Lighthouse Of Strength Within

Have you been battered and abused? I wrote this one for those women who have been severely abused by a husband or boyfriend. This type of injury does something horrible to the inside of a person.

Abuse comes in many forms of physical, emotional and verbal. Each one of these is just as devastating as the other one. It can happen to anyone from any social status.

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Jenny graduated from high school with honors. She could do anything she wanted to and had big plans to become a pediatrician. Those plans withered in one night.

She had a prom date with the high school king. He was on the football team and was so gorgeous. She was so excited when he asked her out. They had a hand full of dates before the prom. She thought she knew him and felt he was intelligent and kind.

On prom night she got pregnant. How could this have happened? She took all of the precautions, but now she was to be married to this man she thought she knew.

The years passed and they had three children. Each child only a year apart. Jerry started drinking and couldn’t hold down a job, so Jenny worked two jobs and raised the kids.

The first year he talked down to her, but he never hit her. After their first daughter was born, he began to drink more massive, and when he was drunk, he would beat her repeatedly. He always apologized the next day and never remembered what he had done.

Jenny often thought how could this have happened to her? She was going to be a pediatrician! Jerry became more abusive as the years passed. He beat her but never laid a hand on the kids.

Until one night her 12-year-old son tried to step in and help her. Jerry beat him so severely he was out of school for a week. He had three broken ribs and some facial fractures. Jerry would not let her take him to the doctor.

She knew it was time to find a way out of this abuse. She no longer looked like herself. Violence was a part of Jenny’s life both physically and mentally, but she knew she had to protect her kids.

Jenny did leave one night while Jerry was out drinking and went to a shelter. After two years of rebuilding her life, she is now in college and making a way to support her children.

Jenny was battered and torn, faded and worn but she still had the same heart of gold that she had before she married Jerry.

What Jerry did to her never did break down who she was inside. She forgot for a while who she was, but the real person never left her. With the help of a shelter and counseling, Jenny was able to find the lighthouse within her.

If you are like Jenny, you also have a strength inside of you to leave the abuse and move on to a better life. It will be hard. It will be scary. It will take time. You have a storehouse of gold within you that will carry you through the tough times.

You have to take the first step to move on. Today is your day to make your life better and to protect your children from harm.

Lighthouse Of Strength Within, is fiction? The Places, characters, and names are the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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