Release Your Passion

Passion? Is passion a feeling of love or how you feel about someone you met last night? It could be, but the kind of passion I’m talking about is much deeper than that.

When I googled the word passion, this is what I found, a strong and barely controllable emotion.

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In this prose, I am referring to an intense emotion deep inside of you. An uncontrollable desire to do something that burns in your soul. It is sort of like a dream but with far more significant strength.

Does it mean that some people have a passion and other people don’t have one? No, I believe everyone has a passion. Many do not know what their’s is because they have been so busy in life that they set aside their real gift.

My passion is to write and has followed me all of my life. I was born with this yearning. I believe everyone has a passion inside of them that is waiting dormant for them to awaken.

A powerful and barely controllable emotion is always a profound gift. Your contribution is your destiny and could be anything that consumes your mind.

Jolene was 55 years old. She had been a stay at home mom and a housewife all her life. Jolene loved her children and had a wonderful husband. Jolene was very good at what she did and felt fulfilled with the accomplishments in her children’s lives.

But something was missing. Jolene had always wanted to own a daycare. She loved children. Jolene had given up her passion. She chose to raise her children. But this desire inside of her consumed her at an early age.

Jolene set this passion aside and buried it deep inside of her soul. She had a calling to be a mom, and she was an excellent one.

As her children grew up and moved away to college Jolene started thinking about this passion again. But she knew she was too old to start over. So, Jolene pushed her all-consuming thoughts aside and never pursued it.

Anything can keep you from following your passion. Maybe you were a single mom or dad and keeping your head up meant you had to focus on work and kids.

Or maybe a bad relationship took all of your energy. You didn’t entertain any thoughts other than how to stay safe.

Regardless of the reason, you pushed the all-consuming uncontrollable emotion aside it is never too late to find that passion and make it happen. Will you let fear take over? Will you give up on what is inside of you?

Passions can range from making quilts to making world peace. It can be knitting for your grandkids to writing a movie. It can be anything at all. But it is whatever has consumed your thoughts at different times in your life.

It doesn’t matter if you are youthful or aging, you have a profound gift that is your passion. Use the strength you have earned in life and be bold. Let that spark of fire become a flame. Then rise above your doubt and fear to release your passion.

Many things in life are not easy, but they can be well worth the effort. Choose to complete your passion.


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