Overcome Emotional Abuse in 6 steps

Are you facing or have gone through a situation in your life that is a grave injustice? Have you been debilitated by fear and need the motivation to become brave and courageous? In this article, I will give you suggestions to help you overcome emotional abuse in 6 steps.

My husband and I recently traveled by car to New Orleans to see the city. Our trip was a wonderful time away from the rat race of life. Everyone should visit the French Quarters at least once in their lifetime.

When we were driving the very long road home, this poem poured out of my soul. You can apply these words to many different types of emotional pain such as relationship abuse, childhood abuse, bullying, racial hatred or any number of injustices in life. That is the beauty of poetry. It can mean something different to each person who reads it.

Is there injustice in your life?

Have you fallen prey to injustices in your life? I bet that almost every one of you has faced some hardship and need to overcome emotional abuse like some form of horrendous hatred or an insult to who you are.

I know this will be a difficult request but please take a look at the situation in your mind right now and feel the memory of the pain once again. Only briefly go back in time in your mind. Now think of the moment when you decided you were not going to be the victim anymore. The split second when you realized your life was too precious to allow any of these injustices to consume and control you.

Maybe it is not a memory, but you are going through this horrible pain right now. Think about it and how you want to break away from whatever pain someone has pushed on you. Imagine the feeling of how liberating it will be not to wake each morning to see this pain in front of you. Think of the freedom to empower your life and be set free.

How did that feel? Probably invigorating but very quickly followed by a fear that consumed you. Your mind formed a plan to overcome emotional abuse, but your body was horrified and could not move.

a girl in a corner with a lamp looking afraid

Now if you are one of these people who are still in a situation such of this and reading this, it is time to have the hope of a better way of life and allow the fear to move you forward. Make a plan for your safety then move forward out of your fear into the security of a new situation.

Does fear paralyze you? 

Fear can be healthy to a point because it will protect you from harm. But fear can also debilitate you and keep you from following through with the plan you have placed in motion.

The emotion of fear is known to all of us in varying degrees. But each of us has that moment when the adrenalin pumps through your body, your heart rate increases, your body heats up, and your feet feel the need to take flight and run.

You know what I mean — the fight or flight mechanism of your body that paralyzes you and turns you to ice. You feel frozen in time, but your feet start to move and take you away from the fear.

You have seen other people get to safety or not allow others to treat them wrong, but you have never thought you were brave enough to deal with all of the injustice. You feel like you are looking out of a window at others who are happy and safe, but your door to safety is nailed shut. You feel stuck in a world by yourself.

As I said, earlier the injustice can be abuse, bullying, prejudice, social rejection, addiction or any number of afflictions. If you have an experience, you would like to add, please leave a comment below.

Overcome emotional abuse in 6 steps

I can sit here and tell you to make yourself get away, but I know that is not possible. What I can do is suggest how you can overcome emotional abuse in 6 steps for you to build your strength and be brave.

1. Acknowledge that you are in a bad situation
2. Elicit the help of others to plan a way for you to be safe
3. Find an alternative route in life, so you do not have to be exposed to the ones causing injustice
4. Stand up tall, set your shoulders back
5. Follow through with the plan you and your helpers have devised
6. Continue to get counseling to heal your mind from the manipulation that changed your life


The best example I can give you is relationship abuse because I have experienced this.

1. So many men and women deny that they are in an unsafe situation. When you are in this state, you can not set a plan. So first realize you are not safe.girl jumping a gorge, strong, courageous and brave2. After this acceptance, you will want to get the help of professionals like shelters, counselors

and/or police. Professionals can see your situation objectively when you can not. They will help you set a reasonable plan for escape and provide safety.
3. You do not want to run into the person abusing you and take the chance of fear paralyzing you so make sure you are not traveling the same areas he/she are.
4. When you have done steps 1-3 you will have doubts that you are making the right decision. Now is when I tell you to square your shoulders back, stand tall and be strong.
5. Keep moving forward. Don’t stop now. You have almost reached freedom.
6. It took you a long time to decide to be safe and healthy so it will take time to relearn that you are worthy of self-love and respect.

You can take this example and apply it to any situation of injustice to become safe and healthy.

You are strong, courageous and brave

You are strong and courageous. You are bold and brave. No one has the right to cause you pain or belittle you. From this moment forward I know you will walk, you will run, you will live. You have this life to cherish and live in freedom. Do not let the icy breath of another force you or control you.

I do love comments. Your input with experiences or suggestions may help someone in need gain courage to overcome emotional abuse. I am here for you in any way I can and will be back with you very shortly.


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