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laptop computer desk

Why a laptop computer desk is so important

I will tell you just a bit about myself to help you understand why a laptop computer desk is so important to me and any other writer in the world.

On April 16, 2018, I had a condition called a PE when a blood clot, usually from the leg breaks off, travels to the lung and lodges there. This diagnosis can be fatal, but I was fortunate enough to have several small clots and not one big one.

There were two reasons why this happened to me. One of those reasons was because I would sit at a high-top table for hours on my laptop computer writing. My legs were dependent, meaning I did not keep them elevated which tends to form clots in the laptop computer desk

After my diagnosis and a bit of fear I knew I had to sit in my recliner chair with my legs elevated. So, I went in search of a laptop computer desk to raise my computer height with a light so I could see my keys.
It was a daunting task. I researched and read every word on every laptop desk style that existed.

What I found

Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk with USB Light (Black Top) | Supports Laptops Up To 15 Inches

Do you use your laptop and phone while watching TV in your recliner? This beauty is the perfect multi-tasking laptop computer desk for all writers and non-writers alike.


• Includes tablet slot that fits tablets 9.6 inches or smaller and smartphone slot that fits mobile devices 3.5 inches
• Slide out Mouse Deck that pulls out on either the left or right side of the desk
• Cool and comfortable design built with a memory foam cushion, wrist rest and handle for portability
• Workstation that goes where you go
• Large work surface of 18.5″ x 14″ x 3.5″.

What I like

• Memory foam is comfortable on my lap
• Foam rest in front keeps my computer from sliding offdiagram of parts of desk
• Height is perfect for better posture
• Light makes it easy to see my keys when typing in the dark
• Phone slot holds my phone, keeping my notes at hand
• Easy to pick up and move around without my computer slipping
• Mousepad gives ample room to maneuver the mouse
• The light on-off switch is easily accessible
• Batteries are long lasting, and I have not replaced in 5 months

What I don’t like

• Sometimes the light flickers when it is on

Pros from reviews

  • This laptop computer desk has a high rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Frequent reviews stated;
  • This is a fantastic laptop desk!
  • It is just the right size
  • This is a well-thought-out product
  • Wow! This thing is awesome!

Cons from reviews

pull-out was so slick the mouse fell off (the brown one comes with a mouse pad attached and does not do this)
Tablets and phones will not fit in the slots without removing their case (I use an I phone X, and it fits well)


This one is my top recommendation for anyone who wants to sit in a recliner with their legs up, write in the dark and have your phone easily accessible.

You can’t go wrong with this computer desk. It is by far the best pick of all I have ever seen, had and researched.

Overall this laptop computer desk is the most perfect on I have owned. It is a great size and raised just enough to prevent posture problems. The light is excellent to see at night. The memory foam is very comfortable on my lap. My computer stays put on the desk.


You may have questions, and I will be happy to assist in any way I can. Please leave a comment. I will be back to you very soon. Thank You.


16 thoughts on “Laptop Computer Desk-A Must For All Writers”

  1. Hi, I like the idea of this laptop portable ‘desk’, I am wondering, does it get warm with that memory foam on your lap for hours, do you get a bit sweaty, and, my laptops tend to heat up on a flat surface especially if it’s made of foam or something, how does it work for keeping things ‘cool’? and is the lap desk solid in the sense it doesn’t fold a bit or buckle since it is memory foam, when you pick it up? thanks!

    • These are some really great questions. Yes laptops do get hot sitting on your lap. the laptop desk keeps your legs cool. Also my laptop has never ever over heated on the desk. 

      The laptop desk if very stable. the memory foam si apx 2.5 inches thick in front and apx 5 inches thick in back. this foam is thick enough and will not buckle. It transports with the computer on top very easily.

      It is the perfect laptop computer desk for anyone and worth every penny. 

  2. I sit at my desk 12-15 hours per day using my laptop.  I have noticed swelling in my feet and blueness, as well.  This may have little to no relationship to the PE you described, but I bet if I had my legs elevated it would improve things for me.  This device is worth a try for me.  It also looks to be a convenient way to use a laptop while sitting on a bed, which I don’t normally do because it is uncomfortable with the computer directly on my lap and I like to use a separate mouse.

    So thanks.  This looks like a no brainer acquisition for me.



    • Oh yes if you are having swelling you do need to elevate your legs. this would be perfect for you as it is for me. 

      I agree it is a no brainer. 

  3. Hi Laura, this is the first time that I’ve seen a laptop desk with a design like this. It certainly has an interesting design, nothing too fancy but not boring as well. Another good point is that it’s compact and can be easily stowed away, and doesn’t tale too much space around the house.

    Thanks for writing about this! I may have to look more into products like this one soon.

  4. I never knew laptop computer desk exist. Yes, I am the person who always sit on reclining chair and use my laptop. It was really uncomfortable. Many times, I blog while sitting on my bed too. The most it can last me working in this position is one hour. How about the heat from the laptop? Will it be felt on my legs? 

    • Florence, That is a really good question. No heat. My lap stays cool all the time. The memory foam is thick and does not allow the heat to come through. I can sit for hours in my recliner.

  5. Hi Laura, I was researching for similar desk, I was planning to buy a wooden tray that can use my laptop on my bed. After reading your article, I seriously think I should go with your recommendation! I never thought about my posture etc when I’m with my computer. This will be my Christmas present this year. 

    • Awww Emily, I am so happy I was able to help. I don’t think you would have been happy with the wooden one but this one is perfect. Thanks

  6. Wow that really made me think. I usually do sit at kitchen or island table to write. It has crossed my mind in the past because I have copd and have had lung surgery in the past so blood clots have definately crossed my mind before. Since I am now older it is more of a concern. I liked the style of sofia + sam multi task lap table. You mentioned the light flickering,since it is a usb light,would there be any other lights that might work better or is it not interchangable with others?

    • Cathy, yes do be careful and keep your legs up. This would be a perfect laptop desk for you. I mentioned the light flickering because I couldn’t find any other con. It only flickers when you first turn it on and when it is adjusted it stops. I don’t think it is interchangeable with others. If it were a big problem I would have returned it. But it is minor. 

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 

  7. Hi Laura and what a wonderful piece of comfort this is

    I spend lots of time writing as well and I want one of these at my place so will go take a look through your link

    I have always had to sit at my desk and sometimes this gets a little tiring and I really would enjoy some comfort so I’m off to take a look thank you and keep on sharing great info like this

    • Thanks Vicki, I know you will love this laptop desk. It is absolutely the best. It is perfect. Yes go take a look and tell me what you think. Thanks for stopping by. 

  8. I really need one of these.  I do like to write a lot and am on the computer much of the time.  

    The tablet slot would be perfect for me.It also has a really good surface area.And I love the little desk light.

    I also love writing poetry and inspiring others.  This is a great site.  With a great product.

    • shy, tanks so much. I know you can’t go wrong with this laptop computer desk. It is so perfect. Let me know what you think when you order yours. 


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