Overtime or NO?

Do you work all the time? Have you heard yourself tell your children or significant other that you will have enough money to cut back on your work soon?

Do you believe what you are telling them? Have you worked so much overtime for so long that your family doesn’t understand what you are telling them?

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Yes, we all need to work to pay the bills. And some need two jobs to get by and feed their families. But what about those who don’t need to work so much extra. Has your family or loved one been begging you to cut back?

Do you feel more needed and wanted if you are fulfilling a need at work? When your boss asks you to work extra, do you feel like you are wanted? Your family needs you too, but they may not show it the same way as your boss does.

Management may make a big deal out of your kindness and thank you in front of all of your co-workers. It is an immediate warm feel good throughout your whole body that produces instant gratification.

You may be addicted to the high you get from the warm fuzzy feeling you think you can only get from work. You know the person you love needs you, but they nag you to stay home. You don’t feel comfortable with this behavior.

At work, you know what you need to do, and you can delegate tasks out to co-workers. You are in control of your life. But at home, you are expected to do things like mow the yard or plan activities as a couple.

You would never give up your family. But at work, it is so much easier because you don’t have to make anyone happy.

Maybe you are the one left at home all the time, and you are reading this post. You try hard not to nag. All you want is to build memories with the one you love, but when they are home, there are so many chores to do.

You are overwhelmed with the responsibility of taking care of everything. When your significant other is home, it is such a relief to have help.

You know that when they have finished everything the 2 of you can do something fun. You can build memories together. But so much has to be done first.

So, he or she stays home and does what they need to do. Then they are too tired to do anything else. It is a vicious circle that you end up fighting about all the time.

So off to work, they go again, and once again you are left with the home chores and your job outside the home. What is a person to do? You have even heard them say that they know they will lose you if they don’t stop working so much.

You start feeling like they don’t care if you go. Now you are sad and starting to worry about your relationship.

Do you see where I am going with this story? Around and around and around.

There is a solution to this problem. It starts with you and you. You stop working overtime and you stop expecting so much from your S.O. Once you are both at home and planning fun things together and building each other up things will improve.

You have every right to want these things to be done at home and for you to have help with the chores. But what if they take a bit longer. The time will not break you, but the nagging will tear your family apart.

What about all of the overtime you are working. Try staying at home and loving on the one who wants to be with you. When you care for her or him, and you spend time with them, then they will be more positive.

Be honest and open with each other. Speak your feelings in kindness and build memories that will last a lifetime. Find a new way to fulfill the instant gratification and look for the good in the one you love.

I wrote this as an example. You may have your own business, or you may not be a nagger. But the same type of situation takes place when someone works all the time instead of spending time with the one they love.


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