19 New Poems By Laura Fuller About Everything From A – Z

19 new poems! WOW! Over the past few months, I wrote 19 new poems and stored them in my dropbox until today when I looked to see what all of these poems were. Low and behold, I found 21 new poems about everything from A – Z.

So with this post, I want to share each one with you. I say from A – Z because each time I write new poems, it has to do with some life event. Not just in my life but in friends’ lives or events and situations taking place in our world.

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The new poems here range from marriage to death and all the way to world issues and how we live our lives. I have written some birthday poems for friends and even one for the love of my life. So, let’s get started.

New Poems By Laura Fuller

I will write an excerpt above each one to help clarify the topic of that particular poem. Please enjoy and feel free to use any of these new poems to show your feelings for another or a situation.

Happy New Poems

Birthdays, Nurses Day, and Love

new-poems-by-laura-fuller marriage vows

Marriage Vows

By Laura Fuller

My really good friends came to visit and get married on the beach. I wrote this for the bride and the groom to speak to each other. You, too may use this new poem if it fits your situation.

Marriage Vows

Your marriage is a gift
from the heavens above
the protector of life
and the giver of love

For You My Wife

Your husband is a gifted man
Of hope, peace, and protection
Words of ill to kill his will
Words of love to flourish and thrill

For You My Husband

Your wife is a rose to have and to hold
Held too tight the thorns will cry
Held to lose the thorns will die
Cradle with love the thorns will thrive

For Both Of You

Blessed of the Lord
Your marriage will grow
In light and in dark
For your sun to shine
Above all else that life expects
You are one as your spirits align

new-poems-by-laura-fuller hope of tomorrow

Love – The Hope Of Tomorrow

By Laura Fuller

These are the vows the bride spoke to the groom during their wedding. May their marriage last forever and have the blessings of God. New poems are for love and new beginnings.

Love – The Hope Of Tomorrow

Life flows through our every vein
Of our world far from blue
Smiles of joy
Reflect our glory

I see the depths of your eyes
And your smile that shimmers
Cast in the blue sparkles of your soul
And deeper than the ocean floor

I feel the glimmer of our hearts
Touched by the beauty of your love
That fills my world
To days do us part

I believe of life after death
That no man can touch
Of our vows and love
To transcend all time

For now and today
I take every moment
And give praise
For the gift of you, my love

Our happiness blooms
Our sun shines
Our world is faithful
Forever and ever and ever

new-poems-by-laura-fuller nurses

Happy Nurse’s Day

By Laura Fuller

As a former ER nurse, or should I say a retired nurse, I can feel the pain of all nurses working in COVID-infested hospitals. I added this to new poems for every nurse in our world. You are the strength of our health care system.

Happy Nurse’s Day

You the strength
of our world
The beauty of an angel
light of heaven
in the face of evil
You turn a blind eye
with a heart of pain
A smile adorns you
Arms open wide
to embrace
all needs of other
your title is nurse
You Are Brave!

new-poems-by-laura-fuller my love

Happy Birthday My Love

By Laura Fuller

Each year I write my husband a poem for his Birthday. Here is one of my new poems to the love of my life, my husband. Feel free to use it for the love of your life if it fits the situation.

Happy Birthday My Love

What did I find
Around the corner
A man, no no
not a man
the perfect man
One with sparkle
Of blue in his eye
And kindness in his touch
Honey although the years
Have had their times
You have remained
My soulmate, my love
And on this day we celebrate
The day you were made
In the perfect light
Of an imperfect world
Our love endures all measure
Of goodness and trials
For the day you were made
Was the best day of my life
Happy Birthday my love

new-poems-by-laura-fuller birthday

Happy Birthday Ginger

By Laura Fuller

Often when one of my friends has a birthday, I will write a poem and put it on a card. This one is one of my new poems written for my friend Ginger. She is a kind and loving soul.

Happy Birthday Ginger

Ginger a beauty to behold
as bold as red of the flower
as soft as the petals unfold
as sweet as a tickle of fragrance

Greater than the world does know
delicate to those she holds
deep enough to take you down
rounded to perfection

Happy Birthday Ginger
You may only be 59
but you show wisdom of 90
and youth of the dew

This day we celebrate
to the glory of you
grace us with your beauty
and bless us with your presence

Love And Sadness New Poems

Mom’s love and a mom’s loss.

new-poems-by-laura-fuller moms love

A mom’s Love

By Laura Fuller

As a mom, we can all relate to new poems written about the love we feel for our children. We teach, hold, and protect them their whole life. No matter how old they are, we are still their mom and will cradle them in our loving arms forever and ever.

A Mom’s Love

A momma’s love
from the heart
full of beauty and grace
From a wee size
your babies they be
to the world, they go
Your love endures time
and spans the galaxies
to protect and teach
to worry and laugh
Your job is never done
Your heart never sleeps
For your babies they be
forever and ever
cradled in the arms of love

new-poems-by-laura-fuller stolen child

A Stolen Child

By Laura Fuller

A friend of mine lost her adult Son to a shooting on Jan 1, 2021. It was devastating. I wrote this as one of my new poems for her.

A Stolen Child

You stole my heart away
On that first day
A new year did dawn
you in my arms
the light in my eye
heart beating
a new rhythm
taken away
heart so still
tears spilled down
on that new year day
the night in my eye
no sun
no moon
no flowers do bloom
oh my love
the earth stood still
on that new year day
in my mind
you will forever be
in my heart
you will forever beat
in my arms
for evermore
in my eyes
you will never pass
hold tight to me
and I to you
my Son
one day in heaven
we shall be together
on that new year day

New Poems On dreaming and believing

Dream to dare and fly like the wind.

new-poems-by-laura-fuller wings


By Laura Fuller

As I wrote this new poem, I was standing on the back of a boat at dusk. It was so peaceful even with the noise of the engines that all I could do was dream of light, airy joy. The kind of joy, when shared, will infect the souls of everyone.


I spread my wings or the bow
a spirit to soar with the waves
floating on sprinkles of air
a heart flows forth, it dreams
fluttering with beauty of the sky
Clouds billowy, fluffy, breathtaking
feet to dance with the light
to the music in my head
that spreads joy
and sings of a world
full of fairytales

dare to dream

Dare To Dream

By Laura Fuller

The oceans are vast. I wonder if the spoken word carried across the seas can reach the masses. With hope, mercy, and grace, we can change the world one word at a time.

Dare To Dream

Floating on the waves of air
Sunset to grace the horizon
of pinks, purples, and yellows
As the water rotates
pushing forward
a wake of white water caps
spread their words across the air
To leave a rail of frothy white behind
Carried for miles on the wings of a feather
With the words of the air
the thoughts of my mind
slip into the waves laid bare
across all continents
peace floating on showers
to reign hope, mercy, and grace
sprinkled in the dreams
Of all who dare to believe

New Poems On Our World Today

Poems of hatred, entitlement, blame, and COVID.

choice htred

Hatred A Choice

By Laura Fuller

There is so much hatred in our world today. Yet around us, we can only see what makes us happy and feel good. With the hatred and how everyone treats each other, we can only rely on the gifts of grace, hope, and mercy to guide us to show unconditional love to all of those who are angry and in pain.

Hatred A Choice

I look ahead before my very eyes
the green grass and flowers
I see what beauty lies within reach
Will I open my eyes to glory?
See a world where hate and segregation
Loom in the darkness
My mind does see not with my eyes
My heart to open align my vision
Sunrise to infect my soul
To see, feel, and believe
I must choose the path of intangible love
for the beauty that is formed by grace
Aligned with hope
And surrounded by mercy

rioting and freedom

Freedom, Really?

By Laura Fuller

Is it OK for people to be rude and mean because it is their constitutional right to freedom of speech? I wrote his new poem out of my frustration for what people feel entitled to receive and do.

Freedom, Really?

You stand, you sit, you kneel, you feel
freedom to speak
You squeak, you freak, you shriek, you reek
hatred of heart
You start, your part, you’re smart, as you impart
the world to change
You rage, your wage, you gage, to show your age
integrity is lost
At all cost, you uncrossed, the Word
You crossed the line
all in the name of
Freedom Of Speech

who to blame


By Laura Fuller

With all the pandemic changes, many are looking for someone to blame for a situation they cannot control.


Tears roll down
I wonder
Who is to blame?
there has to be
someone to blame
random acts of pain
horrendous decimation
I must have
I need to know
Who is to blame?

locked up

Locked Up In My House

By Laura Fuller

During COVID, we all had to stay home. Here is a fun new poem that I wrote last year. It depicts what it was like to sit at home all day without contact from the outside world.

Locked Up In My House

Locked up in my house
shelter in place
Oh, how to embrace?

Locked up in my house
no talk 
listen, my voice I hear
my ears in shock

Locked up in my house
my husband is here
alive and well
a sight to endear

Locked up in my house
my honey I say
what will we do?
how can we stay?

Locked up in my house
tooshie is sore
parallel iPad
or solitaire for sure

Locked up in my house
let’s sit on our tooshie
my honey he says
and eat some sushi

Locked up in my house
Shelter in place
Oh no!
sit face to face

Imagination runs wild
Under the door
the germs slide in
onto the floor

Locked up in my house
Oh yes, topless car
wind in my face
not stuck in a jar

Locked up in my house
garage at my sides
stifling air
No rides, No rides!

Locked up in my house
hot tub so sweet
jets so smooth
water caresses my feet

Locked up in my house
Oh, wait, me a hot tub?
oh not today
more like a washtub

Locked up in my house
Flabby backside, no shape, no form
Gym closed
no way to transform

Locked up in my house
Can’t move
shelter in place
can’t groove

Locked up in my house
My man he smiles
a miracle for sure
that carries for miles

Shelter in place the order states!

New Poems on Life

Poems on overcoming, life in general, Stolen time, and forgiveness.

forked road

The Road Less Chosen

By Laura Fuller

The Road Less Chosen is one of my new poems that speak of the abuse I encountered as a child. As a little one, I did not have choices, but I now have options to go down a different road —a road of healing and strength.

The Road Chosen Less

I began life so many years ago
as a babe, no worries no cares
I grew in mind and body yet I fell
to the fork of life a chosen road

I was a babe so many years ago
but no longer so
as I grew, the threat was real
of the road less chosen

And memories I hated
emotions boiled over
my sight blinded
for the road less chosen a hold of me

I was a babe so many years ago
but no longer so
as time surrounded me
I looked to the fork of a path chosen

The healing power of years past
of forgiveness and love
for a life and road
and a change in the chosen fork

A babe I was
but no longer so for older and wiser I am
to look at the fork, the other road
of  my chosen path

I was given life so many years ago
moving up and forward
as the road winds down
choices to heal and choices to live

Memories year after year
the forked road less chosen has faded
with one fork gone and one fork chosen
back to the dust of a road I chose

defeated by time

Defeated By Time

By Laura Fuller

Time can be on our side or against us. When it is working against the person who feels defeated and downtrodden, the future feels hopeless. Sometimes the only part we can hang onto is the hope of heaven. It is not about suicide or self-destruction but allowing the Lord to carry you through the darkness.

Defeated By Time

I am defeated the young man said to time
You have outlived my weary soul
Yet I gave you all of me
I fought the fight with dignity
I rode the path you chose
The road set before me
Time has rolled over me
and passed me by
on the road going nowhere
That ends at the cliffs sharp edge
My burdens below
My glory above
No more drugs, no more tears,
no more time
Lord take me home
Away from my weak and weary self
Away from the betrayal of time
ascending into the heavens
Made whole and free
From what time stole from me

white dope

White Dope

By Laura Fuller

I belong to All Poetry, a place people post their poetry. They also have contests. In one particular contest, the instructions said to write a poem about their first “high.” I wrote this one but did not publish it as one of my new poems. It was not my first “high” but one that rolled off my tongue.

White Dope

Oh the glo
Of whispering snow
Settles on the ground
clouds flood my vein

Surge of summer days
glorious colors at bay
shivering cold
of secrets untold

So young in pain
crouched at the windowpane
my high went low
gusting winds blow

Forward racing
another needle casing
many years
too many tears

My limbs so numb
my mind did succumb
a night of living flowers
a day of falling towers

Oh what a glo
of friend or fo
soar to the light
held in endless flight

On the wings of age
I set the stage
a world of hope
healing from white dope

But oh that first day
I remember the way
the world was a glo
Whoosh in my vein away we go

New Poems on mercy, grace, and hope

The word of forgiveness, God’s acceptance, the Son, and freedom.

prodigal son

Lost Child

By Laura Fuller

I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ and The Father God. Yet throughout my life, I have strayed from his presence. When I do, he always welcomes me back just like the father did for his Son in Luke 15:11-32. Just one of my new poems about God and his mercy.

Lost Child

My heart strayed far from beauty
my mind wandered away from glory
I said I’d never run and hide
lost child far from your kindness and care

I traveled so far I know not why
down a lane forsaken and forgotten
your arm stretches beyond the realm
to search for your lost child

Yet in the deep recesses of my pain
your hand surrounds me with tender love
your touch I know
your grace I remember

Grace and mercy above the skies
forgiveness and love bestowed on your lost child
with faith pulling at my soul, I bow
to the father above who gave his Son

Glory to the Father, the Son, and the Spirit
my tears spill down to cleanse my soul
of the retched years I ran and hid
but promises you don’t need

You whisper to me, my child tis your heart I want
I ponder to give my you my all
and pray to never stray
and pray to stand and stay

While you hold me in your arms
and carry me through the fire
to the table you set
for your child come home

bryce canyon freedom


By Laura Fuller

We are all a part of the majesty of God. Imagine what it would feel like soar above these rocks. To fly and be set free. In this new poem, I am dreaming of freedom.


I walk the desert sands
with castles set afar
rise above it all
in the majesty of my call
Wings on the wind
soar above the world
dip down under
for a moment in time
Then up up up
to freedom I fly
to the castles in the sky
my feet grounded
my dreams reflect
a greater call
It’s freedom I seek
of life in heaven
above it all
For one day
as I soar and freedom fly
I’ll come home

the Son of the sun

Son Or The Sun

By Laura Fuller

Another of my new poems is about Jesus Christ The Son who will grow in a person’s heart just as the sun warms and grows to light the night.

Son Or The Sun

What is this I see?
Speck in the night
glows with the light
shinning from afar, a tiny star
Is it the Son or the sun?
All Glory To Him
the Son who shines with the sun
is the speck in your heart
growing stronger and bolder
till prostrate at his feet
in his heavenly realm
Oh, glorious day the skies open
The spark no longer a tiny speck
no longer a question
of the Son or sun
as I abound in worship
To the one Most High

new poems by laura fuller pin

Thank you for joining me in my new poems list and writing. Did you find a poem or words that resonate with you? If so, please share and enjoy.

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