The Storm Is Coming

The storm is coming, but from where does it occur? What kind of storm is it?

Have you been in storms throughout your life? Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Flooding, or blizzards?poem by Laura, The storms are coming

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Any of these can be devastating in their own way. Storms also come into our lives in one form or another.

Hurricane Dorian

We recently experienced the fear of hurricane Dorian. It didn’t hit us, but it was forecasted to do so. She hit the Bahamas in catastrophic form and destroyed so much in her path.

For days we prepared here in northwest Florida. We watched the weather channel and moved everything inside. We prepared our home and food supply for extended outages and battened down the shutters.
But Dorian turned and went up the coast. She did not want to mess with us this time.


Back home in Missouri, I have had my share of tornadoes. They are so different than a hurricane. Tornadoes come in fast, destroy all in their path and leave just a quickly.

There is very little time to prepare. When a warning comes then turns to a watch issued by the weather authorities, you have minutes to take cover or become a flying object at the mercy of the whirling winds.

Floods Of ‘93

Back in 1993, Missouri and the Mississippi rivers flooded Jefferson City and much of Missouri. The flood precipitated the most massive economic disaster in Missouri. I remember the whole cloverleaf highway was covered with water and uprooted. Destruction infected homes all along the Missouri River with mud from the flooding waters. Missouri stood still that year while the waters rose and ruined many homes and families.

Cyclone Blizzard Of ‘93hold your head up and face the storm by laura

That same year a cyclone blizzard pushed through and wreaked havoc from Cuba to Canada. The storm was so massive it shut down the ordinarily sunny southern United States for three days. The death toll that year form this horrendous snowstorm was 310.

I am sure many of you remember these storms or talk about each one of them. But what about the storms that come in your life. The ones you cannot predict, and you cannot prepare for the desolate feeling?


In a way, you can prepare because the bible states that you will have trials and tribulations. You can prepare by understanding that these times will come. They are inevitable to all. But you can’t take cover or find shelter to leave the catastrophic moments or years that can ravage you.

You have to live your life and deal with the storms thrust upon you.

What kind of storms have you faced in your life? Were they financial, death, pain, divorce, abuse, or a plethora of other types of devastation.

My Storm

I know that when I had storms come through, some were short-lived and some lasted for years. One blast hit when my kiddos were age 3 and 7. This storm thrust me into a deep black hole.

I would compare it to what happened in ’93 with the snowstorm or what happened when hurricane Erma blew through.

My storm didn’t come slow to give me a warning. I couldn’t stop it or change it once it was in motion. It left me dead inside just as the 310 casualties from the snowstorm of ’93.

Could I give up and lay down to die? NO!!! I had to keep going. God does not give us an option to check out when times get too hard. Some do commit suicide, but I don’t believe it is a choice God gives us.

Suicide is usually a result of a troubled mind and not the result of storms that come to us. I never condemn another for this choice, but I don’t believe it is a good one to solve problems.

So enough on suicide. I felt a need to clarify that and state that I am not referring to taking your life as a way out.

What Will You Do?

I am talking about what will you do when a catastrophic storm hits you in the face. What will you do when a small storm causes anxiety and turns your life upside down.

When all of the storms in my life hit, I felt like running, giving up, and quitting. But instead, I stood firm until a solution came along or time eased the pain.

Some of you may be reading this thinking, “But you are strong, and I am not.” No one ever feels strong amid the storm. Usually, it will blindside you or sneak up on you from behind.

You can’t prepare for when these moments will hit, but there are a few things I remember that I did. These tips may help you make it through to the other side and the light that waits for you.


I prayed. God is a good God, and he will stand by you and carry you to the end. I can’t tell you that I saw his answer or that I felt all of my troubles lift when I prayed. A couple of times I did see miracles, but for the most part, I just prayed and kept going. In the end, I know it was God who brought me through it all.

Hold Your Head Up

I remember when I went to bed at night, I would cry myself to sleep. But in the day when I was around my kids and others, I would move through my day with my head held high.

I didn’t pretend to be strong or pretend there were no problems, but if I was going to make it from dawn to dusk each day, I had to do it with dignity. I can tell you that it did make a difference.

Other people will be with you at the beginning. They will listen and give you support. But as time passes, they get tired of hearing your pain. It isn’t because they don’t care but rather because they don’t feel the same pain you feel. They can’t understand what horrible issues you face.

You can not rely on others to carry you through. You have to hang onto your faith and your dignity.

Look For The Lightlight in the dark by laura

At the time, I didn’t realize every day I would look ahead to see if I could see a tiny spark of light in the dark tunnel. Searching for this speck of light helped me make it through the day.

Then a new day would dawn, and I would search again. Until one day, it appeared. From that day forward, the light grew until I was out of the dark tunnel, and I had restored hope.

In the worst times of my life, it was years before I found that spark, but I never stopped looking. That light in the darkness is positive. It manifests the confidence and self-esteem that you have been building while you were forced to linger in the dark.

Where Are You?

Are you in the dark dungeon because something happened? Do you feel you can never recover? Or maybe it is a problem that will resolve itself in a short time. Either way, you have to pray, hold your head up, and look for the light.

Just remember that you may not feel strong in the middle of the storm, but you are. When it has passed, and you see the light, you will recognize the inner strength that carried you through.

I know life can be overwhelming. I am here to listen and would love for you to share your storms with us. Everyone who reads this can learn and grow from each experience.

Leave your comments and questions in the comments section below, and I will be back with you shortly.


8 thoughts on “The Storm Is Coming”

  1. Hi Laura!
    When I started reading this, I had a very different expectation about what I was going to read about, but then it was about something I didn’t expect at all. 

    Fortunately, no storms and no hurricanes hit my city and they are not very common in the region of my country where I live. But I can understand about the other kind of storms and torments you are writing about. And I will follow your advice whenever another storm hits me in the face. 

    As you wrote, it is difficult to stay strong and confront your problems, but for me sometimes what helps me is the people that surrounds me, that give me their support. And I know I have to keep going because of them.



    • Mariana, You never know when a storm will hit. It sounds like you have a great support system. That will carry you far. All the best to you. 

  2. Thank you so much, the concluding part of your article really got me, and because of this, I am holding my head up high and looking for the light. It is never an easy road to travel, but I am trusting the process, I have never experienced as many storms as you have. I know it must be tough for you, especially the one that hit and put you In a deep dark hole. Your experience has helped me to move ahead. 

    • Charles, I am so happy you are looking to the light. You will find it one day. Never give up. I don’t think of my past storms as hard. They are an experience that I have grown from and use to help others make it to the light. 

  3. I also followed the news of the Hurricane Dorian and the havoc it wrecked. But God is good and reigns above everything else. It is true that storm is inevitable in our life and only if we can stand tall and firm in faith during these periods until we see the light at the other side of the tunnel. Challenges and tribulations are only storms, and they will pass by. Our faith in God will get us through. Thanks

    • Dorian did not hit southern Florida, but it did wreak havoc in the Bahamas. The storms of our lives are like that. We never know where they will hit or how much we will need to stand on our faith to carry us through. 

  4. Wow, you have had your share of so many storms in the world. I would’ve broken down, but you kept going. There’s a saying that prayer is the key to open doors. Prayer can open the door of any troublesome situation and give us hope. It is a master key. I am stressing on prayer because many time I have been faced with problems but with prayer, I was able to overcome it. Your words are very inspiring, and I believe that it should be shared.

    • John, you say, “I am stressing on prayer because many time I have been faced with problems but with prayer, I was able to overcome it.” I believe that with your strong belief, you can overcome anything. We never know how strong we are until a tough situation arises. You will have many more storms in life; remember your faith and your strength will come from that. 


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