Life And A Rollercoaster

Do you feel like you are on the roller-coaster of life? No matter what you do, you are always on the descent and can’t seem to get ahead. I have put together an analogy of life and a rollercoaster based on this poem I wrote. I hope it will help you find ways not to be discouraged when the rollercoaster of like descends.

I know we all feel this way at times in our lives. But why don’t you ever feel like you are at the top of the rollercoaster? Why does it feel like you are at the bottom looking up 80% of the time?Life and a rollercoaster

I believe you are not always at the bottom or on the descent. When life is good, and you are on top of the world, you tend to relax. At the top of your rollercoaster life is more comfortable and you float along enjoying happiness and sunshine. But when you are at the bottom or on the climb back up, it is such a struggle that time slows down and it feels like forever.

Everyone says life at the top is lonely. I disagree because when you are at your lowest that you feel all alone. Your mind starts to doubt itself. Your words and actions become negative, and no one wants to be around you. If you stay at the bottom, you begin to lose contact with friends and family.

People around you want to help, but when you refuse to climb back up, they are helpless to convince you to move upward. You spiral down and crawl into your oh-poor-me self-pity thoughts.

How can you combat emotions like this? How can you keep a positive mind and outlook in the dark situation?

See your situation differently

Here is where my analogy of life and a rollercoaster begins. How you approach life and the roller-coaster it presents is within your attitude. Yes, we all face some dark moments and feel like we can’t crawl out, but the solution is still within you. Right about now you may be thinking that I don’t know how bad your situation is. I write from my past experiences, and I have been in some very dark places in my past. I made it through, and you can make it also.

The first step to changing your roller-coaster ride is to see the descent and the upward climb as something positive. These hard times are both learning experiences that will carry you through many days in your life.

Keep a positive mindpositive thinking

Building a positive thought process is not an easy task. I used to be negative Nelly many years ago. I had to train my mind to look at the brighter side of a situation. I did this by washing my mind with good thoughts. I suggest you read positive quotes or if you are a Christian you can renew your mind with the word.

I googled positive scriptures and came up with many different sites that have listed verses. One of these that I found most useful is the Open Bible. Within this link are numerous positive sayings from the bible.

I will often go to Pinterest or google and search for positive quotes. It is true that what you think is what you will become. The process of renewing your mind is a daily task. Your thoughts will begin to change over time and what comes out of your mouth will be uplifting to you and all those around you.

Respect yourself

Respecting yourself is not just about being kind to yourself. To respect yourself is a deep admiration for your achievements, accomplishments, qualities and your abilities.

When your roller-coaster is at the bottom, it is difficult to acknowledge your good qualities. Pick out one small ability or achievement you have accomplished in your life and focus on this. Soon you can pick another, and the process will multiply.

Some would say this is arrogant but if you do not respect yourself, then no one else can either.

Build your self-esteem

Often in life, you need other people to give you compliments and build you up. When you dress to go out, you want someone to tell you that you look beautiful or handsome. Or when you cross a milestone in your life, you want someone to notice.

You have to believe in yourself. It is nice to receive compliments to make your climb up the rollercoaster easier, but when no one notices, you will begin your descent again. You can’t base who you are on what others think of you.

Be courageous

Whatever it is that takes you to the bottom of your rollercoaster is what you need to face. Is it fear of failure or lack of confidence. Facing your fear head-on takes courage

We all have some type of history that we use to create a paradigm. We run all of our future experience through these standards and base what we can accomplish on how we felt many years ago. As your achievements change so will you. Face your fears and rebuild your paradigm.

Dare to dream

Having a dream is good. Your destiny is in your hands with the choices you make. You can contemplate the possibility for your future. Build your future on faith and hope and watch your imagination grow.

You build dreams at the bottom of the rollercoaster. You work hard to climb to the top hanging onto that dream with hope and faith. When you get to the top, you will begin a descent. Will this descent destroy all of the goals you have strived for or will the foundation be at the bottom for you to build on again?

The choice is yours.

Life and a rollercoaster are a lot alike, but the choices you make will get you through the ups and downs. Choose to renew your mind to see the positive. Respect yourself by acknowledging your achievements and qualities. Build yourself with the goodness inside of you, not based on what others say about you. Be courageous by facing your fear or whatever is preventing your climb to the top and your rise out of the darkness. Dare to build dreams on hope and faith that will raise your foundation. When you descend, you will not go as low as you did the last time.

Hold your head up high, begin the climb up, know that when you reach the top, you will come back down. In your mind recognize this as a learning experience to better yourself and rebuild your paradigm for the future.


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