Peace In The Midst Of A Storm

I wrote this poem about the raging hot flashes that take place with the change of life. I wanted to convey to the world how to find peace in the midst of a storm. I know people want to know about menopause, but I didn’t want to write a bunch of statistics.

A woman wears the ocean as a dress. finding peace in the midst of a storm

I had read those same symptoms and what to expect a million times. None of them prepared me for the raging storm that happens inside my body when I have a hot flash.

I would tell my husband I so wanted him to go through what I am feeling just once. He would say “I am because I am living with you.” My response was, of course, NO you are not, you can walk away, and I have to stay in my body.”

So, I tabled this poem for a couple of days while I pondered how to write this post. I think it was when I was cleaning the house that I realized that we go through the change our whole life. It may not be a hormonal change, but we have the same storms and ups and downs.

First, I will describe the hormonal change, and what it feels like then we can talk about how to find peace in the


midst of a storm in your life.

The Storm of Hot flashes

The change of life is a multi-part hormonal situation. The storms that go on in the brain are just as catastrophic as a hot flash. But a hot flash is a physical part that can be measured.

Mine start at my feet and move through my body up to my head. It feels like pins and needles in my toes that can move along in a matter of seconds or minutes. Sometimes it feels like days before it is gone, but it is only minutes. The prickly heat is a storm raging inside my body. Think of it as a tornado. It begins small and builds to a whirling wind of destruction.

A hot flash doesn’t destroy anything in its path, but it feels like it is tearing your body apart with searing heat. I sit quietly knowing it will pass and there is nothing I can do to make it go faster or go away sooner.

The comparison to life

I thought about the process of a hot flash and how we can compare it to life itself. But we can also look at the hardships we endure during our lives as a preparation for this day.a tornado touching down

I am sure you have had moments or months of difficult times that feel just like the raging tornado inside of you. We think of our problems as if they are on the outside of us looking in. But each one is on the inside looking out. How we handle these is how our body reacts to the problem.

An example

My example will be a relatively small problem although most issues can tear us apart inside. You are at work and get a call that your 7-year-old child is sick with a fever at school. The school tells you to come to pick him up.

His fever is 100 degrees which are technically not a fever. He isn’t sick to his stomach or doesn’t have pain. But the school insist you come to get him. You’re not worried about him because you know he will be fine at school.

But your job may be at stake. There are so many demands on you as a single mom that you have had to sacrifice your work. You need your work to pay the bills and feed the kiddos. What will you do if you lose this job?

How the issue is affecting you

What does this problem do to you on the inside? It may be a physical issue just like the hot flashes are. You may be worrying so much that you tear your stomach lining up. You may be so distracted by the everyday stress that you don’t think clear to do your job. Or your mind may be in so many different directions from the pressure that you can’t keep it together.

You don’t notice that it is affecting you until you develop bleeding or pain from an ulcer. Or you cannot function because you are exhausted. It is like the change of life and the tornado. It builds and builds, but no one notices until it is a full body heat wave or a storm that destroyers everything in its path.

How do you deal with life?

Let’s turn this around. Maybe you are not preparing your whole life so you will know how to handle a hot flash. Instead, we will use the problems in life and the hot flashes as an analogy. They are alike but very different. All of your life the issues come and they eat away at you. You become so distracted and anxious wondering when the next issue will come along.

Now if you handled a hot flash like this, you would sit day in and day out waiting for the next one to come. The worry would consume you, and when the flash did happen, it would be ten times worse than it may have been because in your mind the tornado was 100 miles wide.a peaceful sky over the water

If you deal with life this way, you will worry yourself sick. In your mind you already have yourself fired, and you are living on the streets with your kiddos. You have to find peace in the midst of a storm.

Find peace in the midst of a storm

My point here is when I have a hot flash I can’t change it by waiting for it to happen or becoming anxious and upset. I have to wait for the destructive fire to pass. Yes, it is short-lived but so are your problems in life compared to the number of years you live. Your difficulties will appear to be longer if you dwell on them, worry over them and become sick. It will only prolong the agony of hardship.

The next time you have a problem I mean a real big issue and life is caving in on you sit and think about the issue. Say a prayer but don’t worry and make the problem bigger in your mind than it is. Don’t play out a horrendous scenario in your mind about what could happen. The problem won’t go away in a few seconds or minutes, but your outlook on it will be different. You may find a solution sooner or riding out the storm may be brighter with peace in your mind.

Everything in life depends on how you see it. What you do with your mind to deal with the situation. Will you treat your hardships like the most significant tornado ever to hit the earth or realize that the storm will miss your house if you keep calm and find peace in the midst of a storm.

I do love questions and comments. I am here to assist in any way I can. Please leave a comment, and I will be back with you shortly.


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