Poems about Fear By Laura Fuller Because She Knows How You Feel

These poems about fear by Laura Fuller are emotional words that you can relate to. When fear engulfs you, the feeling that no one understands is natural. As you read the words in each poem, you will know that someone knows how you feel.

Laura is not a well-known poet like Robert Frost or Maya Angelou, but her poems are from the heart. She has known much fear in her life and can relate to you and the fear you are going through or have felt.

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Fear is an all-consuming emotion. It can grip you and affect your whole body and mind.

Butterfly Flutters Of Fear

By Laura Fuller

How does fear feel? You are calm and feeling free, and all of a sudden, fear takes over. These words describe the horrible feeling of fear in your body.


Butterfly Flutters Of Fear

Butterfly flutters

lightweight and free

adrenalin pumps

chains drag

fear consumes

hearts shudder

His Hand

By Laura Fuller

The had of God can protect you when you have fear. In this case, it is a fear of dying and no breathing ability, but the Lord steps in and takes care of you.

gods hand 2

His Hand

Do you believe

his had retrieves

directs his child

calms the wild

The hand of death

take not your breath

prayers of saints

rise with restraints

Fear Creeps In

By Laura Fuller

When you are afraid, you can pretend like you are not and fake it. But fear creeps in and clenches your heart, and takes over.

fog fear creeps in

Fear Creeps In

Fear clenches the heart

consumes the soul

Put on a smile!

pretend and fake

It creeps back in

overtakes thoughts

and fights for control

Pray, find peace!

when silence surrounds

when oh so alone

Fear sneaks in like a fog

to slither around your soul

My Hair And Me

By Laura Fuller

Breast cancer has claimed so many women, the disease, and for some, death. But the treatment can steal your self-esteem and cause fear. Here is a poem about what it must feel like to lose your hair from chemotherapy. I, for one, am partial to my hair and would miss it very much. How would you feel if you lost your hair?

hair 2

My Hair And Me

This is a cohesive relationship

my hair

and I have

She sits on top my head

she just hangs around

she takes care of me

In ways different than

I care for her

When I cry

she hides my eyes

When I’m cold

she warms my head

One time the doctor

gave me a med

The one that kills and saves

all at one time

My hair she left me

but not for long

When the drug was gone

she came home

My hair had changed

a renewed life she lived

she was curly and soft and fuzzy

She doesn’t hang like she use to

but she still cares for me


As I grow old

my hair she does too

My strength wains

she lightens the load

on top my head

My hair she makes me younger

wrinkles may show

but not for me

My hair turned silver

to hide the lines

I trust my hair

She’s never gone long

We will be friends forever

and ever

and ever

Till death do us part

Too Many Fears

By Laura Fuller

Fear is something perceived before it happens. We will often fear that we can’t do something, but if we move forward and hit the problem head-on, we can overcome fear and soar.

fears 2

Too Many Fears

I can’t do this

my heart sings with fear

for many they are

I might fall

I may let go

How do I do

the vision

of my dreams

My heart sings

unto me

the words of love

Yes, you can

grow and learn

your strength to bare

the fruits of labor

trust who you are

your heart to guide

lift your head

spread your wings

and soar

Fear Of Success

By Laura Fuller

The fear of success is just as great as the fear of failure. Either way, if we give in to the fear, we will not accomplish anything. Success is not how much money we make but how much we give back to others.

poems about fear by laura fuller success 2

Fear Of Success


fear of failure

a purpose

of self


a fly in the night


takes flight

a measure

of time

of space

within my soul

before the world

what I give

in offering


COVID, Fear, Death

By Laura Fuller

In the year 2020, COVID took over the world and produced fear in each one of us. It flew in on the darkness and took the lives of so many of our loved ones. Even in a real threat like COVID, we can overcome fear and move forward.

covid 2

COVID, Fear, Death

I awaken, bright sunny morn

light graces the sky

time moves forward

darkness surrounds

Sickness all around

angel of death awaits

our Lord will greet

you at the gates

Heads of states

and countries alike

gather together

to save the world

What is your Story?

sun turned dark?


noon fades to night?

Sleep to dream away the day

but hard-shelled demons


spinning out of control

Fear consumes

engulfs your world

what ifs of imagination

life perceived

Angel of death steals away

the Risen Son

rescued by blood

your night is the light

Poems About Fear By Laura Fuller Because She Knows How You Feel pin

Each poem has a part that can reach each person. Fear is real, but it is our minds wondering and worrying about the future. Set your mind at ease, knowing that all feel fear at one time or another. We all know how you feel.

Thank you for reading. My goal is to change the world one word at a time. Please help me by sharing and helping others.

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