How To Push Forward In Life When You Feel Like Giving Up

When life, in general, takes a turn for the worst, it is often hard to push forward. It gets more complicated when you feel like giving up and no longer desire to keep going.

Do you just feel like giving up without even trying one last time to push through the bad?

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There are different reasons we feel like giving up. Maybe you just had a bad day or a series of days that everything went wrong. Or perhaps it is money or your health. But if it is severe depression, I urge you to seek professional help.

These suggestions are for those who had a temporary setback in life and need to push themselves. The person who deals with suicidal thoughts may benefit, but professional help is a better answer. Your life is meaningful, and you matter to others.

At the same time, these words are for the person who temporarily had a bad moment or day or week. Those of you who face lifelong setbacks are the strong ones as you have to push forward every day in every way.

I have to push forward every day, but I also have minor setbacks and have used the advice I wrote in this article to improve my day. So if this is you with a minor lousy day or a bad week, I hope these words can help you push forward.

The following are two steps that everyone should consider when they feel there is no longer a reason left to push forward in their lives.

2 Important Steps

Step One: Realize Why Pushing Forward Is Important For Yourself

At first glance, this step might seem straightforward, but many people find themselves overlooking this vital first step.

Why do you need to push yourself? Why can’t you just sit down and give up? These are two crucial questions to ask yourself. Think hard and write down even the tiniest little reason for your dog or watch the next show in your favorite TV series.

Yes, I know some reasons may sound trivial, but they are your reasons.

When push comes to shove, and you feel like giving up, hang onto the reasons you wrote down and keep reminding yourself why pushing forward is vital for you. Don’t make the mistake of falling further down the spiral and digging your tunnel deeper. Take some time out to be with your inner thoughts and find reasons to push forward instead of letting go.  

More often than not, family, friends, or loved ones will help you push on, but not every person has someone close enough in their life to push move them in the right direction. Close friends and family make a huge difference in giving you a nudge when you don’t have the strength to push yourself anymore.

It doesn’t matter whether you have someone there supporting you now or if the only thing driving you forward is yourself; either way, this first step is the beginning.

Step Two: Build Up Your Willpower

To push forward in life, you need willpower. Remember that the greatest minds of all time had to go themselves through their darkest hours to reach where they are now. Remember, this is a fact without a single exception.  

Willpower is an invisible force that influences your actions at certain moments in life. Great leaders have lost it all because they didn’t have enough willpower or determination left to push them to the top.

Willpower is an energy that is essential for running your mind and body smoothly through life’s toughest challenges. Be conscious about always maintaining enough strength within yourself so that you don’t have to worry about giving up on something truly worthwhile.

How To Push Forward

People do a few things trying to push forward and regain a sense of purpose. Some common ones include:

Remember Good Memories

It is easy to feel as though everything is lost when you’re at rock bottom, but sometimes it helps to remember the good memories and all the good things life has brought you until now. Positive thoughts can be pretty effective for helping someone push forward.

Learn To Appreciate What You Have

When everything goes away from life, it may help to reflect upon what you still have. It can be anything from people who care about you to material possessions or even opportunities still available for the taking. Appreciation can push someone forward because it gives them something to grasp.

Awareness Of Your Surroundings

Sometimes the easiest way to move forward in life is by looking out for what’s happening around you rather than in yourself. Keeping an eye on what’s happening with society can help push anyone towards a new goal or direction. It will bring new awareness and a worthwhile purpose when they might otherwise feel like there was nothing left worth doing.

But remember, becoming aware is not the same as comparing yourself to others. You never know what they are going through or what their life is really like behind closed doors.

Remembering What Is Truly Important

When everything goes wrong, and self-doubt pulls us down, it helps us reflect upon our most important relationships or most pleasant memories. These thoughts can help us push onward. It can be as simple as remembering someone’s smile or how much better we feel when around that one friend.

Think About Others

When push comes to shove, sometimes thinking of others is the best way to push yourself forward. It sounds odd at first, but by helping someone else, you also benefit by gaining a sense of purpose or positive energy that helps push you onwards.

Pick up your phone and text someone to ask how they are. Put yourself aside and focus on only the other person. Possibly offer to help them.

charity push forward

Charity Work

Being able to push others forward helps you move forward too. Helping other people (especially those less fortunate than you) gives something positive for you to focus on and push onward.

Help push someone through times when they feel like nothing is going right. When they find a newfound purpose to move forward, they will eventually reach a new plane of existence with more meaning, more push, and more forward direction in their lives. The satisfaction you get from helping will lift you.

Reliance On Others

Sometimes our best option is to rely on others for help. It is hard to ask for help but necessary when times are tough. When we ask for support, we allow others to pay it forward and help us.

Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations can help push away self-doubt, reassure you, or reorient your thoughts toward the positive.

Push Forward Anyways

Sometimes our strength to push comes from a place that seems impossible to reach, but we just have to reach deep inside ourselves and find our push. When we push forward anyway, it moves us out of the dark and into the light. This strategy works well to motivate ourselves even when motivation doesn’t seem possible or justified anymore.

Push Through Disappointment

People have to push themselves through the disappointments in life. Remembering the disappointments one has endured can produce the strength to keep pushing and know that standing still won’t cut it anymore. It helps to realize these letdowns are just an opportunity for growth or change.

Remember There Will Be A Reward

One thing people often forget about when pushing themselves forward is the rewards along the way. Reminding yourself of a reward you might get at the end can help push you through any doubt or fear that can enter your mind.

push forward one step

One Step At A Time

One tiny step forward is pushing in the right direction. It might not seem like much at the time but try to keep in mind how far you have come. The further one goes down the road, the less they have to keep moving forward to reach their goal.

Push Yourself To Do Better

Sometimes push comes from a desire to do better next time, not just for yourself but also for those around you, whether it’s pushing yourself at work or school or pushing yourself out of bed in the morning. Most people don’t want to disappoint anyone by being late or not completing a task.

Visualize Achieving Your Goal

People who can push themselves beyond their limits achieve their goals quicker. Often this happens because they have a clear vision of what they want. Visualizing their desired outcome often triggers inspiration and stops the downward spiral.

Keep Your Eyes On The Big Picture

Sometimes we focus on the little details of things and miss the big picture right in front of us. Remind yourself of the bigger picture, and the small things will start to fall into place. The big picture is your inspiration and can give you the desire to push forward.

Remind Yourself That You Deserve It

Another strategy for pushing yourself forward is to remind yourself how much you deserve to feel good. If one isn’t paying attention to their own needs, it is hard to care for yourself. Be kind to yourself and just rest along the way.

A Healthy Diet

Today, with all of the easy processed foods, people eat whatever they want without thinking. Junk food constantly fills our brains with negative thoughts, and it can be hard to push ourselves forward when we don’t feel like doing anything at all.

It may help to remove yourself from these foods and make your body healthier through exercise and better nutrition. Proper eating habits can make goals feel more attainable.


How To Push Forward In Life When You Feel Like Giving Up pin

First, remember that this feeling will not last forever. It may feel like things will never get better, but they will improve in time. The immediate aftermath of something terrible happening usually leaves the most devastating feelings behind it.

If you are struggling with personal problems, don’t be afraid to ask for help from family or friends. Sometimes just talking about what happened can help ease your burden.

If your problem is more severe than that, be sure to seek professional assistance to deal with the issue more thoroughly. Talk to someone unbiased about the situation.

Push yourself to do better, achieve your goals, and feel happy in life. You deserve the best, so go out there and get it!

I hope everyone pushes themselves towards their dreams because you are worthy and deserve to have the best of what life offers. Thank you for reading this article on pushing forward even when life feels too hard.

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