received.

• 207,000 children received foster care

• Child abuse crosses all socioeconomic and educational levels, religions, ethnic and cultural groups.

Why would a parent do something to harm a child? I don’t have an answer to all of the questions this presents. But I am hoping to make the public more aware of the abuse.

love of a child, a kiddo giving a flower

Protect All Children!

Look at the picture of this innocent child. Don’t allow others to harm children. Don’t turn a blind eye to what you see happening. If you see a child, who is abused, try to get help for them. Don’t let your fear of getting involved stop you from helping a child.

And above all, if you are going to do drugs, don’t have babies. Drugs and alcohol go directly to your baby in utero and will affect the care you give your child. Be responsible.

• Alcohol abuse (parent/caregiver)—the compulsive use of alcohol that is not of a temporary nature.

• Drug abuse (parent/caregiver)—the compulsive use of drugs that is not of a temporary nature.

• Domestic violence (parent/caregiver)–abusive, violent, coercive, forceful, or threatening act or word inflicted by one member of a family or household on another.

Fight for the children of this world. They are the future that will determine how our universe functions. Staying in your corner and watching is no longer acceptable. The pain of an abused child will affect your children when they reach school age.

Please take time to read further statistics on child abuse by clicking this link for KARA. Be aware and keep yourself informed of the world around you.

Links To Help Groups


HG Help Guide

Kids Health

American Psychology Association

I am not endorsing these sites. I am, however, showing you that there is help for the abuser, the abused, and the person trying to help. There are many more links on google.

Let’s all work together to help children. One person can make a difference, but a group can change the world.


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