The World Is At Your Feet, Do Not Wait

I asked a friend if she had anything on her mind she wanted me to tell my readers. Her response was, “Yes, women who smoke cigars have wonderful personalities and are ‘smoking’ hot.”  Not to mention the world is at your feet. The world is yours to hold and experience.

That set my mind alight with the idea for this article that led to writing it as well! I enjoy sitting down over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and having one of these bad boys in peace– just between friends sharing an experience without judgment from anyone else around us – especially ourselves.

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No type of smoking is good for anyone. I am not here writing about how this unhealthy habit damages your health or leaves behind those ugly cigar butts; I’m talking about self-esteem.

You know what I mean: When we judge ourselves based on other peoples’ opinions–whether good ones like “You look amazing!”, bad (“wow she was so fat.”.)

I knew I wasn’t alone in my struggle with low self-esteem and body image. I’ve heard how 9 out of every 10 people around us suffer from low self-esteem to some degree! But it didn’t matter what research said or who told me because deep down inside, everyone has problems when they inspect themselves closely enough.

Social Media Influence

What you see on social media and how your friends look can shape how you view yourself. The question is, are those images enough for an unhealthy lifestyle?
What we base our body image upon nowadays isn’t just what others think, but also photos/videos shared via Instagram or Facebook, influencing us to try new things that will change our lives.

Social media has created an unrealistic expectation of beauty. When we look at a “perfect” body on social media, we see their physical traits and nothing else- there could be more to them than meets the eye!

It’s important for us as humans to see and feel with empathy those who cannot fit this standard. Many times it may be due to circumstances beyond their control, such as tattoos or disabilities, etc.

Who Do You Want To Be?

It is a time for all of us to step back and take an honest look at who we really want to be, deep down inside.

When I smoke with my good friend, it does not define me as someone who can’t stop smoking. That would just be too sad!

Judging By Appearance

I am a kind and compassionate person who would do anything to help those around me. Some of my friends know there is only one thing that holds more value than myself-you!

We all deserve love in this world; we should never judge another person based on their appearance or wealth or whether they smoke cigars or drink wine.

It doesn’t matter what others think about us so long as we are happy with ourselves.

It is the same with the lady smoking a cigar or a girl covered in tattoos. You can’t see who they are inside. You only judge with your eyes.

What you are in your heart is what matters. It’s not how much money you have or the clothes on your body. We have to look deep enough inside ourselves to change our lives for the better.

What Defines You?

What drives me most every day as an author? Myself !” What motivates us to keep pushing forward after falling multiple times along life’s journey are those little pieces of who “we” really are. Those pieces sit just below the surface level that defines what we are inside.

Your body image does not define who you are. When you look at a “perfect” body on social media, you only see that body. You are not able to see their heart or their struggles. You don’t know if they are happy or sad. You don’t know if they are intelligent or compromised.


I want you to get past the outward appearance of who someone else sees. Be comfortable with your own skin and be reminded that even if it feels hard at first, there is no one more extraordinary than yourself! After all–we are our own worst critics.”

You are who you are, and only you can grow to see this. You have talents that no one else has- use them wisely! Begin today accepting your uniqueness without apology or hesitation. If we wait too long with our dreams in tow, tomorrow may never come.

You are a masterpiece. You have what it takes to accomplish anything you want in life and beyond because of your awesomeness!


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