Know How To Stand Strong- Be You

How do we live our lives? Now that is a big question. Do we live according to integrity or based on kind and sincere beliefs? Do we have a ton of rules that guide us yet keep us from helping others?

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Know How To Stand Strong

Every one of us is different from another. But how often do we mimic another because we idealize that person or want the same respect they get? Or how often do we believe the life of another is better, so we try to live like that person?

I know this doesn’t sound very clear, but that is how we try to live. We stay in a state of confusion all the time.

Do you know who you are? Or do you allow your mind to stay in a perpetual motion of the world around you?

How Do You Live Your Life?

Let’s get down to real issue here. Do you live life according to what is best for you and your family, or do you live it according to what you see and hear?

Does Facebook dictate the norm for your life? Does gossip sway you to do things differently because you don’t want to look different? You don’t want people to think you are weird. When you hear people talk about a friend you pay close attention so you can make sure you are not like that  person.

facebook likes and dislikes

You want to be liked and respected. But you don’t care if the respect is given to you  for who you are or for who you perceive to be. You just want to be well thought of even if it is a lie. And you want to be like others, so what if you have shaped your life to meet the expectations of others who are opinionated.

Do you know how to stand strong and follow your beliefs? Do  you know how to be your?

Do You Conform To Fit In?

To make this clearer, you are out with friends, and they start to gossip about another friend of yours. They don’t like the way she is outspoken or the way she stands up for her friends, even when it is difficult.

You take note of this and store it in the back of your mind. The next time you are with friends, you make sure you go along with their opinions about everything. You don’t ever stand up for a friend, and you never stand your ground.

You become the wishy-washy one that just agrees with everything that the crowd says. Everyone likes you, and you are well respected.
But wait a minute, are you respected, or do they talk about you behind your back?

High School Maturity?

It sounds like high school all over again. When you graduated from school and entered the workforce, you thought you left those days behind and matured.

So many do not mature they just become better at hiding their true feelings. They linger behind closed doors, but when the door opens, they appear to be perfect.

What will you do? How will you mature and still fight the feelings that you are different?

gossip and maturity

You Are Different!

My answer to this is; if you are yourself, then you are different. You stand for what is right and noble. This type of behavior makes others uncomfortable. It happens when people get stuck in the “like me stage of life,” and your boldness scares them.

Let’s look at this from the aspect of the opinionated person. Or the one who stands for what they believe in no matter what others think. You speak your mind, and you tell others about your life. You know that the hard times you have gone through will help others.

So many think that these types of people are hard-hearted. You are considered the one who tells all about your personal life to get attention. People ridicule you and manipulate you to keep you from speaking the truth.

I Wish I Had-The Magic Crystal Ball

Your Heart May Break

No one sees the times that your heart is breaking because you are only trying to help others, but they chastise you.

I want to tell you that people do not see who you are inside unless they need what you have to give. You are not be considered a helper unless the one who needs your help is looking at your words or sees your actions and realize that they need what you are providing.

broken red heart

So let me ask you, why are you different? Is it because you see things outside the box in a different light? Is it because you are following your gut instinct, and you are doing what you know is right?

Do What You Know Is Right

Did you answer yes to either of these? Then it doesn’t matter who plays on your words and turns them around to meet their needs. If you are outspoken and a bit different so you can reach those who need you, then you have to continue.

If you don’t, then who will. If you conform to the ways of the world and the high school stereotype, then no one will get the assistance you have to give. You have a gift to touch other lives with your outspoken ways.

Those who try to shut you up may be jealous of your desire to help at all costs. They may want to say they are embarrassed for you when, in reality, they are embarrassed for themselves.

Integrity A Moral

Step Outside The Circle

You are a unique person with a personality to step outside the circle and know who those who are in need. You don’t allow a mindset that perpetuates and multiplies from others’ words and actions. You don’t let people tell you how to feel or allow them to dictate your behavior.

red circle with a bite out of the red circle

And because of this, you may be perceived as weird or not like everyone else. I say to you, be strong and courageous. Speak your mind when it is good and noble and has the purpose of helping others.

Stand Strong

I say to you, don’t let gossip and social media be the ones to complete the circle to shut you up. You be the one to come full circle to guide those in need. Even when the words of others cause pain, don’t stop being who you are.

Keep moving forward. Keep speaking your mind. Keep doing what you know is right and what you believe.

You are a mature person who is considered different. It will be persons like yourself who will make a difference in the world and the hearts of everyone.

Are you having trouble standing strong? It is not an easy task. We are all swayed by the opinions of other or past life experiences. If I can be of assistance to you or if you have questions, please leave comments in the comment section below,


14 thoughts on “Know How To Stand Strong- Be You”

  1. I totally agree with you,Taking a stand is one thing but maintening it is is the most vital part of the whole process.

    Over the years many have failed because most of them were not able to maintain their initial stand…thanks so much for this tip…they really help me and I know it would help a lot of people too



    • Thank You, Juliet, Yes to continue to stand and be who you are is the hardest part. It is so easy to regress. I am happy my words have helped you be stronger. 

  2. Hello, Your guide is awesome. We are a unique person with a personality to step outside the circle and know who those who are in need. I want to tell you that people do not see who we are inside unless they need what you have to give. You be the one to come full circle to guide those in need. Thanks for shairng.

    • I love the way you put this. You are so right that no one knows who we are inside. We have to step outside to show them. Thank you so much for your valuable input here. 

  3. Hello. I want to thank you for sharing with us such an interesting article. I have learned a lot from your articles and especially l know how to stand strong. A very good article with useful information, one of the best I have read, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am going to bookmark it. I will definitely share it with my friends. I hope they benefit. Much obliged and thanks.

    • You are so welcome. It is my pleasure to write for you and to help you in any way I can. Please do share this one and any of the other 140 articles on this site. There is an article to touch everyone. If I can be of assistance to you please let me know. 

  4. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .We are all completely white to each other, but we imitate almost everyone else because we want to be that person, or because we want to be respected.And I live my life in honesty or on the basis of kind and sincere faith.And I try to be strong myself because I have to do my work and no one else will get it done.That is why you have to be strong and make your own actions.I read your article and learned how to get on my feet and it will help me move forward and share new experiences with you.

    • You are so welcome and thank you. Yes, we all need to live in honesty. Sometimes we forget how and need a reminder. Please visit again and do share your experiences. We would all love to hear them. 

  5. Hi! Reading your post has been inspiring. Yeah, we must bring forth inner strength even though we though it has been diminished.

    I arrived to the same conclusion as you once I entered the workforce. Most people don’t mature, they just learn how to hide better their real feelings. Quite sad, isn’t it?

    • Yes, it is sad indeed. Entering the workforce opened my eyes also. We have to set an example for others and they too will see how to stand strong. 

  6. Hmm! A sensitive post here because there are quite a lot of people who have fallen victim of this like me. I often live my life just to receive acceptance from others and to get them to respect me. Even I started body building just because I want to be like my mentor. Thank you for sharing such a post that has geared me into living my life because it is mine and no one else. Thanks

    • We all seem to fall victim to the “like me” stage of life. At times in our lives it is difficult to do what we know is right and to be who we are. But when we do life becomes easier. 

  7. Hi There,

    I really enjoyed reading your website and the inspirations you reflect up and how people are in reality as in the types of personalities we come across as humans. I like this website because I suffer from mental illness although it’s much better now I can really relate to your work on the website as far as what you want to tell us.


    • Thank you so much. I designed this website and write to help those who need inspiration and motivation to keep going. I am happy I have touched your life. You have made my day. 


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