NO Way Out!

It is the time of year for winter to show its self. I was sitting and thinking how the snow will be falling soon. For some, it is already blanketing your home.

When it falls, it covers the ground and any tracks that were on the ground. The thought of the thick cloak reminded me of life. Have you had some tough times? I ask this question frequently as I write because life is a process of trials and tribulations.

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When we are in the midst of those difficult times, it is hard to see our way out. A thick curtain is covering you. That veil may be smothering the life out of you. You look all around, searching but there is NO way out of the problem.

You dwell on the problem and worry night and day. There is NO solution to the pain. No way to overcome the fear that things won’t be OK.

If only you had some tracks to follow. You need just one person to tell you what to do. But there is no trail to lead you to safety.

There is NO way out!

I am going to help you see this problem from a different angle. There have been numerous times in life when I have done this very thing. I have pondered and stayed awake all night trying to find a solution. I have spent many hours trying to control a situation to make it better.

Jesus Christ has been my savior most of my life but I have tried to control many situations.

We can all be saved and confess that Jesus is our savior. Does this mean we are perfect and never have problems? NO, it does not. Not all Christians are willing to say they didn’t rely on God when they needed him the most.

The whisper of The Holy Spirit speaks to your heart to get your attention. He just wants you to know he is there and all you have to do is ask for his help.

When you give up your problem to The Lord, you can see with your heart. Snow continues to cover the path, but he is here to lead you to safety. He just wants you to trust him.

He may not reveal to you the answer, but he will take your hand and lead you to a safe shelter in his arms.

Each time another trial arises in your life, you may forget to turn to Jesus, but he is right beside you. Trust in The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. He is waiting for you to take his hand to lead you out of the storm.

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