Laugh, Love, Renew

You laugh to build strength. You love to enrich your life. And you renew your life with laughter and love.

Life is a circle of laughter, love, and a renewing of you to begin again. You have to have time for play. Too much serious time will rot away the inner core of who you are.

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Let me take a moment to lead you through this thought process. Most women today work every day. Some work at home and some go to a place of work each day. No matter where you spend your time, there is a good chance you are in a situation that weighs heavy on you.

As a  nurse, I have seen grave situations. I work in an Emergency room. I deal with life and death on a daily basis. I have had to learn to allow this to fly away so I can laugh whenever the moment arises.

I may have just walked out of a room of a 50-year-old lady who came in for shortness of breath. I had to tell her she has a large mass in her lungs. I know it may be fatal. Her life may be much shorter because of this. I have to let go of that and move onto the next room.

In the next room, I may have a 13-year-old boy who just broke his wrist sliding into home plate. Yes, he hurts, but he is laughing from the excitement of a game he helped to win by his one last point. I laugh with him. Does this mean I don’t care about the lady who will lose her life soon? NO! It means I have had to find laughter and a way to renew myself in the midst of sadness and loss.

You may not work in an ER, but your job has just as many stressful moments as mine does. The range is wide, from an insurance adjuster to car sales person all the way to a Wal-Mart cashier or a fast food worker.  And most of all a stay at home mum. You have to laugh and rebuild your strength also to keep moving forward. You have to allow the sadness and stress to fly away.

You will continue to encounter difficult times in your life. Just because you made it through one moment does not mean you have conquered the world. It does show that you have learned how to overcome a hard situation. You learn from each moment so you can renew and become functional again.

Be secure at the moment. Learn from the challenging times and quickly move into love, laughter and a renewing of your strength. Let the troubles roll off your back like the water rolls into the sea. And allow them to fly away so you can be ready for whatever life brings your way.


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