MUSE 2 Review: Brain Sensing Headband – Meditation Assistant

WOW! Who would have ever thought there would be a brain-sensing headband to assist with meditation? The Muse 2 brain sensing headband is here to do just that. It claims to help you focus and rewire your mind with the ability to track and measure your meditation progress.

Meditation is a process of training your brain to focus on positive or calming thoughts. We have talked about rewiring your brain to think positively and overcome the abuse you have experienced. We also discussed that there are different ways to accomplish this process.

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Muse 2 brain sensing headband may turn out to be your choice to assist you while you meditate. Through the tracking process of Muse 2, you may find calm in your chaotic world.

MUSE 2 Review, Brain Sensing Headband girl trying to meditate

Things To Know About The Muse 2 Brain Sensing Headband

Have you attempted to sit down and meditate only to find your mind wandering? You try to bring your focus back to where you were, but there is so much on your mind. In the end, you just gave up and didn’t meditate again.

Today we have the apple watch or a Fitbit to track our fitness accomplishments, but what about our brain fitness. Now we have Muse 2 that will assist with meditation by reading your brain waves in the form of an EEG.

Muse 2 brain sensing headband can help you keep your focus. It uses the weather to let you know when your mind is straying away from a peaceful state. When you are focused on worry, it gives you a stormy weather sound such as thunder and rain. But when you are calm and focused on positive thoughts for more than 5 seconds, it will give you a soothing sound of birds.

Muse S

MUSE 2 Review, Brain Sensing Headband muse S 2

Muse 2 is Not a Sleep Aide

If you are researching Muse 2 brain sensing headband to find a better sleep pattern or want to know how you sleep, I do not believe this is the Muse for you. Muse 2 is designed to assist with meditation in a waking state. It is not recommended for you to wear them while you sleep.

Muse does make a headband designed to help your sleep pattern. It is known as the Muse S. I will review it in another article to help you decide which is best for your needs.

The muse 2 Brain Sensing Headband

If you are looking to improve your meditation, then Muse 2 is designed to assist you.

Muse 2 is a small compact plastic lightweight headpiece with sensors to detect your state of meditation.


  • EEG sensor to measure your brain waves and note when you are calm and when you are straying away from your focus
  • Accelerometer sensor that will monitor your movement
  • Breathing sensor to measure your rate of breathing
  • PPG Plus Gyroscope sensor to measure your heart rate

With all of these sensors monitoring your body when you meditate, you will know when you are focused and calm versus a wandering mind.

Who Is Muse 2 For:

Muse 2 brain sensing headband is for you if you find your mind wandering off when you meditate. It is a good tool to redirect you and help you learn when your body is calm. You can use it to renew your mind with positive thoughts.

Who Is Muse 2 Not For:

Muse 2 brain sensing headband may not be for the highly competitive person. You may find yourself competing with the monitor reports attempting to improve and become perfect at meditation. There is no perfect meditation. Each person has their way of renewing their mind and finding balance in their life.

pros and cons

The Good Points

Pro #1 – Holds you accountable
Pro #2 – Tracks your progress
Pro #3 – Enhances meditation
Pro #4 – IOS & Android Bluetooth
Pro #5 – 5 hours battery life

The Bad Points

Con #1 -May become a self competitive habit
Con #2 – You can learn to meditate without Muse
Con #3 -Plastic assembly
Con #4 – Extra charge for a case (Muse 2 bundle-case and headband)

Key Features

Muse 2 has many incredible features packed into a small head device. These features work to monitor your body while you are meditating to help you relax, decrease your stress and renew your mind.

  • EEG sensor monitors brain waves while you are meditating. The sensor then relays the information to a monitor app to review it and determine what you need to change the next time. Not only that, but the information helps you know when you are straying off track from your relaxed meditative state. The EEG sensor reads out in 3 different levels, active, neutral, and calm, for your monitor reading at the end of each meditation session.
  • The breath sensor monitors your breathing and, together with the other sensors, notifies you with weather sounds if you are tense or relaxed.
  • Accelerometer monitors body movements to also see if you are tense or relaxed.
  • PPG Plus gyroscope sensor is a wearable heart rate sensor that monitors the rate of your heart. You actually get to hear your heart rate at times while meditating.
  • It is lightweight and portable but best used with the case.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity with the IOS and Android models.
  • The battery life is 5 hours, so if you meditate 30 min to an hour a day, you don’t have to charge it daily.
cognitive brain studies

Cognitive Brain Studies

Michela Balconi and colleagues performed a study on Conscious, Pre-Conscious, and Unconscious Mechanisms in Emotional Behaviour. Their findings were quite supportive of meditation using the Muse 2 brain wave device.

Study Findings:

  1. When complex reaction times were examined, the group using Muse improved and became faster in their thinking process.  
  2. When the brainwaves of participants using Muse were compared to other participants’ from other studies, they increased their resting brain states, suggesting an improved ability to relax.
  3. The brain plasticity of a Muse user increased, which means that the “markers of neural efficiency and information-processing were significantly greater for [Muse] training than control participants.”
  4. The Muse group, when compared to the control group, showed a significant reduction in stress – an overall 16% reduction in 4 weeks.

The feedback from the Muse 2 is a useful tool in helping to learn more efficiently. The results are in writing when using Muse 2 in studies; there has been significant brain health improvement and decreased stress. With decreased stress and increased brain health, you may find it easier to rewire your mind to a more positive side.

Alternatives To Muse 2 Brain Sensing Headband

There are a few alternative to the Muse 2. None of the ones I list will have the extensive features listed here for the Muse 2. The alternatives are apps that you can download. But in a crunch these apps may help you learn how to meditate. If meditation is your form of stress release it is better to do it with the help of an app than not at all.


  1. Calm-Calm was the #1 best Apple app in 2017.
  2. Simple Habit was the #1 app for sleep and wellness per mental health experts.
  3. Meditation Studio teaches you how to meditate.

Each app comes with a premium option. If you are disciplined and familiar with meditation, then one of the apps may be a good alternative for you.


To me, Muse 2 brain sensing headband is a bundle of exciting features to help you reach a healthy state of relaxation and rewire your mind.

muse 2 pin

I do recommend if you do choose Muse 2 that you also purchase the case. It is a hard-shell case that will protect your investment.

I did list some alternatives to help, but none of them are actively monitoring your body to help you accomplish the increased cognitive level that Muse 2 can.

The interactive features of Muse 2 can help you learn how your body reacts to stress and how you can renew your mind with positive thoughts.

Muse 2 brain sensing headband is an advanced method to change your life and grow from the abuse you have had in your life. Your mental well-being is one of the most important parts of you. The emotional side will affect your mind, body, and soul. Muse 2 may be the method you need to set you on the right track.

As I have stated before, each person needs to find the best method for them, so I will review other methods and give you options to renew, rewire, and heal your life.


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