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My cousin Candice Riede Underwood took the photo that displays the words I have written within this post. She captured this shot in Florida off of her neighbor’s dock. It inspired me to write. For the longest time, I wasn’t sure what I would write for a sight so beautiful. One day at work a co-worker, who is always smiling told me that she never loses her joy.

The word joy set my mind thinking. How can anyone not lose joy in a world full of trials and challenging times?

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Joy must be a place inside of each one of us that we hold dear. It must be our inner peace. But we all forget it is there when we feel sad on the outside. You never actually lose your joy.

Let me explain it this way.

Lilly is a middle-aged girl who has had a rough life. She was married and divorced when her three kiddos were very young. Lilly had to live the life of a single parent. She was the only support her children had. Every day after work and school her evenings were filled with dance, gymnastics, baseball, and school activities.

She had days when she was exhausted and fell into bed only to cry herself to sleep. There were also days when her kids were so good it put a perpetual smile on her face. She was a proud mom.

Does this mean she lost her joy? I don’t think it does. Just like I wrote, Joy is a place inside of you where your troubles lay down and take a breath, your heart soars with the peace that flows from it, and it feels like the sun is shining even on cloudy days.

I am a believer in the Lord Jesus. I believe he gives each of us joy and it is up to us to use it daily. Just like all scripture we forget about it and try to control our own lives.

I would like nothing more than for everyone to be a believer of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit but each of you has your own beliefs. My suggestion is for each one to tap into their higher power. Find your joy hidden in that secret place within you.

Do not listen to the world tell you that you can lose joy. You can find your joy in your inner core. And do not let the world convince you that you will never have crummy days. This belief will only make you feel guilty when you are sad. You will feel like you have failed.

Sad days, bad days, hard days and painful day are a part of life. You are human and will cry or be angry. You will be sad. But you can tap into your core and find your joy there.

Sit quietly and think of good times in life. Pray or meditate to find your peace. Your peace and your joy are sitting inside of you waiting for you. They want to help you feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Joy wants you to see the bright light shine on your day.

When you have done these things, put a smile on your face. You may not feel like smiling, but it will brighten your day. A smile will seal in the peace, joy, and sunshine for a short time. Then do it again and keep doing this until your days have more joy than troubles.

You will begin to look at troubles as fleeting and see the joy as a permanent fixture in your life.


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