Oceans To Shore

Our lives are like the ocean’s tide that keeps coming to shore. We move through life with ups and downs, and the troubles keep rolling in. It feels like the bad is the only part of life that keeps coming back. Why can’t the good repeat itself?

Let’s take a look at this for a moment. When you are in the thick of difficulties, this is all you can see. It is nearly impossible to remember when things were good. The storms roll in, and the darkness overtakes your thoughts.

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What if you looked at the tide a different way. What if the wave coming to shore is a way of washing all things away and making all things new. When it comes to the beach, it brings fresh water with it. When it rolls back to sea, it takes away the old dirty sand. It cleanses the sand and returns it shiny clean and gleaming.

Have you heard that hard times come in threes? Sometimes they come in twos or fours, but they rarely come as just one. Think back on the times when life was rough. Did the troubles come as one and then go away? I doubt they did but instead when one bad thing happened it only led to a string of problems.

Your life will be like this. It is an unfortunate part of life. But how you look at the situation and what you learn from it will determine how hard the times are.

When the waters roll in, your heart feels tight, and your lungs can’t take in the air how will you deal with it? It is overpowering and an overload of your system. Not only do you have to figure out what to do but you have children who depend on you for their survival.

You could become hysterical. You could lay down and give up. You could cry your way to the other side or be a victim forever. But is this way of dealing going to solve the problem or help you find a way out? And when the next issue arises, you will be so far under you can’t pull yourself up to deal with it either.

How will your kids make it? Who will help them and love them? Not you because you are so dysfunctional you can’t even take care of yourself.

I have depicted this situation as a bit dramatic. But I believe it will help you see that there are two different ways to cope and only one way will carry you through to the end.

It is much easier to cope when you stay calm, stand tall and grasp your strength by the horns. Make that inner beauty shine through. Do not let the world see you drop to the ground. Do not let your kiddos feel despair and hopelessness.

Is this easy to do? NO! Keeping strong and keeping your head held high is the more difficult road to take. To give up is the easy road to travel. Will it still hurt? YES! Keeping a positive attitude does not lessen the pain. But positive thinking will shorten the way ahead.

Through all of this pain and suffering from difficult times lift yourself up. Learn from the pain. Be brave and stand in your armor as a warrior. When you do come through this the good days will be even better because you can use what you have learned.

You will know that when the ocean comes to shore and falls back to repeat once more, you will not break. You are strong. You are brave. You are a warrior set forth to conquer your world.


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