Positive Thinking Or Denial?

Is this what you believe a positive mind is? One day I started thinking about how to have a positive mindset. It occurred to me that a lot of people may find it is a state of denial. Denying that you have problems is not the way a positive thought process is supposed to be.

Our minds tend to follow the thinking of the world around us. Our world is mainly negative. Listen to the news for 30 minutes, and it will become apparent that this is a fact. At work, a high percentage of our co-workers don’t want to be there and complain all day. If we allow these surroundings to take us over, then our minds will become negative like the world is.

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Jackie has ovarian cancer. She heard that the prognosis for this type of cancer is ominous. She just can’t wrap her thought process around the fear that this produces in her mind.

She begins her chemotherapy, and on her first day, she knows she will be sick. She believes chemo will destroy her body and her life.

She goes in for her first dose with fear in her heart. She tells the nurses she thinks she will die from cancer and chemo. These thoughts of extreme fear become her way of life for the next few weeks.

Jackie becomes very sick from the treatment. The medication doesn’t work well to control the symptoms produced by the chemo. It becomes a very rough ride for her.

Julian has also been diagnaosed with ovarian cancer. She too is afraid and heard that the prognosis for this type of cancer is ominous. Her mind refuses to accept the fear this diagnosis produces. She realizes she cannot control the negative thoughts around her, but she can create her positive thoughts.

On her way to her first session for chemotherapy, she believes it will go well. She thinks if she focuses on the positive outcome she will make it through the chemo with very few side effects.

Julian believes she can overcome this cancer and live a long life. She makes it through each treatment with strength and a higher stamina than most people have.

Both Jackie and Julian are afraid when they found out they had cancer. They both face the same difficulties that can occur with chemotherapy. And they both have death looking them in the face with the reality of this grave diagnosis.

The difference between these two girls is how they plan to view it and think about it. Both have heard the same thing from their doctors and the world. Neither of them is ignoring the storms they see coming. But Jackie allows the reality of her fears to control her thinking negatively. Julian decides to think about the positive outcome even with the same worries that Jackie is facing.

It is not about pretending that all is good with your life. It is facing the fact that trials and tribulations will come your way. When you look these fears in the eye and plan your thinking, you can overcome any stressful situation.

Julian plans to think good thoughts when her day starts. She prays and meditates to alleviate her fears. Her plan doesn’t push negative thoughts aside it replaces them with positive. She makes an effort to look for the sunshine in the storm.

You too can do this in your life. It is a continual process of repeating and replacing your negative thoughts with brighter ones. Even when you don’t know the outcome of a situation, the positive feelings will put that smile on your face. It will help you see a full glass and not plenty of sorrows in the bottom of the glass. It is not about pretending to be OK. It is about being OK and moving out of the fear.

When you have terrible times in your life, if you continually look to the brighter side of your trials you will see it begin to manifest. Your body reacts poorly to stress from negative thoughts, but when you replace your thinking with positive, it calms the stress.

As you continually work on your thoughts, they will become a way of life for you. Positive thoughts will change your body to handle what may come your way.

Whether you are fighting cancer or applied for a new job, you can control the outcome of your thought process! Don’t pretend to think good thoughts but rather produce good thinking each moment of each day of your life.

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