The Lessons Learned From Life-Stuck In A Bottle

The lessons learned from life determine how you deal with painful situations. In the throws of life have you felt stuck in a bottle and caught in a place with no open doors? It can be so devastating that you feel like you can’t breathe or catch your breath.a bottle with yellow liquid in it with a poem written on it about the lessons learned from life-stuck in a bottle

I wrote this poem because I couldn’t breathe. I put it down as a note on my phone because my husband could not understand how I felt. I can’t expect him to know what it was like to not get air into your lungs. But I could convey it better in a poem.

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The lessons learned from life-stuck in a bottle

When he read, I do think he could see it a bit clearer. But because he was breathing fine, there was no way for him to have the full effect of my feelings.

I did end up in the hospital and later found it was a reaction to a medication I was taking. I can breathe now and am doing well. But as I re-read this piece, I could see how it pertains to life. I believe I have been in a situation like this one. A place where the simulation of no air was choking me, and I didn’t think I would get out of the horrible pain.

Safe cocoon

Life can place us in a safe cocoon such as this bottle. We move along day to day with safe feelings and then one day something happens. It could be anything at all because for each one of us because the lessons learned from life determine how we handle the situations we go through. These lessons and hard times are different for each of you.

One person may feel this way because they lose their job and another may feel this because they lost a child. The experiences we go through shape how the next incident feels. For instance; a person who is 22 and lived less life may have a horrendous reaction to the job loss. While a person who is 45 and had many losses would handle a job loss differently.

Everyone is different

You deal with any situation differently because you have learned and grown from the pain in your past. I hope this makes sense to you. It is hard to explain without offending someone. What I mean is a 22-year-old who has been through years of no love and abuse will deal differently than a 22-year-old who has had a functional upbringing and no significant issues in life at this point.

So, you go through each day, month and year in the bottle of safety. The walls surround you and protect you. No one can get to you. You are happy, and life is exciting and prosperous. Then one day your bubble is shattered. Something horrible gets inside the bottle, and you feel a need to get out.

Caught in the bottleneck

Because you are in a panic to get out, you start to squeeze out of the top not realizing that the bottleneck is too small to go through. But you try anyway. As you begin to rise to the top to get away from the pain inside your safe world, you realize that the neck is squeezing the air out of you.

Things look so bad that you can’t even get a breath into your lungs. Life is slipping away from you, and no one knows how you feel. You are all alone and so so scared.

You are not alone

First thing, you are not all alone. There are others who have been through the same thing you have. A reaction like this is normal. You never know what another is feeling and they don’t know what you think. The same situation will produce different actions and responses in each person.

Secondly, if you believe in God then you know he would never forsake you or leave you alone. You may not feel him, but he is there.

If God is not your savior, then you have to believe you have the determination and strength to break out the neck of that bottle you so easily allowed yourself to stay in up to this point in your life. You can not let a fear no matter how intense it is to stop you from overcoming and getting air back into your life.

Break out

three glass bottles glowing blue, green, purple

Once you break out your options are broadened, and the help you can get expands. The lessons you learned from life will eventually help to heal the pain. It may never leave your memory, but you will get past it.

When you find yourself in a situation like this, remember that you are brave, courageous and strong. You have everything it takes to move past the pain and get out of the bottle. When you do, you can begin to heal. When you recover, you will breathe again.

Don’t put yourself in a bottle because it feels safe. Stay in the real world and use the lessons learned from life to get you past the next issue. Learn, and the next time you will catch your breathe and expand your lungs. It only takes one time to realize that the safety of the walls around you are holding you in and keeping you from moving on with your life.

It feels safe for a short time, but you will have to squeeze out to the bottleneck to grow and learn.

If you have an experience you would like to share with us, please comment below. I am here to answer questions and assist you in any way I can. When you leave a comment, I will be back with you very shortly.


12 thoughts on “The Lessons Learned From Life-Stuck In A Bottle”

  1. Hi Laura,

    I sympathize with you and I can understand what you are talking about, because I’ve been through some periods when I felt pressure, despair. I realised that everything that was happening, was actually a lesson for me, and that I had to be brave and step up, but also to dig into spiritual literature more. I read also books from (popular) psychology, philosophy. When I started changing my thoughts, the way how I approach people and situations – my surrounding started to change. Of course, I also changed my inner self. I felt joy, happiness, creativity, love and I saw everything much brighter. Your point of view is very important and to work on consciousness. I personally do believe in God, and I feel his presence inside me and that has helped me a lot.

    I think that love, forgiveness, faith, good deeds, and positive thoughts are the most important. Than life becomes easier, more beautiful and more worthy. 🙂

    Best wishes,


    • Susan, I can tell you have worked real hard to change yourself into a positive person. It does make a big difference in how we view life. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. 

  2. Depression, anxiety, addiction, or even just a losing streak financially or in your love life– people go through times of struggle. It’s good to be reminded that it’s possible to get out past the bottleneck and really breathe again. Thanks for a really perceptive and loving blog post offering hope to people who need it.

    • You are welcome and this is my goal to offer help to those in hard times to give hope and inspiration. 

      Thank you

  3. I am really glad that I stumbled upon your article Laura as it is very informative and motivational. We all have ups and downs in our life but it is most important that we never give up from our goals. I must say that you give me some special positive energy to continue with my plans. Thank you a lot.

    • Oh Daniel, I am so happy this article has lifted you up. It warms my heart to here this. Thank you so much. God Bless you. 

  4. This is a good analogy. When you have anxiety, this is how you feel a lot of times. The situation feels like it will never end, like you’ll never be able to breathe again. I hope this posts reaches a lot of people so that they know in future situations that it will pass and they will be able to breathe again. I do know god but sometimes it’s hard to even have thoughts of scriptures to hold onto. It desperate situations when I feel like I can’t breathe, it’s hard to even think straight. Thanks for sharing.

    • Evette, I hadn’t thought about anxiety. But you are right. In the many anxiety attacks I have see as a nurse it looks like this may feel. Evette this is a bit off of the subject but did you know they are beginning to discover that anxiety is a real physicla change in the brain and not a mental issues as so many medical professional have tried to say it is?

  5. Hi Laura, 

    Thank you for sharing your experience – it would have been very distressing to not be able to breathe properly. Your poem really evokes the feeling of being stuck in a bottle and must be what anxiety feels like. I have to remind myself to calm down and take deep breaths when I’m feeling stressed, confined and trapped.

    • Fiona,  I have never had anxiety but I also bet this is what it feels like. It is hard to stop the panic of anxiety and the trapped feeling. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 

  6. Hey Laura
    I just popped in to see if you have a new post and Wow- This one is so great and I too have been stuck at times and thankfully my faith has held me calm and with trust and faith I have always come through my storms in life a little wiser and still with loads of kindness and love for all
    This is a wonderful post and I look forward to visiting again

    • Hey Vicki, Good to see you here. Yes, when we get stuck in the bottle faith and determination and God will carry us through. Thanks for your support and your compliments.


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